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  1. Björk

    I will be locking this thread for the time being. You can forward your concerns in regards to the LSPD to @Taunky, @roozles, or @Big_Smokes. They can happily discuss this in full length and maybe look into the issue more thuroughly. If someone is abusing this, it will benyour responsibility to report the player to FM or take it through IC means.
  2. Björk

    It's currently not in my to:do list at this time. But I can tell you that it will be interesting to see these come up again. I will have to speak with the rest of the team about their opinions on it.
  3. Björk

    Handled! Nice Interior!
  4. Björk

    Handled. Nice Interior!
  5. Björk

    Handled. Nice interior!
  6. Björk

    @Optimus Dime For being a big boy and coming home.
  7. Björk

    @FullyCanadian and @Nervous have been from what I've seen
  8. Björk

  9. Björk

    Handled! dunnnn dun
  10. Björk

  11. Björk

  12. Björk

  13. Björk

  14. Björk

    Handled! Good looking interior!