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  1. Necroing this because of Half-Life: Alyx. Anyone think Garry will do something with Source 2? Maybe Gmod 2 can be played with both VR and otherwise?
  2. UG was the tits. Valhalla was where it was at though.
  3. Hey folks, I hadn't seen a thread for this in a long time, so I figured I'd get another superthread going. Post photos of your cars, guns, or just general toys/equipment/stuff you're proud to show off. I took this at work the other day during a bad storm. Patrol Rifle
  4. An awesome faction thread. Keep it up, guys. Always fun to roleplay with ya'll.
  5. Definitely interested in seeing a utilities or public works faction. I don't know, just need a reason to make a grimy alt who carries around a bagged lunch each day.
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