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  1. TinPan

    Map changes

    I hope that the introduction of the new Mirror Park homes are done through application just like the recent Sandy Shores trailers were; the last thing I think anyone wants to see here is new Mirror Park houses instantly being bought up by people who have no need for them/just want them because they've got nothing else to spend their money on.
  2. The firearm cleaning and age being tied to weapon proficiency kinda seems in my eyes like an attempt to side-step the issue at hand with poor escalation and gun crime on the server in general. There'll still be people going on mass shooting sprees, only to either end up namechanging in jail or getting PK'd and simply running back home to get their next gun out from their home. Why not just introduce harsher penalties for those who engage in gun-related crimes and for those who choose to engage in poor escalation just because they have access to a firearm?
  3. Honestly, I'd even be personally comfortable with the current map mod being removed in exchange for the implementation of this. The city for the most part is in a good state in terms of it's visuals and can always have enhancement from those who have Platinum; I think it's perfectly acceptable to give the county some much-needed attention to turn it from the Window's XP desktop background into an actual wilderness that makes Blaine County a far more visually interesting environment to roleplay within.
  4. Literally, just play a character; don't play yourself in real life (not an excuse to be a blue-haired snowflake with heterochromia). Don't make choices because it makes sense out of character for you to do so/is more profitable, make choices that are what your character would make. Play a character with flaws, be an inherently flawed person and commit yourself to those flaws 24/7. Nobody on earth is perfect. Stick to those three things, and 9/10 you'll improve your own roleplay and the roleplay of those around you.
  5. TinPan

    /attributes pls

    Since we're on the topic of attributes, putting in perfume/fragrance names in your attributes is absolutely retarded and contributes nothing. I don't know what the fuck Dior Sauvage or Chanel No. 5 smells like. I don't have a fucking global cologne collection next to my desk that I can use as reference for what your character smells like.
  6. Casino’s are great spots for unique roleplay. They offer a lot to the server in terms of job opportunities and general interactions. Currently though, the fucked stare of the economy just doesn’t make it fun. One man with 500k in his bank account can bankrupt other players and dealers in under one game. Alternatively, even the worst and most scummy of roleplayers can earn 500k overnight if they know what they’re doing. For roleplay, it’s great; but the current state of the servers economy has fucked casinos for new players & characters on the server.
  7. I’d say keep it as it is at 350 or at most go down to 300/325, but I would argue in support of decreasing the amount of time it takes for vehicles to despawn if not in use; same goes also for despawning faction vehicles not in use in order to further help combat performance loss. Player numbers in areas certainly don’t help, but I’d say reducing the number of parked vehicles certainly does help. Not like they’d be gone either considering people can /vspawn them back in.
  8. That’s not an issue necessarily with the individuals who engage in these acts at public places, it’s because events and/or large gatherings are so money oriented they’re willing to disregard things like dress codes and attitudes if it means letting a gang walk into a club with an extra 5k in their pockets. Literally, all you’d have to do is implement things like a dress code or deny entry to larger groups (just like in real life); and the issues of brawls and shootings at large events would be resolved. When you focus on money, you stop focusing on the quality of the roleplay.
  9. I’ll take a bandaid over just letting it become an infected mess with no treatment provided whatsoever. Just something, anything for that matter to stop and deter people from maxing out their vehicles performance stats would be appreciated. Give people a reason to not make everything on their car 4/4; add vehicle performance variety to the server.
  10. The easier solution here for garages is to just make purchases not cost as many components. Reduce the number of components needed by about 50% for all vehicle upgrades, and the issue of a lack of components is very much solved in the blink of an eye. They’ll be able to open more, truckers won’t have to work 24/7 just to get components there; win-win.
  11. Owning a garage now is basically completely useless and no longer a viable thing to do, so they rarely open now. The nerfs have crippled garages. 9 times out of 10, the following attributes all are found at garages: - The garage runs out of components every opening, meaning it has to close early to replenish; which takes multiple hours to do. - The garage doesn’t have enough active employees to sustain a sizeable work force, meaning it’s always short-staffed and over-crowded. - The garage doesn’t make a substantial profit anymore, meaning garage owners have to work opening to opening just to keep the garage in their ownership because of the costs. - The owner typically becomes demotivated, especially when their employees are earning more money than the actual owner earns. There’s just no reason to own a garage now. It’s been made literally impossible and not worth putting either the time nor money into getting one established. They’re in high demand and in low supply; and nobody wants to get into the business of supply because it’s not sustainable to do so. It’s not like other businesses that you can keep around just to enjoy roleplaying at. It’s a business where your working opening to opening just to pay the bills. You don’t make money, and everyone below you who you employ instead makes more money than you will ever see as an owner. TL;DR - Garages aren’t worth owning anymore. They cost too much to run.
  12. It's crazy how some of the commands here aren't listed in any of the command lists on the forum, nor are they listed anywhere in /help whatsoever either. There definitely needs to be a re-made master list of all the commands that include a bunch of the ones listed in this thread.
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