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  1. Sign up for OPEN SERIES TODAY! Open Series is a fun non-competitive event for the public to participate in. The Grid will be a mix of Civilians and SAMRA League Drivers. Just sign up, pay the sign-up fee and bring your favorite vehicle to the track for a day full of fun racing! REQUIREMENTS: All Vehicles that go on the track are required to have the proper equipment installed, in order to keep the driver safe. Such as: Vehicles: Full Roll Cage Drivers must be wearing: HANS Device A full-body-covered suit A full-face Helmet with a closing visor. Driver Gloves. Sign-up Link: https://forms.gle/9Ypw4nuE4NZ8CWrp6 You can find more about us here: https://linktr.ee/lssamra
  2. San Andreas Motor Racing Association - Team Slot Application. The San Andreas Motor Racing Association has opened the application process to form a new team within our association. You will automatically receive a slot in any of our leagues, where you can freely pick and choose which to participate in if not all at once. Requirements: • You must own an HQ/Garage with a valid San Andreas Address. • You must hire the necessary crew, within the SAMRA regulations - a minimum of 1 mechanic, 1 Spotter, and 1 team principal/manager + the Necessary amounts of drivers per league participating in, a maximum of 2 drivers per league. • Own/lease a Flatbed/Ramp truck/Tow Truck to haul the league vehicles to and from events. If the requirements are met and you wish to apply for a team slot please fill out the form below. Team Slots Available: 2 Application link: https://linktr.ee/lssamra The application is: OPEN
  3. The association was founded in 2021 by Michael Peretti a experienced race director that arrived in San Andreas in early 2021 to host the first ever regional stock car championship, the SASCAR. With the interest growing in motorsports and the increase on the professionalism of the events, with the help of many private and public entities this association was formed to make sure the events are held up to international standards and to create a proper scenario to our local drivers, engineers and investors. Through time, many events were held by the SAMRA, the most known ones being the San Andreas Stock Car Auto Racing Regional Championship, the Pfister Super Cup, Los Santos Off-Road Association Championship and many others. Currently, there are 3 active championships in the association: The San Andreas Kanjo Cup (SAKC), San Andreas Touring Car Championship and San Andreas SportsCar Championship. These events form the ladder to become the all-time champion in San Andreas, with the highest ranked event being the SportsCar Championship. SAN ANDREAS SPORTSCAR CHAMPIONSHIP The pinnacle of San Andreas Motor Racing, it is the highest tier a driver can achieve in the state to be crowned as the all-time champion. With proper teams structure, salaries and sponsors, the event has all the flare and luxury it deserves. The events happen on Saturdays, with one qualification round and 2 races. Limited to only 16 drivers, the teams for the season are pre-defined and pre-selected to the highest standards, only the best of the best take part into this event. The San Andreas SportsCar Championship uses the GT3 prepared Emperor Vectre, Ubermatch Cypher, Pfister Comet S2 and Ocelot Lynx in the events, the cars must be up to our rulebook standards. [LEARN MORE] SAN ANDREAS TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP The second tier of professional motorsports in the state, to take part into the San Andreas SportsCar Championship you need to achieve a good result in this event to be invited and elegible to be hired by a team in the SportsCar Championship. It is the perfect scenario to breed new talent into the main event. The event happens on Fridays on the same weekend as the SportsCar Championship, with one qualification round and 2 races. It is also limited to only 16 drivers, including privateers that wish to start their career in motorsports. The current grid is filled with former Pfister Super Cup drivers and aspiring rookies. The San Andreas Touring Car Championship uses race-prepared Obey Tailgater S and Dinka Sugoi in the events, the cars must be up to our rulebook standards. [CLICK HERE TO REGISTER] SAN ANDREAS KANJO CUP The entry-level event for the motorsports world. If you are an amateur, car enthusiast or a rising star, this is the proving grounds for you. It supports the San Andreas Touring Car Championship and the San Andreas SportsCar Championship, just like his older brother, limited to 16 drivers, including privateers that wish to start their careers properly and be picked by a team in the future. The San Andreas Kanjo Cup uses the race-prepared Dinka Kanjo in the events, the cars must be up to our rulebook standards. [CLICK HERE TO REGISTER] - USEFUL LINKS: SAMRA SPORTSCAR RULEBOOK SAMRA KANJO RULEBOOK SAMRA TECHNICAL REGULATIONS BOOK - Contact [email protected] ((PM joaoivis)) for business inquiries or call #6654.
  4. Makes no sense to make CK apps public. It’ll only make more people MG the fact that they got a legitimate target on their back. Which can also lead to them not wanting to go onto the character until there’s no longer a danger of their character risking getting CKed. I do see your point but making CK apps public is not beneficial for anyone.
  5. Rest in Peace

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