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  1. Keane

    Congratulations everyone!
  2. I'll be unlocking this in the hopes that we can actually have a constructive discussion about something that has become an issue for both the LSFD and the people outside of it. Remember to respect other's opinions and don't see them as personal attacks.
  3. lol If that's the kind of attitude you have towards people giving their opinion on this subject, then you're not worthy of a place in the community. You need to show more openness and less hostility if you're discussing things here. Like I said in the other thread I locked, take some time to relax. Discuss the topic when you can put your emotions aside and actually see people's opinions as their opinions, not an attack on you or the faction you're in.
  4. You're taking sidewalk surgery too literally. People are referring to a medical roleplayer extending the scene to perform advanced treatment that isn't really needed. It happens on every other server and it happens here too. The tone you're starting to use in these threads aren't helping your case either. I advise you to take a step back for an hour or so and come back with a clearer mind. Arguing when frustrated is just making you and the LSFD look silly.
  5. The ability to enforce CKs will never be provided to any factions or individuals outside of the staff team, with the exception of illegal factions with CK agreements. While members of the LSFD usually have more knowledge of when it comes to survival chances, at the end of the day it's up to the individual player to decide if they wish to survive or not. This isn't an excuse for them to survive three headshots either. Players are always expected to roleplay their injuries correctly. Players not roleplaying fear properly can be dealt with by any admin. I've ajailed and CKed players for it myself and many other admins have too. The same goes for players not roleplaying recovering from their injuries correctly. If an individual seems to be doing this consistently, we have Player Management there to investigate and guide the player in the right direction. In addition to my above points, the replies so far seem to strongly disagree with the suggestion. I'll be locking this as it won't be accepted and it is likely to escalate into further arguing.
  6. My first post was intentionally short so I could gauge other's opinions. I've admittedly just skimmed over the replies since then so I won't be specifically responding to anyone's posts. This point was the main one that I wanted to bring up. I'll bring up a term that isn't used commonly, but it is the best way to describe one of the main issues. Everyone who has spent more than five minutes on an RP server knows what a robocop is and has probably dealt with one. What people don't complain about are robomedics. Those exist on all RP servers too but due to the fact that factions that provide medical roleplay are typically smaller and the time spent around them is shorter, they're noticed and complained about less. What is a robomedic? It's a bit like a robocop. They show up on scene, do their job and then move off to the next call. They do what I like to call roleplaying "at" someone rather than roleplaying "with" someone. They get tunnel vision and focus on rewording their handbook above all else. How many times have you seen someone get treated initially by the LSPD, only to have the LSFD member repeat the exact same treatment when they showed up? How many scenes have you had where the LSFD member says nothing more than "Hi PD", "What's their pulse?" and "We're taking them to X Hospital?". Roleplay requires everyone involved to participate. If one party doesn't want to participate, it becomes less enjoyable for everyone else involved. Everyone is blaming the patient here but if their only experience is typing /do Yes/no or typing a random number for a pulse or breathing rate they don't fully understand, there's no strong reason outside of server rules for them to fully participate. This makes the responding medic frustrated and frustration usually leads to someone acting differently in-game. Is this the LSFD's fault as a whole? No. It's the fault of the individual that doesn't want to roleplay in the first place and the medic that decides to roleplay at them instead of with them. How can we fix this? A lot can be done without making a report and have an admin remind the person to roleplay every thirty seconds. Both the LSFD and LSPD have to take the initiative here to put roleplay first and their IC function on a scene second. If the patient and the rest of the people on the scene see more roleplay involved, they'll be encouraged to do the same. The LSPD can do a lot more than standing around without typing any RP lines outside of "Hurry up FD" or "Move back or I'll arrest you". The LSFD can do a lot more than reword a handbook. The patient can take the initiative to be unique rather than roleplaying unconscious due to a stubbed toe. When I used to do medical roleplay, I made sure to show the IC sense of urgency through roleplay rather than actually rushing things. Something like dropping a piece of equipment on the ground shows urgency and adds variety to the scene while not extending it by five minutes. I'd usually ask whoever is on scene if they did any treatment, was the patient unconscious at any point, what are the injuries etc. This gives other people some involvement outside of just reading what's going on. Then comes the most important part of roleplaying WITH the patient rather than AT the patient. I'd usually ask in /do if the patient is unconscious or not. If the patient is conscious, you can have a conversation with them. It provides them with more to respond to than medical terms they are unlikely to understand. I started doing medical roleplay back in 2013 so I have a great understanding of most of the terms. But your average player will not. Medical roleplay has to be simplified to cater to this. The suggestion I'm trying to get across isn't about rushing scenes. It's more about finding a balance between typing 15 lines to set up an IV or taking three lines to do the same thing. If a person wants to know the exact dosage down to the milligram they'll ask. 99% of players just want to know the result of the medical treatment that was done. I've seen an attitude on another server where medics act extremely selfishly. It's "their" roleplay that you're ruining by asking them to shorten it. If you think you typing a book to describe one part of the treatment is more important than providing an enjoyable experience for the other players involved, then this isn't the right server for you. I just hope the same attitude isn't present here. I'm glad I haven't seen it yet.
  7. There needs to be more emphasis on load and go rather than encouraging the faction members to perform surgeries on the sidewalk. It's not enjoyable for the person to sit through 10 lines of medical terms they don't understand because someone that recently got ILS certified wants to try to set up an IV due to a pulse being slightly below normal. It's not enjoyable either for the cops to stand around waiting to be shot at. This results in the cops putting pressure on FD and that makes FD hate the scene too.
  8. Keane

    To start, I'll say that I'd actually like to play in an environment were CKs happen a lot more often. However, it needs players that have a certain mindset. It requires players that actually roleplay characters and put a lot of thought into what their character does. It requires players that see the benefit in letting roleplay between characters continue over a long period of time, rather than cutting it short because it benefits them. It requires players that do things because it's what their character would do and not because it's something they would do. I've played on quite a few servers before I came here and they all had the same issue. Most of the killing done by players is for OOC reasons. There are very few scenarios I have seen where a character was killed for strictly IC reasons. It is just impossible to solve this unless you want to start a 20 person server where you know every single person involved. There are several different kinds of killing for OOC reasons, which I will describe below. I have seen this happening on every server I've played on, including this one. You have the players that start as roleplayers but get bored, so they just log on to create scenarios to shoot others. They often show up as robbery crews. This allows them to get more guns to fuel their robbing sprees. It also gives them quick and easy access to scenarios where they can shoot other players. You didn't react fast enough? Shot for not complying because one of the members are jumpy. You roleplay reaching into your pocket for your wallet? One of them thought you had a gun. Some even try to make the roleplay as painful as possible to encourage you to be more likely to pull a gun on them when they show up next. There is also the police attention they get because they don't change their clothes or the vehicle they use, even if they get killed by police. Even if you start CKing these players every time they die, they just make new characters and continue doing the exact same thing. If you give these players the ability to CK others, they get all the reward for a lot less risk. They use characters that intentionally have no background, no development and no depth to ruin the experience for others. These characters have zero value to them but they have the ability to CK someone's character that they have put months and sometimes even years of effort into. Because these types of players have plenty of experience on various servers, they know how to get around the rules. Every time an admin explains the rule to them, they get a better idea of where the line is. This results in a lot of borderline killings. Another type of OOC killing is done by players that can't take a loss. This plagues every RP server. Some players are overly sensitive about their character's appearance and reputation. Either that or they don't want anything negative to happen to their character, so they kill someone else. They will often try to kill someone else first before the other person has a chance to kill them. The thought of being seen dead by other players horrifies them. I'm sure many of you have seen people log off after they get shot down or on servers where you can hide your nametag, they hide their nametag to avoid being seen dead. This happens most often on LSRP because the mentality of players taking screenshots of dead players and sharing them everywhere is common. That brings me onto my next point. We have the players that don't split IC from OOC. It's the same type of people you see arguing on faction threads instead of keeping the beef IC. They're quick to post a screenshot of a dead faction member on the faction thread of the dead faction member. Or maybe even a video of when the killing happened. There's also some insults included to put the icing on the cake. This is the more obvious form of it happening. There is also situations where someone wants to leave a faction, so the faction CKs them. We have had it happen here with at least two players in the past few months. It caused quite a lot of drama and involved appeals on every step of the ladder. I can't imagine how bad it would be if players could CK more freely. There was also the argument of not getting involved in dangerous situations. The problem is that due to the types of players that I listed above, sometimes death is unavoidable. Allowing more CKs will just encourage more players to roleplay inside when they should be out meeting new people, teaching newer players and giving people a reason to keep playing. I'm sure there's a bunch of you that hate logging on to just drive around for an hour and quit. More CKs will make this happen for more players. I would like CKs to happen more often, however. The server with its current playerbase just won't be suitable for having CKs happen regularly. Every situation involving a killing is different so it would be very difficult to get a fair CK rule in place.
  9. Keane

    Congrats everyone
  10. Keane

    The only real thing this thread has achieved is showing that there's several players that have a cops versus robbers attitude. Cops are assumed to be people that love winning no matter what and would fight to the death to keep any advantage they can. Criminals are assumed to be rulebreakers that will jump at the chance to evade police for fun and then die at the end because they can't face consequences. If players keep this kind of attitude, it won't help improve anything. The sooner you see everyone as another player no matter what type of character they have, the sooner we'll see better interactions between everyone. You need to see another player as someone to potentially have enjoyable roleplay with. Just because you have had some bad experiences with someone from a particular faction, doesn't mean that every single faction member is terrible. For those arguing for IC TS usage for anyone outside of the LSPD, it just won't work even if it's heavily moderated. The only times I've seen people using a radio to coordinate during a pursuit ended up being horrible roleplay and some of the involved players got ajailed too. This isn't limited to one particular group either. Criminals banding together to fight against the police using radios is poor roleplay and is something that has never been done realistically for as long as I've been a staff member here. The LSPD need voice chat to function properly in dynamic situations. Shootings and pursuits are the two situations where TS is used IC. Even then, as soon as the pursuit is terminated (either due to the suspect being lost or the suspect becoming stationary) or the last person shooting is down or lost, things move completely to in-game communication. If a police officer is using Teamspeak without notifying the people around them, they're powergaming. The exception to this is when they can't type at all. Being involved in a shooting, or a vehicle/foot pursuit counts as not being able to type so they're fine to use Teamspeak without emoting it. In fact, they shouldn't really be emoting Teamspeak usage since that time should be spent typing in-game anyway. Pursuits are situations where it's impossible to type too. Back when I played on LSRP, the legal faction TS went down several times. We were forced to partner up and type. Even as a passenger, it's pretty much impossible to type an accurate location and direction. By the time you type "Northbound Vespucci" they're already travelling in a different area of the city and in a different location. It just won't work in practice. GTA V has a much more complex map than GTA SA's too so it makes it even harder. It just won't work at all. While the police should have advantages, it should not extend into play to win behavior either. It's a hard balance to meet. TS is one of those necessary evils to make sure the LSPD can do it's job. It's restricted heavily to ensure it doesn't give too much of an advantage. Longer punishments are coming when the prison is up. If you feel like a player isn't roleplaying their prison sentences appropriately, make a report to Player Management. Player Management are actively enforcing realistic wealth portrayal on players. There was about two or three months where I was the only active Player Management member and even then, I managed to guide players in the right direction when it comes to portraying wealth. The others ended up banned for not wanting to roleplay realistically. We have recruited several more admins into Player Management, so we're going to be dealing with players like that much quicker now and we have the capacity to handle more players at once. All you need to do is tip us off if you believe a player isn't roleplaying their wealth correctly and it will be investigated. I agree that it is an issue and it's why I'm pushing for it to be solved. If players are intentionally dying when faced by police, report it in-game or forum report it. Players have to roleplay fear for their lives. If their actions will likely lead them to die, then it's punishable under the powergaming rule unless they're using it as a method to CK their character. Roleplaying exaggerated injuries also falls under powergaming, so if someone is tazed and has a sudden heart attack or dies from a gunshot to the finger, it's punishable. This goes both ways too. If a cop isn't roleplaying fear and gets killed because of it, they get treated like other players. The admin team can't see everything. Two of your above issues can be solved by just reporting it. We can't just approach every player with a sports car and tell them scrap it. We can't teleport over each time a player gets shot by police to investigate if they roleplayed appropriately either. I covered how it isn't possible to type the required details for a pursuit above. I'll add an additional point and say that many members of the LSPD don't have English as their first language. While they're perfectly capable of understanding and typing the language, it's harder to quickly type accurate information if English isn't your first language. It's unfair on players like that to demand that they have to near constantly type. To touch on the tracking beacon suggestion, that's more or less something that would fit on a cops and robbers server and not a roleplay one. I started out on a very light roleplay server that had something like this and it was actually a lot worse than Teamspeak. You didn't have to rely on accurate communication to catch a suspect. You just had to follow the red dot on the map even when the lead unit had no idea where he was. While in an ideal world every time someone dies would be a CK, it won't work with the current roleplay level of the server. I always encourage CKs if a character gets killed and it was roleplayed well by all involved. Unfortunately it's just the nature of roleplay servers that many players can't take a loss so they'll refuse to CK. Forcing CKs for every death would cause more drama than good. Prison times are increasing when the prison is deployed. Like I said above, if people are using high end cars to evade police, report it to Player Management. I've personally banned and ajailed players for doing this as it's shit roleplay. You should always have a damn good reason to evade from police since you're risking your life and a much larger prison sentence. Using sports cars because they're faster than police cars is play to win behavior most of the time too. Players need to RP fear of being caught and losing everything. Crashes during pursuits need to be roleplayed by everyone involved. We get a lot of reports from the LSPD when someone evading isn't roleplaying crashes and they're dealt with. Someone got banned for it the other day. It just has to be reported. If you can find me a group of players that will actually use the in-game radio correctly and not as a chatroom or a way to turn this into a cops and robbers server, I might consider pushing for VOIP usage for those outside of police factions. My own experience of seeing players use a radio tells me there is a long, long way to go before that happens though.
  11. Keane

    Congratulations everyone.
  12. Keane

    That was the point of the update. The server is moving away from the script jobs that allow players to get a lot of money just because they have enough free time to do these jobs for several hours each day. Mining in particular is the worst for it as it allowed players to stockpile specific ores and wait until the best time to make as much money as possible. Realistically someone who mines would never make the amount of money that players that mine here make. On top of that, it's unrealistic to be the actual miner, the person who transports the ore, the person that refines the ore, the person that transports the refined ore and the person that sells all the ore. Mining in real life is done by actual companies that have many employees to do all of these jobs. On top of this, the vehicles used for mining are also unrealistic. The large vans and other vehicles that make it up the sides of mountains to mine are unrealistic. A lot of players that mine don't consider their characters to be miners either. They don't take it IC, which is both powergaming and metagaming. The removal of the bonus is one step to reduce the issue with grinding jobs and I as a member of Player Management will be one of the people cracking down on the rest. The aim is to make sure players are acting in a realistic manner. Driving in expensive vehicles or living in expensive houses after spending hours mining is not realistic. Roleplay like that is not up to our server's standards. This suggestion was locked because you have missed the entire point of the change and this part of the update will not be reverted.
  13. Keane

    This topic keeps coming up and the answer will remain the same for now. Here's what the Head of Property had to say on the many previous topics on this that were posted this month: Once things are sorted on Property Management's end, and they will be soon, they'll be looking into bringing in new properties.
  14. Keane

    This is just me explaining the issue from a staff point of view so those responding can have more information rather than guessing on how things are handled. This is my own opinion on this topic and does not represent the overall opinion of the staff team or any individual staff members in it. Typically situations that are improperly escalated are punishable. Any decent admin can tell when a player is seeking a reason to kill after a proper investigation is conducted into a DM report. Due to how things are in-game, a proper investigation can rarely be conducted. We need detailed information from those involved and we need to gather evidence such as screenshots or video from both sides and in some cases, check the RP logs. All of this takes a lot of time so DM reports are typically moved to the forums. In a forum report, both sides can be obtained properly and an admin can make a fairer judgement. In a lot of cases, there's more reasoning behind a reason to shoot than you might originally think. On the other hand, players should be expected to really think about why they are going to kill another character as well as the consequences behind it. What happens when we tell players take it to the forums is the forum report rarely gets posted. This is either due to the reporting player having some time to cool off and no longer want to report or just being too lazy to write up a report. There's even some cases where players report others for DM to try to get them into trouble and not because they believe they were actually deathmatched. There are of course exceptions to these cases, but this is what happens in my own experience. As a result of players not reporting these situations on the forums, there are players that kill for poor reasons or poorly escalate a situation and see it as acceptable. An admin questions them in-game about the reason to kill and the roleplay leading up to it. The admin instructs the reporting party to go to the forums. Then the player that got reported thinks their reason to kill was fine because they were not punished in-game at that time. The burden is on the players to make a report when they feel they were deathmatched. Admins cannot be expected to have the logs up on their second monitor when dealing with reports just to investigate every time someone was killed. We get more informal complaints (complaining on Discord, complaining privately to admins, complaining on the forums) about deathmatching than we do actual player reports, roleplay quality reports and in-game reports about it. Once this changes, you'll see a difference in the amount of players that kill for poor reasons. An alternative is to file a Roleplay Quality Report to Player Management. Most of what we do in Player Management is not seen publicly due to the fact that we approach players in private about their overall behavior and roleplay quality. However, we do our best to handle the reports we receive quickly and to help players improve. Players who do not fear the consequences of going to prison or fail to roleplay it appropriately when they do go to prison can be reported to Player Management. We have dealt with reports on this in the past. Like I said above, this relies on players actually making the effort to report someone. We cannot see everything so bringing an issue like that to our attention will help us deal with it.
  15. yeah because it helps me get my post count up