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  1. What in the hell are you doin Gall? Good luck
  2. You've got a point. Some shitty thread isn't gonna change anything. To those that agreed with what bullshit I had to say: try and make a change. Don't let your community get overrun by idiots who have no idea what a normal looking character is. To the others: Have fun with your nightclubs, bars and stripclubs opening every single day and doing the same stuff over and over again. This can be L&A'd.
  3. I do see your point and I understand it. And I agree with some of it. However I don't think you understood what I meant with my original post, either that or I didn't understand what you meant in here. Yes, of course accurately portraying a faction or character culture is very important, especially in a server similar to ours. Lately I've seen factions and characters that are just stereotypical in their ways of how they portray that certain characters or players that are just extremely over the top (for example some shitty mallrat lesbian who works for a security company and shoots and loves guns all day. That's quirky alright, but trust me it's not unique). Keep in mind this I'm not talking about GtaW in particular, other communities have had this problem, it's something that happens generally with every RP community. Personally I enjoy seeing something different rather than just the same basic template all over again. Maybe I'm the picky cunt, who knows. Oh and this: As many people and I mentioned before, the server population currently has a problem with giving these "unique ideas" any attention. But by these "unique ideas" I don't only mean something that's completely new even to the whole damn world, but something that hasn't been roleplayed before, at least on this server. This went a little off topic but hey, it happens.
  4. This looks like an interesting feature, I'm definitely curious to see if people will use it for something creative (hopefully yes). Wouldn't want to see just the same routine in every other bar or club but with a different interior each time. That is true. Maybe with the latest announcements this may change. The only thing we can definitely do right now is make-do, or maybe twist up some of the current features into something interesting. Recently I saw that a gun range opened up, using the Ammu-Nation businesses. Maybe more people can do something similar with some of the other available roleplay jobs, who knows. You definitely did play your part with the tattoo shop thing, and should also encourage more people to do so. You're one of the very few creative businesses on this server that still manages to stand itself up despite the wave of *other stuff*. Idk I wanted to reply to some of the comments here
  5. I'm making this thread not to bash a certain person, a certain faction, or the whole community in general. I'm making this thread because I want to talk about something that's be very very rare lately...unique ideas. The main aspect of a roleplaying community is how unique an idea someone comes up with, unique idea for a character, a business, a faction etc. But lately I've noticed that the GtaW is suffering from an unearthly plague that will slowly doom us all...bland repetitive ideas. While the factions and characters on the server still maintain a good stability of uniqueness, a great example of where these bland ideas can be seen is in three main businesses that somehow rule the entire server: Nightclubs, Bars and Stripclubs. Even if other communities have these three (especially bars), a big problem with these three businesses that happens in the server is that they're never unique. They all have the same interior, they all play the same music, they all do the same thing over and over and over again. Now, I'll give the interior thing the benefit of the doubt because the furniture system is kinda weird at the current time. Same with the music as in the end it's whatever, you can mute the audio and play whatever you want. But the main issue I have with these is that they never do something unique other than occasional "Theme nights" (Where they pretty much they do the same thing as normal nights but players get to make funky costumes for their character). But here's my question to players who do that: Why is it a one time thing? Why don't you take one theme for one of those "theme nights" and make your club to be around that theme? I know why: Because you're afraid it will kill your club. And guess what, it will. How do I know this? Because it's a thing that happens every time on this server: Unique stuff gets killed because nobody pays attention to it and the owner loses motivation. Here are some examples where these has happened is with these following ideas: I have been to two of these places and something I noticed is that these places only rely on bringing more unique rp to the table and never ever rely on how much money they're getting, so they usually down prices on stuff they use. However on the other side of the road, where you got all the clubs, bars and nightclubs, the prices are almost unreal, for example they entry fee which is usually like $100 dollars or more, or the drinks ( Paying $40 dollars just to get a non-scripted soda for example, this has happened to me btw ). One other thing that I've also noticed is that on one side you barely got 3-4 people coming on to buy stuff, where on the other side you got almost a packed place full of people. This only leads me to believe that people are generally interested in ideas that have been done so many times they become shit and they don't enjoy unique rp anymore. To close this whole shitty thread, I will now lay down what I think the community should do to stop this: If you see a good unique idea do not hesitate to support it however you can. Share it to people, get groups of friends to also support it etc. If you already own a bar/club or plan on getting one do this: fetch a specific theme and use that specific theme for your club every time you open; or if you don't want to do that do this instead: activities; Do live performances, come up with an interesting system for something like pool, card games, (hi-lo, blackjack etc.) you name it. Don't just open your business, wait for people come in, play music and let them dance around like robots
  6. A bit too much information to be honest, try to cut down some of the stuff that are just miscellaneous, or use spoilers.
  7. Let me guess she's a lesbian too?
  8. User: TomeOfEverlastingDamnation Comment: So all the useless news outlets are going against eachother now? What is this town coming to?
  9. User: TomeOfEverlastingDamnation Comment: At last something good happens in Los Santos. On the bad side though, all the hypocrite strippers working there are gonna rush over to other places and fuck everything up even more. Ora pro illis, baphomet.
  10. Good shit yesterday, cheers to everyone who came. Also I lost my chatlogs
  11. "Can set up the sound system 'ere, all that kinda shit." "You got that covered, Shawn?" "Yup. I got a real good one."
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