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Found 7 results

  1. Tell us what your last seen movie is, and maybe what it is about.
  2. A GUIDE TO VINEWOOD & MEDIA PRODUCTION During my two and a half years on the server I noticed that a lot of people want more of a celebrity presence in LS, and while this (sortof) exists in the form of long-lasting characters, or funny niche characters, or characters who are known for being a bartender at every club, it isn’t really formed in the right way. These are more so OOC celebrities passed through word of mouth on discord or by seeing a character’s name tag a lot, not because your character sees them as a celebrity in their world. Of course, someone can’t just create a character and start their story as an A-List movie star when no one has ever heard of them before. It just wouldn’t work in a GTA:W setting where characters constantly change, many characters being changed every couple of months. So really, the only way to generate some kind of celebrity status is to start small and build up the fame status organically. That’s where this guide comes in. I graduated university with a degree in Media Production and have explored various avenues of this on GTA:W before, but that doesn’t mean I know everything, so if there’s anything you would like added to this guide just comment on the thread or drop me a Forum PM and i’ll update it. I just want to see more of an authentic LS (LA) atmosphere full of the creative hipsters the GTA 5 story mode does such a good job of emulating. VINEWOOD BACKGROUND It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Vinewood is Rockstar’s interpretation of Hollywood, an area of Los Angeles bursting with wannabe actors, directors, editors, models, musicians, blah blah, you name it. Not only that, but it is often home to more affluent neighbourhoods and businesses, such as high-end fashion stores, luxury hotels and busy nightclubs. Like mentioned previously, it’s a hipster’s wet dream. If you wish to RP someone wanting to make it big in the entertainment industry, I suggest roleplaying them by being obsessed with this enclosed “culture” of creativity and fame. A lot of people are desperate to just get their foot in the door, while doing menial and dead-end jobs in the meantime to sustain them as they set out to achieve their dreams. This is naturally going to be a different story depending on the character you’re aiming to portray. Unfortunately, Vinewood doesn’t have the same influence in GTA:W as Hollywood does IRL, obviously. That goes without saying and it will remain that way even if multiple people start to RP it. However, Vinewood within the GTA lore is an influential area and would likely make up a large amount of San Andreas’ economy and tourism if it was functioning properly. Bare this in mind if you plan on RPing this concept - your character would have to be very, very, very lucky to get into a high-end production straight off the bat. Or if they are a director, they won’t be producing the next blockbuster, and a musician won’t be instantly playing at the biggest club/concert in town. It’s very much a rags to riches story that only a handful of people actually succeed in. With that in mind, don’t be scared to start small. When I made the Paleto Boys (a jackass inspired film) on the server, it was just me and two other dudes. MEDIA PRODUCTION So you have a character, an entertainment industry related goal and a few ideas up your sleeve. This is when things go from IC to OOC. Unfortunately, just roleplaying the production of something usually isn’t enough to grab the rest of the server’s attention. Not only do people want to see an actual finished product, but it’s better RP all around when the collaboration leads to something you can share. However, a lot of people get intimidated at this stage because they haven’t tried filming game footage before, or they haven’t used editing software or have no idea how to use Menyoo. This is what stops people from getting involved in a lot of cases, so hopefully this guide can provide some insight on what to do and how to do it so more people can get involved with the scene. FILMING OOC TECHNIQUES A lot of people think that you have to use menyoo to get any footage that looks remotely good. This takes a lot of time and takes away from the collaboration of doing it on the server. Menyoo is a great tool if you wish to use it, but this guide will be more focused on how to film things within the server itself, as there’s already plenty of menyoo tutorials out there. Not only that, but filming within the server can be beneficial RP for everyone and not just those involved in the production. The production company could hire people to block the roads where a specific scene is being filmed and on-lookers can see this while they walk through the street and watch it happen. This is something that happens IRL especially in places like LA, and will add even more of an authenticity to the state we’re trying to base our world off of. This goes without saying but any screen recording software is capable of doing this. The one I personally use is the geforce experience overlay, it’s easy to use and most people have a Nvidia graphics card. To bring up the overlay, just press Alt + Z. All recording and screenshot settings can be found in there as well as keybindings for recording (default: Alt + F9 to start recording, then again to stop recording). The footage automatically saves to your PC’s videos folder, or any other file destination if you change the settings to suit yourself. Now the software is out of the way, the fun itself begins. The main technique is the GTA 5 first-person view, then pressing F7 to remove the GTA:W chatbox and name tags. Now you are viewing the server through what would be the camera’s lens. However, the first person view is very limited on it’s own, so this is why we use the server provided animations. The ones I have frequently used are /anim liedown1 and /anim crouched1, as they give the first person perspective a lower angle, for example: https://streamable.com/ezgbeo Another option is to climb up onto in-game structures and buildings, giving you a higher up perspective. Just make sure to RP this - potentially falling off the structure while filming can be a funny situation to change things up a bit. If the shot still isn’t working for you, you can go into the game’s settings and adjust the first person camera field of view. This is easily done. While it doesn’t change much, it’s enough to make a difference and could transform a shot into something better. To film moving shots, you can use the /walk anim while in first person and it will create a smooth movement similar to that used in films when they pan a camera. It can be a bit glitchy at times but that’s just the nature of it and the number one thing you will need OOC is a little bit of patience. IC INFORMATION AROUND FILMING This is the most important part as obviously we are all on the server for the IC aspect, otherwise we would just be filming on another server or on GTA:O. A lot of people are unaware of the processes that go into filming and just how much time and organization is behind it. CREW STRUCTURE In blockbuster films/bigger productions: Producer: In charge of keeping everything organised. The paperwork person. Responsible for organizing filming dates, time, making sure equipment is available/booked, actors are looked after, etc. Director: More often than not the director will also be the writer. In very big productions they might be separate roles but in a RP setting this is unlikely. They have a clear vision of how they want the film to look in their head and will work directly with the Director of Photography to bring this to life. Writes shot lists, holds auditions for actors, etc. Works directly with the actors on filming days. Director of Photography: Might be a separate person or just the director depending on the size of production. Works alongside the director to decide on how they’re going to film a specific scene, what camera they will use, whether to use close ups, mid-shots, etc. Camera operator: Is responsible for the actual shooting of the film. Script Supervisor/Set team: Responsible for how the set looks and ensuring it matches up with the script and the writer's vision. Will make sure everything looks good between shots, including the actor's hair, make up, etc. Actor: Self-explanatory. Plays a character in the film. Often encouraged to put their own unique spin on things. Video editor: Takes the footage and puts it all together at the end. Adds any vfx or colour grading. Sound designer: Works on the soundtrack, sound effects, etc. Works alongside a video editor to turn the footage into an enjoyable film. In independent companies and short film productions, usually one person will take on several roles. For example, the director, producer, and editor may be all one person. Bigger companies, especially those on a Vinewood level, would aim to have a separate person for each role and even assistant sub-roles. Directors will often create a clear dialogue with the actors. It won’t be entirely just shooting scenes and working with them directly that way. There will be communications on the side too, such as having small meetings to discuss what’s going well, any challenges faced, any ideas the actors may have, etc. This is just another avenue of RP that could be very interesting but often overlooked and not thought about. FILMING DAY These are heavily structured in a professional Vinewood setting and even in Indie settings. The crew usually agrees on a time and date and everything they wish to achieve in that time will be already planned out by the producer. Usually all would go in one vehicle to the filming location, most likely a company van that can accommodate everyone and the equipment. For films shot on a set, the actors just show up to work and may have their own trailers to relax in when they’re not needed. There is usually a risk assessment carried out before filming days to consider all the potential risks that come with filming and to ensure employee safety. Contracts would be signed with the actors too prior to this. One last thing to bare in mind is that filming days are getting longer and longer in the industry, perhaps not in an independent company but in Vinewood, people can be working 13-15 hours a day close to the deadlines. This can be an interesting avenue of RP, perhaps roleplaying a corporate production company CEO who cares more about getting the film released than the work rights of the actors and film crew, or someone who is a victim of this. There’s more to it than showing up and standing in front or behind a camera for a few hours then heading home. EQUIPMENT A subject often overlooked when roleplaying media production on GTA:W, since there’s no requirement to buy anything scriptly to record things and all the lighting is done for you by the game engine. But to RP this authentically, there are several things to consider, especially if you want to realistically RP a budget for the film production. Equipment can either be owned by a company or individual, or rented (usually in indie productions it is rented). A camera, obviously. These can vary from simple DSLR or mirrorless cameras all the way to the big production cameras you see on traditional film sets. Doing research about this is a must to create immersion for everyone you are RPing with. Lens often come separately to the cameras and are attached as of when they’re needed. Lighting equipment. These are usually LED lights with plastic gel sheets that go over the light to change the colouring of it. Can also be tungsten lights, which are warm light and often used to replicate the sun. Obviously you won’t have to do anything with this IC but it’s good to RP setting them up as though they were having an effect, or if using an indoor set, you can use furniture items to make the room brighter or have a specific colour to it. Generator. If you’re shooting outside with no power sockets in sight, a generator may be needed to provide power to the lighting equipment or charge up equipment. This is usually in extreme cases where the shooting location is in the middle of nowhere. Microphones. The most commonly used microphone in a film setting is the boom mic, the ones on a long pole with the furry covering. The furry covering is there to block out wind noises so the microphone only picks up what we want it to. Another type of microphone you might use is the Lavalier mic. These are essentially the clip on microphones with their own battery pack. Which you use depends on budget and context. POST-PRODUCTION AND EDITING Visuals Not going to touch much on this as for most, if not all, editing software has plenty of tutorials available on Youtube already, however I will recommend using Davinci Resolve, or if you can afford it/get a cracked version, Premiere Pro. Davinci Resolve is free and very beginner friendly. The editing is most likely the biggest part of the production as this is the section where you take it from everyday game footage and turn it into something cinematic or funny or thought-provoking or all of the above. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it and to mostly have fun with it since it is still just a game. It doesn’t have to be the perfect edit theoretically or even practically, just something substantial enough for the rest of the server to see it and think “hold on a minute, that’s pretty cool, i’ll support this.” Sound Probably the hardest part of the whole production as it’s near impossible to get people willing to act in game as well as to do voice acting OOC for the sake of the production. If you can get some like-minded people who aren’t afraid to voice act then perfect, but unfortunately this is rare, so I recommend taking audio from pre-existing videos on youtube and adding it to your content to bring a bit more life to it, if the context works. For example, when I do BMX edits, I will find audio from IRL BMX edits and place this in the edit to give the video more authenticity and life. Music/soundtrack is something to consider before you even start editing. The music should dictate the pace of the editing, not the other way around, only in rare circumstances should you edit without the music in that moment already decided. FINISHED PRODUCT - NOW WHAT? So now you have a video to share. You’ve worked on it for OOC months and maybe even IC years, you’ve had some good RP from it and now you want to do something with it. The first step is to find a pre-existing company that specializes in showing film, most notably is the Doppler Cinema or any variety of that. Working out a deal with them to showcase your film and getting a cut is usually the way that companies wanting to get big in the industry go. Smaller, independent companies may just share their work on YouTube and other social media sites (in this case, Facebrowser). They may submit their work to short film festivals or competitions, assuming the IC government or other IC businesses starts to facilitate those who wish to RP the entertainment industry. Hell, maybe you could start your own short film festivals where you can share your own work and other people’s work. At the end of the day, this is the part where media production and fame meets, and the only way to increase that fame is to continue putting your projects out there. Happy to write in more detail about anything mentioned here if anyone is wanting to get into the scene and not sure where to start, forum PMs are always open. Have fun with it and really don’t be intimidated to at least give it a go. Here’s some examples of what has been created entirely in-game through the methods mentioned above: https://streamable.com/696qsx Check out Torwald Pictures as well for a few menyoo examples.
  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) Start Time / Date - 23rd Horror Wednesday - 10:00PM Influencers looking to breathe new life into a Texas ghost town encounter Leatherface, the legendary killer who wears a mask of human skin. Starring: Mark Burnham, Elsie Fisher, Olwen Fouéré, Neil Hudson Running time: 1hr 21mins Marvel Studios' Eternals Start Time / Date - 25th Friday - 10:00PM The Eternals, a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years, reunite to battle the evil Deviants. Starring: Harry Styles, Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan Running time: 2hr 37mins Disney's Encanto Start Time / Date - 26th Saturday - 10:00PM The Madrigals are an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a charmed place called the Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift -- every child except Mirabel. However, she soon may be the Madrigals last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is now in danger. Starring: Stephanie Beatriz, Jessica Darrow, Maluma, John Leguizamo Running time: 1hr 49mins
  4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Vanguard Film Productions is a movie-production company based on Vinewood, Los Santos. Create by Anna Smith, Vanguard Film is a new studio label inteended to create movies for all the publics, aiming in comedies and action-packed films, and helping other studios to achieve their goals. Visit our site at: VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS - Home (weebly.com) Check out our social pages: Vanguard Film Productions (gta.world)
  5. Exclusive interview with Vinewood actress Alicia Johansson. Soon be returning to the big screen! By Nina Garavano Not every day we have the privilege to get to know and interview one of the most iconic figures in Vinewood movie industry. Tonight, actress Alicia Johansson shares her life with us. From her first steps as an actress for Vinewood Studios, her role in the movie “Pulled Apart”, her work as a model for Magnolia records, her relationship with DJ LeCamp, to her plans for the future with Torwald Pictures. Welcome Alicia, it’s an honor to have you with us. Can you tell us about you? What were your first steps in acting? How did you manage to become the Vinewood star you are now? Well, I’ve just wanted to act since I was a kid. Always found it fun to entertain, and to act like I'm someone else. As soon as I finished school back in Sweden, I moved to London, to study at ISSA, the International School of Screen Acting. After graduating I moved down here, los Santos was like, /the/ place to be if you wanted to be in the movies. It was hard at first. Struggling to make ends meet, living in a tiny apartment near here in Morningwood. I worked at the local 24/7 at the gas station here, but I was very lucky to be welcomed in at Vinewood Studios, after not too long.They were the big studio back then. Oh, Impressive, it must have been hard getting into big roles. Oh yes. I had to start small of course, work my way up, so I started getting small roles in some of their shows. They were doing some TV shows back then, in addition to movies, so luckily there were plenty of productions to get a part in. I see, what were their shows about? Most of their shows were like a bit of a dark portrayal of the high-crime areas of Los Santos, and made-up characters from these parts. I was lucky to get to work alongside the then big stars, like Bodhi Hillier, Chuck Sullivan, Lacey Warren and Cody Jones. Oh, I see. It seems like Los Santos didn't change at all, still a lot of high crime areas. Los Santos is still Los Santos, yeah, will always be. And after working at Vinewood Studios what did you do? Well. After some very good times with Vinewood Studios, they started to struggle a bit with finances and getting talented directors. Sadly, they eventually had to shut down. For a long time there were no movies being made in Los Santos. However, after a while, the industry started to blossom again. We got multiple studios starting up, like Eiga Productions, Marchese Films and Vinewood Video. Those were a bunch of small studios, with mostly smaller productions. I managed to get cast in these productions but most of them never saw the screen. I could spend weeks filming for one production, only for it to get shut down later. Oh, that 's sad! It's part of the industry though. Not everything makes it to the screen. It's a tough business. I see, that must be heartbreaking, did any of those small studios manage to release a movie or show? The one worth mentioning is of course Marchese Films, and the movie Pulled Apart, it was definitely the one that got the most attention at this time. How was it like shooting that movie? What do you think about the final product? Personally, I enjoyed working on that movie and I liked the results too. It had mixed reviews, but it felt like people expected a serious blockbuster action movie, which was something this film wasn't trying to be. It was written and made as a college-film, sort of comedy and horror mix. And I think it served that role nicely. Despite the controversies around Marchese Film and the director, I quite enjoyed it. I see, it sounds like fun. But what did you feel about the negative reviews? How do you handle that kind of pressure? Well, those reviews are always going to be there, you know. People are different, and one movie is never going to please everyone. I think if the bad reviews were more directed towards my personal contributions to the film, I'd have a harder time with it. Do you think that those high expectations from the audience are what makes those projects fail? I think that's a big challenge for anyone wanting to make a movie today, yes. The public can be quite ungraceful, you know. But I think it's important to focus on those who actually enjoy it. The value you bring to them. Moving on, can you tell me about your experience here, working as a model for Magnolia? Sure. I generally look back at my time at Magnolia as a happy time. The best thing about Magnolia was how we were like a family, everyone who worked here, no matter what your position was, got close to each other and cared for each other. It was an honor to work with such a recognized and established brand, to be part of all the great music that came out of here and the great experiences Magnolia DJ's and staff created at the different nightclubs around the city. Did you think your voice and opinion was heard? What are your thoughts about the management back then? Well I did eventually decide that it was time for me to move on. Like many others from the company at that time. It was a great place, but it was also very strict, it didn't leave room for people to grow, or to really bring their skills to the table. It was sort of an old hierarchical management style, where all decisions had to be done at the very top and the rest of us just had to be okay with whatever the big boss decided. Some things never change! It became clear that the company didn't want to do anything that wasn't related to music, there was an impression that the models were there to make the artists look good. We even used to have a stripping pole here. I didn't approve of this being a party den for the male managers and artists to take advantage of the girls. I see, and what happened when you tried to change things? What ideas did you bring that weren't accepted? As head of the modeling department, I tried getting more work for our models, by signing deals with other brands about using our models to market their products or brand. It was quite successful too and brought in a lot of money. But it wasn't about music. We also wanted to do a magazine that would cover music, entertainment, fashion, gossip, and so on, but that just ended in me getting a warning. It was not appreciated at all. Rather the opposite, it was like the management was offended if we did something outside of music. I can totally relate to that as the current manager of Magnolia modeling scheme. Man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone. Well said. Let's move on to another subject, are you currently in a relationship, Alicia? How do you handle dating and fame? I currently am not, and yeah, fame can easily complicate things. I feel like I've kept a rather low profile recently though. Which is good, to get a break from all the attention in between big releases. Oh, can you give me more details about your most meaningful relationships you had in the past? I should have known this would come up. I've had a few relationships. But they usually don't end well. I'm sure they deserve a whole article on their own! But can you briefly tell us what happened? I don't even know where to start. But yeah, it's definitely something for a scandalous article in itself. I was with DJ LeCamp for a while, he was like a very famous DJ back then, and the fame didn't really help either of us. He was actually engaged to someone else when I started seeing him, someone else here at Nolia, and so of course the unavoidable drama of getting caught and all that. So he eventually broke it off with her, which was my boss here at Nolia. That's when we officially got together and we did great for a while. Oh wow! That must have been really complicated, what happened in the end? Well, I guess the tables turned. I felt like he was distancing himself more and more from me and I saw him with other girls all the time. And then lots of rumours started floating, it ended quite badly, it was an ugly breakup. To comfort me in everything after that, was his best friend and we eventually got together. That was too much for Leo so he left the city. Oh! That's sad... a true engaging love story. Yeah... these are just crumbles of it all. It's enough material for a book, really. Let's get back to your career, what are your plans for the future? Well. I'm currently working with Torwald Pictures. So I'm very excited about that. I wish I had something to tell you, but unfortunately, at this point everything is still being kept very secretive, but I'm sure we will all see great things from Torwald Pictures to come. Oh I see... but should we expect to see the one and only Alicia Johansson back on the big screen? Absolutely, I do my best every day to make that a reality. Torwald Pictures is actually quite sizable already, they have a big team of very talented people and they have some great facilities down at the studio lot. My impressions of Torwald Pictures is that they are very professional and I'm very happy to be a part of it. What will their next movie be about? I wish I could tell you, Nina. I really do, but I'm afraid you'll just have to wait a little bit longer. I promise I'll share with you whatever I can when I can. Your readers will just have to stay tuned. I'd like to keep going, but let's wrap things up. What would you say to other aspiring actresses who want to follow your steps? Chase your dreams! And get representation! There are so many people in this city that want to try to take advantage of young actresses, so you have to be careful. If you can get representation, you'll have an agent that will help you find real work, and it keeps the creeps away. I'm very grateful to the agents I've worked with, like James Burke. He's got a character for sure, but he gets results. Any final words? Anything else you want to add? Thank you for having me! Oh, thank you Alicia! It was my pleasure! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. **Movie is hosted in a new website and it's now free to watch. Donations are accepted, they will be used to produce more movies** ((You can /banktransfer Amount Angela Marchese for donations)) Leave Your Comment! ((New site is monitored. While criticism is allowed, any hateful or disrespectfull comment towards the movie or its actors would be deleted. )) Name: Comment: *No swear words allowed!
  7. Lumundung Entertainment Founded 2007 A formerly Thai movie production company that made a name for themselves making pretty well-received action movies. To Thailand, they were a national treasure and their movies were well received locally but did not fair well on an international market. With the founder Freddy Lumundung growing bored of the life he had in Thailand, he opted to immigrated with his top talent, Billy Fong to America with hopes to making it big in Vinewood and become the next big director. Alex Locke is a normal noodle cook in the Wook Noodle House, doing his very best to just get along and cause no trouble but he hides a deep secret. Formerly The Shaanxi Spider, a deadly assassin under the employ of the Chinese triads. When the corrupt police chief, Alabaster Cotton, finds out his secret he blackmails him into taking down the three ruling gangs of Los Santos. The Vinewood Mob, The Bangkok Clique, and The El Burro Mexicans. Armed with only his skills and a gun, can he survive? STATUS: In production
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