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Found 8 results

  1. Detailed Description: So, as it stands, I'd like to suggest Liquor Stores being able to create their own drinks. I understand that the original intent of the script was to make it so that bars could mix drinks, but it's used as more of way to get whatever drink people want. It seems silly to me that these bars and clubs have the ability to carry whatever drink their heart desires, such as a $10,000 bottle of champagne, but liquor stores are left to basically being distributors for these generic drinks. As it stands, if I want my liquor store to sell, say, Moet & Chandon Imperial (a $50 bottle of wine in real life) I'd have to find a bar or a club that would supply ME. For immersion, it's a little upsetting that people are better off going elsewhere for their alcoholic needs. My suggestion is simply that Liquor Stores be able to create drinks like Jewelry Stores or Flower Shops can create their own merchandize. I get that breweries exist, but I've never crossed paths with a brewer and the only person I know OOCly that partakes in brewery supplies clubs and bars with very generic drinks. We don't have any classy name brand stuff. My main suggestion and complaint is that it seems weird that between Breweries, Liquor Stores, and Clubs/Bars, the only ones that AREN'T able to sell what they want are Liquor Stores. Heck, even Pawn Shops have access to /bar Relevant Commands/Items Everything required should already be implemented in the game. How will it benefit the server? I think the biggest benefit will be immersion itself. When you want alcohol, your only choice shouldn't be a club or a bar. If somebody wants a really nice bottle of champagne that stands out for their honey moon, they should get it from a liquor store. If they want a really fine bottle of wine to gift at a birthday, they should get it from a liquor store. This would also see to liquor stores opening up more frequently as they'd become more than just distilleries for bars and clubs. If they open more often, this in turn generates more Roleplay and jobs for the server. Q&A: I am leaving this section here in case people offer questions. That way people won't have to skim the whole of the forums to see what was asked and answered already. Q: Don't breweries already create alcoholic drinks? Why not get them from there? A: To a degree, but their stock, supply, and variations are limited. If somebody comes to the liquor store asking for a 24 pack of Miller, that's not something the local brewery carries since breweries make their OWN brands. Not just that, but most breweries are Beer or Whiskey. We want IPA's, Lagers, Hard Seltzer, Champagne, and more. Idea #2 (A little friendlier and works a lot better with breweries. Probably more effort to develop, however.) Detailed Description: So, after having spoken to one of the server’s brewery owners, we’ve come up with a new idea that differs from what I’ve listed above. The idea here is that rather than Liquor Stores using a general Y menu like a 24/7, they’d have a menu that acts more like a Pawn Shop. This would allow the Liquor Stores to put items they acquire from Breweries into their menu and ideally organize them into different tabs such as “Beer, Wine, Liquor”. To further this idea, I think it would be a nice, unique twist that rather than only having “Beer, Wine, Champagne”, Liquor Stores can request (whether it be through admins or a forum report method) certain named items to be carried as normal stock that gets filled as they are provided with components. This makes it so that Liquor Stores have more of a reason to open and individuals have more of a reason to visit the Liquor Stores. Relevant Commands/Items I'm unsure what exactly would be required for this. I think most everything is already in game, however. How will it benefit the server? All in all, this improves the profits of breweries which are severely lacking at the moment and have difficulties staying alive on the server. It also makes the Liquor Stores more unique from one another in that different locational stores might carry different items. As it stands, Liquor Stores are very passive in that the only people who really seem to ever need them are Bars or Clubs, and even then, Bars and Clubs are currently purchasing EXTREMELY low cost items from breweries and they simply bypass Liquor Stores as a whole. Liquor Stores really can't compete with $45 beer. I think there are several other reasons this would work really well, and unlike my first idea it shouldn't harm any businesses.
  2. TL;DR Description: Adding a true form of language barrier in game to allow for tight knit communities to talk amongst themselves in privacy and to prevent potential metagame, encouraging nationalities to actually matter in terms of community and communication. Detailed Description: So, what do I mean by the title? It'd be a simple thing where, players, when creating a character, could choose a "secondary language", let's go for example, a Japanese character, you simply select "Japanese" as your secondary language, so now, when you're in-game, when you do a certain command (mentioned bellow) it'll switch you to the language your character knows, so anytime you speak, to you and others who also have the same language spoken will see, for example: Akiro Kobayashi says in Japanese: Hello there! How are you doing today? And those that do not speak the language or don't know it, will only see: Akiro Kobayashi says something in Japanese. This command would affect in general, just speech, so regular typing, low speech or even whispering, but if the effort was put in, it could also be used when talking into the radio. How would this be regulated? - I'd say that any player is entitled to one "secondary language" per character, allowing for new characters to have a secondary language attached to their nationality or background of choice, only way they can get additional languages could be by applying for it via the forums, with a detailed explanation as to how/why they would know it. Alternatively, of course, much like phone number changes, plate changes, it could be a one-time paid feature to allow for one of your characters to know a third language, or a fourth, and so on. That of course would be up to the developers and/or staff to decide. Relevant Commands: /language [ID/Language] (Used to switch between default English & other languages, so for example: "/language jap" or "/language japanese" switches you to Japanese, and to switch back just do "/language" or "/language none") How will it benefit the server?: Simple - For one, it will give players a form of 'privacy' within tight knit communities, for example, a Russian group can freely talk amongst themselves without others around knowing what is being said, giving a true immersion sense of a language barrier. It also doubles as a metagaming prevention method, currently the way others convey speaking in their character's native or known language is through adding a simple indicator at the start of their speech, of course this works, but it can be easily metagamed at any time.
  3. Short description: A Test drive feature on the server. Detailed description: My suggestion is to add in a test drive script, to prevent abuse it could involve a distance and/or time limit on how far you can go etc, for people who wish to buy a new car it would be better for them to possibly get a feel for the vehicle before buying it, with the test drive script this enables them to do so. Commands to add: /testdrive (or it can be done through the dialogue maybe). Items to add: Time limiter on the vehicle to prevent abuse. How would your suggestion improve the server? Well people can sometimes be stuck between which car they wish to buy, and to get a feel of the vehicle they either have to buy it or go onto a different server to test it (if it has it), not everyone can connect to the test server and this I feel would be a nice little addition that allows people to test vehicles before buying them. Additional information:
  4. Violence


    Already been suggested. Ignore please.
  5. Hello folks, only the most groundbreaking suggestions here. The Asbo is a much cheaper and a much more fitting car to be sold out on the cheap to a rental company, so I think it should be the one used for rental cars. Really nothing else to add, let's go you baby blue Asbos.
  6. Simple suggestion to improve RP and just quality of life change. So to see currently how cold it is you need to do /weather and people rarely even do that command. When It's 3 c you see people running around with a shirt and some people running around with jackets. Which doesn't make sense. So my suggestion is that we would remove the /weather command and move like near the minimap, so people would always be able to see how cold or warm it is. Here is a rough example. Please feel free to put in your ideas and what do you think of this idea.
  7. BranHUN

    Indictment CK

    Indictment CK I have a suggestion that in my opinion will change the whole outlook of Police-Illegal Faction RP, the way each factions roleplay with each other, their members, and it will improve the effectiveness of the police against organised crime (illegal factions). My suggestion is to create an Indictment CK system. Indictments are of course charges made against a person, or persons with claims of serious crimes. Using laws, and such, like the RICO Act, the Police would have the option to get search warrants, warrants for wiring a house, people, and other things like that. They can offer caught mobsters that they either give up their friends, and help the Police at court/wire them, or they get Indictment CK. Wiring would mean that a person, or a house has cameras, or sound recorders. Of course, these need to be roleplayed to be hidden at places, and screenshots need to be taken about placing them. Warrants are also needed to place these, which could be requests to Faction Management with a basis of course that the place to be wired is a place of criminal activities. If proven, the police could get the equipment, and place it in the house, hiding it. These don’t need to be actual items, or they could be implemented like that. These could be simply roleplayed, but of course, everything needs to be screenshotted, so that no metagaming is involved. Indictment CK would work like this: The Police gather evidence like photographs, voice recordings (these are screenshots, of course), items, witness reports, and so on, and so on. With these, they gather proof against persons of interest to be indicted. After that, there could be a trial (this could lead to a lawyer career to be created on the server, as well) which can either decide of the character gets „CKed” or not. Of course, I don’t mean a literal CK, I mean getting a life sentence that is essentially like a CK. This could not only improve the Police’s chances against criminal organisations, and create great RP opportunities, but it could also mean that a lot of people will stop randomly robbing, and pillaging around the server, as they could be reported, and in time, they might get a life sentence that can basically CK them, forcing them to change their logic, or stop completely. It might take some time, and effort to create this feature, but if it is done, the RP qualities of the server would improve a lot, and the Police could get a lot more chances, and power against the criminals (since it’s obvious that the criminals overpower the Police at this moment on the server).
  8. I am currently planning on getting myself a chopper. I think it would be neat to be able to rappel my family/gang/faction, what you wanna call it. Either for fun or other things. And perhaps even used for PD in their choppers if such a situation would show itself. I know the vanilla game itself has a rappeling system, i don't know if this works on the server but if not then i'm suggesting it :) I personally find rappeling very cool and could even be used in Training, both privately or for example SWAT or such. And if possible, a house rappeling system would also be cool. And to make it a little less OP, perhaps they could make it so, to be able to rappel, you would need to have rope in your inventory. Perhaps bought from 24/7 or other ways. That i do not know. This is all just a fun idea i have, is it needed? No. But could it be fun? I would think so. That's all :) Theres not many ways someone who wants to get a chopper like me can earn money. But i think this could help people like me to get customers, who would be in need of a chopper and getting on top for example a building.
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