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  1. Too much players creating female alts to farm some money and then namechange. Pointless and without any correlation to IRL escorts advertises. It's getting to the point that it's being abused by players. To me it should be removed from IC advertise and leave it on the IC section on forums.
  2. ((Nice one! Looking forward to see you on track!))
  3. (( Bump and edited ))
  4. I'm looking for two Bravado Gauntlets Leave your offers with all the car information below.
  5. Auction ends in 24h. ((Will update with bathroom picture as soon as I can))
  6. ** The owner updates the website page with a picture of the entrance and the pool area ** (( @Exodus))
  7. Fine apartment with a nice sunset view and pool access in one of the best area of of Los Santos. Pictures: ((OOC Info:)) STARTING BID: $160,000 BUYOUT: $320,000 BID STEP: $5000
  8. joaoivis


    This again? 🥵
  9. (( Images fixed )) Auction ends in 72h after last bid.
  10. Selling a very good renovated and furnished apartment in Lindsay Circus apartments in Little Seoul. Nice building with a pool outside and in a good neighborhood. The house also got a high quality alarm for safety measures. Pictures: (( /pinfo)) Starting bid: $153,000 Buyout: $372,000
  11. By the level of toxicity that comes from IFC chat i'm surprised about the quality level of the conversation. This podcast is the best thing that I've ever seen around there, keep it up I'm listening.
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