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Staff Update - December 2019

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Keane    256



Hey everyone,

November was a busy month for the staff team, in particular towards the end. Between the increase in average players online, staff members being busy with real life and even more staff members being involved with large projects internally, we have certainly struggled. We have been making a lot of changes internally to help split the workload and do more with less.


Part of the structure changes involves assigning everyone in Staff Management to specific roles. Previously, I handled both the head of admin role and the head of support. Bjork, KV and FullyCanadian assisted be along the way and have proven themselves to be very capable. As a result, Nervous has decided to formally assign them to their new roles. Bjork and I will be entirely focused on the admin team now, so we can focus on dealing with any issues there. FullyCanadian and KV will be overseeing our Support Team to make sure it runs smoothly and to give anyone that performs exceptionally a chance to get trained to become an admin. 

To briefly touch on internal projects, the staff team as a whole has become involved with the rules update. It is currently going through a staff-wide discussion. Our overall objective is to shift to a more common sense approach to administrating the server. We'll be using the intention of the rules to make decisions rather than only using what is written. We'll be making the current rules clearer to make it easier for players to understand and easier for admins to make decisions. A final note about the rules is that we're going to bring in more IC consequences instead of admin jailing. Someone failing to roleplay fear can be CKed by the admin that shows up, for example. That requires the second big project which I'll describe next.

I have a thread written that defines PKs, CKs and everything related to them. Once the new server rules are out, the staff team as a whole will be discussing how to properly define PKs and CKs, as well as provide guidelines for when admins can CK characters in-game without forcing the killing party to go through the application process. We hope to bring in the PK and CK rules, as well as the server rules by the end of Decemeber. 

Once the new rules are out and PKs and CKs are defined properly, we'll be working on continuity. We hope to get continuity started in January. We currently have no ETA on when this will be finished because properly defining continuity is a huge task. It will be a priority from January onward, however.

I'd also like to remind people that they can reach out to anyone in Staff Management to discuss issues within the staff team. Nervous, Bjork and I should be PMed if it relates to admins, and Nervous, FullyCanadian and KV should be PMed if it is related to the Support Team. We see a lot where we are, but constructive feedback from the community directed to us is how we can make more improvements.


This month, we have been noticing an influx of new players joining the community. To those new players; welcome! Our staff team has been working hard to stay on top of the new workload that this influx of players is bringing. With that being said, we're looking forward to our new Support members joining the team and we also are happy to announce a few internal promotions for current staff members. As well, if you're looking to take your contributions to the community to the next level then we encourage you to apply for Support. Our applications for Support open monthly and we're always looking for new fresh faces to join the team. Congratulations to those promoted and welcome to the new staff members!





Admin Promotions

 @Keane has been officially appointed as Head of Administrators and promoted to Management

@Björk is now Assistant Head of Administrators 

@KV is now Assistant Head of Support

@FullyCanadian is now Head of Support and Administrator Level 3


@FearnR from Administrator Level 1 to Administrator Level 2


@Carafrom Support to  Trial Administrator


Development team


@Static has been promoted from Junior Developer to full Game Developer



     New Support Team Members

The following members of the community will be offered a chance to join the staff team as Community Support.








The new Support members will be sent a PM on the forums with further instructions. We wish them the best of luck!


Reserved Applicant



Reserved applicants should contact @FullyCanadian for information about their reserved status. Reserved applicants will be considered over the next two months.



If you applied for the staff team and your name is not on this list, you have unfortunately been denied. You may contact @FullyCanadian or @KV for feedback and the denial reason. Any denied applicants may not reapply until the staff application wave in March 2020. Denied applicants may not reapply before then.


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Brox    486

Well done all

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