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  1. I believe this should be done IC and that people should stop making OOC suggestions for things that can be brought up in character.
  2. The mods for the deputy skins definitely don't come from existing police components. Those come from civilian components. I see no use in implementing this if it can only be implemented for one agency.
  3. It's still a no from me regardless of how it's done. I'd rather not limit what clothing someone can and cannot wear because of a mod.
  4. I'm unfortunately going to say no to this one. The mod uses components that are already ingame and replaces them with the modded files. That means that someone with a normal civ skin might end up having parts of the uniform on their character. I'd rather not see that.
  5. I've mentioned this before and I'll mention it again. Suggestions regarding server sided mods shouldn't be made until the developers are settled in with the new client. I'll keep this suggestion open, but refrain from making any other server mod related suggestions until we're all settled in with the new client.
  6. I'd rather stop focusing on individual areas and just start adding houses to all parts of the map, that way everyone can get what they want.
  7. Stefan

    Est Hair Weave

    Locked and archived on request.
  8. I said it on discord and I'll say it here as well. Seatbelt laws aren't necessarily "enforceable" in real life because officers and deputies don't really care enough to see whether or not people are actually wearing seatbelts. I've patrolled with officers that prefer not to wear seatbelts, and I've also patrolled with officers that prefer to wear seatbelts. The way it works (where I live, at least,) is the initial infraction, whether it be failure to signal etc, the vehicle being stopped and the information being checked over prior to the officer making contact with the driver, and then the initial contact with the driver. You aren't cited immediately for not wearing a seatbelt. In fact, the officer isn't even required to add it as a penalty to your citation. It's just a check box on a citation that the officer can tick off if he or she wanted to. The fact that we're trying to make seatbelts unenforceable is ridiculous given the fact it's completely up to the officer or deputy as to whether or not they want to give you an additional fine for it. If anything, people should be happy that window tints aren't being enforced because that's much easier to spot and stop someone for.
  9. This pretty much summarizes my response to this discussion. If people want to roleplay in interiors, that's fine. It doesn't affect anyone negatively. Live and let live.
  10. I'd just like to mention that ALPR and speed radars are two different things. Speed radars are used for exactly what they're named after, which is clocking in vehicle speeds. The officer or deputy has a button on that radar that allows them to lock a driver's speed in if they're going over the limit. So, if for example someone was going 95 in an 80, I would be able to press the lock button to capture the speed that the person was traveling at and use it as reference when writing them a citation. an ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) system is different. The mounts are placed on the exterior of the patrol car (either on the trunk or around the lightbar mount) and when the system is active, you'll have a separate tab on the MDT where you can see a picture of the vehicle's license plate. TL;DR radars aren't set up to work with the MDT, they use their own system. ALPR is hooked up to the MDT and provides you with the vehicle's license plate after the license plate is recognized and photographed by the system. If ALPR was to be set up, it would (realistically) have to be set up as a different system given the fact it doesn't also work as a speed radar.
  11. Stefan

    Indictment CK

    I don't think you're understanding the point of an illegal faction takedown. Faction takedowns are usually performed on official illegal factions, and if you have enough evidence for an indictment, then that means the person is already well enough into the legal process of being sentenced for whatever crime(s) they're being charged with. Taking into consideration the fact that the RICO act allows for longer sentences, that may or may not result in the person basically summing up enough time for a life sentence, depending on what the charges are. So, to summarize it, you've already been placed under arrest way before your indictment. At that point, you're just being sentenced and sent to prison. I think it makes enough sense the way it is now, where the person being arrested can either CK or roleplay in prison for however long is deemed necessary by illegal faction management, depending on what charges they've gathered. If an investigating officer is killed, they're simply PKed from the casefile and can no longer participate in the investigation or the takedown as a result of the investigation.
  12. Stefan

    Indictment CK

    If we enforced CKs every time someone was involved in a police shooting, you'd never know a cop or criminal for more than a week, if not, less. CKs for indictments would make more sense given the fact it's a faction takedown. If an officer is killed, they're PKed from the investigation. It's simple enough the way it is.
  13. There aren't actually any usable cameras in GTA V unless you're using the snapmatic camera.
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