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  1. Shout out to Lucky
  2. Even if I can’t post!! Let’s get it on!!
  3. There is more things going on in the world than reporting someone on GTA World, let people have their fun. I’m not an admin, if the admins want to deal with them then sure but for me? It’s difficult to control this many people so I see why reports are a thing, however I have better things to do than go back and forth with someone on the forums over a game. Just enjoy your life people, don’t get consumed by hate.
  4. what a tune! rip Vinewood Tony dude got smoked in la pinta
  5. Doesn't make sense at all, why would I have to find a weapon specialist just to repair my weapon? Why couldn't I do it at home, following a Youtube video and by roleplaying it because this is a roleplay server, correct? Are you going to have a line of gang rpers standing at ammunition waiting to have their guns repaired?
  6. Been here plenty of times and all I can say is shit hole
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