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  1. The detached youth "You're all a lost generation", Hemingway once wrote on the epigraph of The Sun Also Rises, based on a sentence heard by Gertrude Stein. Almost a hundred years later, we might be witnessing the rising of a new lost generation, as some specialists have been classifying millennials. As wrote by The Atlantic, this generation is "saddled with debt, unable to accumulate wealth, and stuck in low-benefit, dead-end jobs, they never gained the financial security that their parents, grandparents, or even older siblings enjoyed. They are now entering their peak earning years in the midst of an economic cataclysm more severe than the Great Recession, near guaranteeing that they will be the first generation in modern American history to end up poorer than their parents". It also suffers from a loss of identity and tradition, and does not seem to find any solution to that but to spend effort and time with superficial matters.
  2. Phil's jacket can probably walk by itself.
  3. OOC Info This group is not a faction, nor does it aim to become one. This thread is just to give a little information on the background of the characters whose development will be shown in this thread - low level criminals struggling to survive on the streets of Los Santos, Thread is obviously based on Jerry Capeci's Gang Land News, but adapted to the game's lore. Please note the date of the article, as it provides information that is currently outdated IC. The future of the characters whose development is being shown here is uncertain and dictated by IC events. They can join an existent faction or keep doing what they are doing without any guidance, which will certainly affect their lives and their relation to the community itself.
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    $35.000 on 1803 Forum Drive Room 2.
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