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  1. Björk

    As far as I have been aware, there has never been anything protecting any of the things you have listed. I will look into this however and discuss it with Property Management. I will be locking this thread for the time being.
  2. Björk

    We are currently writing up rules for properties. Please standby for a bit while we work on it, as we want to make sure all details and rules are properly written and explained.
  3. Björk

  4. Björk

    I believe @Ethanol or @Caporegime can answer this question.
  5. Björk

    Only issue I have with this at all is that admins will start to have a bit more issues when trying to identify certain people during reports. Overall, I completely agree with removing names. Every suggestion has its ups and downs, however we will likely find a way to figure it out.
  6. Björk

    I agree with you. It's better to run off our current system rather than a health bar. Realistically you wouldn't be able to see how "low health" someone is and just rush them. This, to me, leads to more downsides than any upside. We currently face an issue with MG and PG issue. So avoiding any further risks, like this, is for the best.
  7. Björk

    It seems to have already been done, likely from UCP.
  8. Björk

    The teleport request is done, however only one of them works unfortunately. I will be forwarding this in order to figure out why the outside balcony door does not work.
  9. Björk

    Greetings, for general requests like this, we ask that you create them on the UCP. Our current service is much more convenient for the player and property admins. I hope you understand and thank you for your time.
  10. Björk

    House is rented out.
  11. FOR RENT 3212 West Mirror Drive PRICE: $500 ((Per paycheck)) Location: Mirror Park - West Mirror Drive Security: Wiwang Alarm Contact Information: Mathias Henriksen - 2202311 Contract details: Home Media Outside Inside
  12. Björk

    Best person to speak to about this would be @Rukka. I heavily support this, however it does take some time to properly set up said system to assure no flaws or issues arise in the process. This suggestion is in progress, and in fact you can check out the already set up website herehttps://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/405-doc-forums/ Which has been available to view for quite a long time. However, like said before, this will take some time to properly set up.
  13. Björk

    There is no license at the moment to own or use lockpicks. I've kicked you in the past for an illegal ad, but you continued. Being in possession of a lockpick alone is illegal. Until lockpick licenses are created and able to be distributed, they're illegal, and the ads will be as well. I don't agree with them, I am merely upholding the rules that I've been told to uphold. I gave you a verbal warning there and then, as I've marked/kicked you for the same issue in the past.