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  1. this still going? where the screens at?
  2. FJ

    Boost your green

    Upvote for upvote thread. upvote my shit, i upvote yours too, simple as that.
  3. You're making admins look bad. Lock and archive. Also, I'll warn your forum profile.
  4. One quick guide on "How to PROPERLY finesse FearRP" FearRP is a debatable thing, I'll get over it in few short lines. >Make a Muslim character >Start RPing an extremist, pray 5 times a day >Get pulled over by five 6'8, 14 Y/O's African-American teenagers. (Make sure they are armed with everything and anything!) >Get them to pull out their arsenal and aim it at your head >Get them to the point where they ask for everything you have on you >Tell them you only fear from Allah and you're not scared to die >Get shot in the head numerously times because you didn't want to give your $500 you have on you >End up in heaven (Admin jail) For more proper tutorials on how to RP, please drop a like and subscribe if you want more videos
  5. Not the smartest you could do.
  6. Congrats to @Adv, @Viscaria, @Wuhtah & @Lomadias
  7. and brits who left very good developed country to live in usa, mostly 18-25, if Cameron Howells see this, man, stop it, 18 yo british roadman, na, cut it off.
  8. Dva galeba bela u crnoj noći.
  9. @Adv, @Lomadias ❤️ best bros ever! literally whole PM 😄
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