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  1. The two legends. Excited to be a part of this.
  2. The sleaziest of all the car salesmen.
  3. Last Call I'd like to thank everyone in this faction for their involvement in Porno Joe's progression. I look forward to watching this faction progress, I wish you all nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Saaaaaaaaaaalud.
  4. (Agresta's Mugshot from an Assault and Battery Charge in Early 2020) Joseph Agresta is rumoured to be associated with the Los Santos based criminal syndicate, The Conti Crime Family. Much like the organization itself, Agresta’s criminal endeavours originated in the area of Downtown Vinewood, and more specifically, his network is headquartered through his business, The Vinewood Boxing Club. It is believed that the boxing club serves as a money laundering hotbed for Joseph’s criminal proceeds, which include, but are not limited to, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, firearms trafficking, extortion and most notably, grand larceny. Joseph ‘Porno Joe’ Agresta was born on April 7, 1989 in Alderney, Liberty City. Agresta was born into a middle-class family, his father a mechanic and mother a line assembly employee at the local Vapid automotive factory. Agresta was known to be a quiet adolescent, his teenage years were spent training as an amateur boxer at the reputed Cabbagetown Boxing Club in the core of Alderney. His boxing career earned him the record of 17-3 in local boxing tournaments. Upon the completion of his secondary school diploma, he was a popular pick for working as a bouncer at various nightclubs and bars, while he dedicated his days to his rigorous training regimen. In the Summer of 2012, with the advice of his boxing colleagues, Agresta moved to Los Santos to pursue a professional boxing career of his own; which was not possible in the industrial setting of Alderney. It was at this time that he appeared on the radar of Conti ringleaders, John ‘Tuna’ Capra, and Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Trisano. Recruited as a doorman for the Stargaze Gentleman’s Club, and bartender at Giovanni’s Ristorante & Trattoria, Agresta was quickly recruited for street level criminal activities, including drug trafficking and the sale of counterfeit designer goods. It was at this time that Agresta earned his moniker, ‘Porno Joe’, after featuring in a pornographic film for adult film producer, Julian ‘The Skunk’ Greco. Agresta was quickly deemed as a valuable asset of Capra’s entourage, and through his successful street level criminal career, Joseph Agresta was put on record with Conti captain, Gerald Marchetti. Fast forward to the present, Porno Joe, a once up and coming professional boxer has dedicated his life to organized crime in the Greater Vinewood Area. His prior street level crimes have led him to a prosperous criminal vocation, deeming Agresta as a successful earner for The Conti Crime Family.
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