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  1. I can't find any suitable objects to act like a bike rack.
  2. I got some good news! I spoke to Nervous about me handling this project and it was accepted. I’ll be starting work on this along with some other projects after the weekend.
  3. I personally don’t see this happening as it could be exploited in a few ways. As aforementioned by other users, it makes purchasing a character slot redundant. You can also essentially have an infinite character slot by disabling, then creating then getting bored and disabling and creating again. Saying that, it also makes name changing redundant. Overall, the disadvantages can really kill the server’s donations and the survivability of the server.
  4. You can probably try Razer Synapse perhaps.
  5. AHK is good enough. I had variables like if MP5 is 1, it takes out with a /me take out. If MP5 is 0, it puts back with a /me puts back.
  6. I would love to see more options too but to me, I donated solely to help the community out. :)
  7. I can help you with auto hot key but I have to see your file. Anyways, like what Rozi said, /lock doesn't need a bind. For others, I could help.
  8. The signature size is 1000 x 300, I believe. I'm not too sure for profile picture. EDIT: 75 x 75 might be good for a profile picture. These are in pixels, by the way.
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