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  1. Static

    Feature Showcase: Hair Tattoos Information Hair tattoos serve as an addition to add to the existing character customization options. Along with the standard hairstyles which are widely available, you now have the option to choose one or more of these hair decorations that stick under the hairstyle onto the scalp. There are different variations for each gender, the system accounts for that and gives you the proper options. . Usage The first option has a small description and displays how that specific decoration looks on the character. Whenever you decide that you want a specific hair tattoo you simply navigate to "Add" below and press Enter. That includes it into a "wanted list" and from that point on it will stick onto the scalp. You can go back up and repeat the process, you can add as many hair tattoos as you see fit in order to give your character a unique look. If you can keep track of which hair tattoo(s) you have added you can navigate to the corresponding description(s) and select "Remove". That would remove that specific one from the said "Wanted List", on the other hand you could select the "Clear" option and start over. In the end, all that's left to do is complete the purchase and from that point on it will stick to the chosen outfit(s).
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    Congratulations to everyone.