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  1. Keane

    Property Management have chosen not to add in any high end houses because there are no characters suitable for them. Your first question might be why that decision has been made. The overall purpose of this server is to provide a realistic, immersive environment for the players. This is done by having an admin team that spends quite a lot of time making sure that players roleplay believable, realistic characters. Rather than leaving these houses up for sale and letting anyone buy them, we have decided to not script them in as we are confident that there are absolutely zero characters that suit living in such high end houses. If the time comes that someone can make a case for one of those houses, then maybe one could be scripted in for them. Everyone that has tried has failed so far because there are very few characters that can roleplay rich well, and those few are able to do so realistically by using what's already available on the server. They are competent roleplayers that understand that character portrayal comes first and fancy houses are something really far down on the list of what makes a believable and enjoyable character. Are there characters that have millions? Yes. This is a result of the few players that have focused thousands of hours into making money in an economy that wants to make sure that players that can only play a few hours a week don't have to spend those hours grinding jobs just to fund their roleplay. Having millions in your bank due to doing script jobs or earning money through other methods does not make your actual character a millionaire. We expect players to RP being as wealthy as someone in their position would be in real life. A bartender that works a few nights a week shouldn't be driving an equivalent to a Ferrari around. If you can find me someone whose job would justify them owning a house in the hills, let me know. There isn't a single one right now.
  2. Keane

    Rule 18 - Jail Rules has been added.
  3. Keane

    The metagaming rule has been updated entirely to clarify several areas that were already enforced, but were never written down. Real World Trading / OOC Asset transferring has been updated to clarify the exception provided for mapping projects.
  4. Keane

    Following further review by Legal Faction Management, the faction has been shut down.
  5. Hi, First of all I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The past two months have seen a huge increase in activity across all time zones. With many more players roleplaying in-game, it has created a lot more work for the admin team. To make sure the admin team can keep up with demand, we have decided to bring five Support members into the admin team as Trial Admins. We have also promoted four admins to Level 2 to make sure we have additional admins to assist in training. We have a lot of projects planned for the next few months. There is quite a lot to cover so I have included everything in a separate announcement that can be found by clicking here. We have also made a thread to explain how to approach staff members about particular issues. The aim is to make sure you go to the right person first rather than approaching the incorrect staff member. This thread can be found here. And finally, I want you to join me in congratulating the staff members that have been promoted this month, as well as our new Support members that are joining the staff team. Keane Admin Promotions Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2 @Dashing @Knoxville (promoted to Assistant Head of Illegal FM) @lambchops @Optimus Dime Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1 @Cara Support to Game Administrator Level 1 @Davis Support to Trial Administrator @Anselmi @Bombie @Fenrir @MikeTheMike @Selena New Support Team Members The following members of the community will be offered a chance to join the staff team as Community Support. Any Reserved members not on this list are considered to be denied. @Groz @Rumbunctious The new Support members will be sent a PM on the forums with further instructions. There were no applicants considered for reserved status this month. If you applied for the staff team and your name is not on this list, you have unfortunately been denied. You may contact @FullyCanadian or @KV for feedback and the denial reason. Any denied applicants may not reapply until the staff application wave in March 2020. Denied applicants may not reapply before then.
  6. Keane

    Hey everyone, We have decided to accompany the January 2020 Staff Update with an announcement relating to some changes within the staff team for 2020 onward. The majority of these changes are to make the staff team perform better, and to create more communication between the staff team and the community. The first major change is the implementation of what we're calling major projects. Each section of the staff team will be assigned to a major project that they will work on in addition to their regular work. These projects will be shared with the community and we will do our best to give regular updates on them. Management will be monitoring the progress on these projects to ensure they reach completion in a reasonable time. The overall idea is to make sure each section of the staff team is constantly working and does not become stagnant. Some examples of major projects will be described next. Staff Management will be working on optimizing the staff report process to make sure reports are handled much faster than they are. Staff reports have always taken weeks to handle due to a variety of reasons. Once the backlog of reports in December are cleared, we should be reducing the wait time on responses to reports. The Admin Team will be held to higher activity standards, especially when it comes to the forums. Now that the holiday period is over, the activity of each admin can be judged fairly. While we don't have any quotas, each admin will be expected to contribute to the team in every area they have access too. In particular, there will be a focus on the forums. We often have to direct players to the forums so we want to make sure that process is as quick as we can make it. Player Management has unfortunately been swamped with work for quite some time. This has resulted in the worst cases being prioritized and most cases sitting there. Player Management will be recruiting more admins to make sure that they can contact more players to help improve their roleplay. The senior members will be making sure that the rest of Player Management are working on their cases regularly and don't leave them neglected. Illegal Faction Management will be focusing on recruitment in order to have internal operations run smoother. We have recruited Aces, Davis and MikeTheMike into the team to assist in the huge workload the Illegal FM team has to deal with. Once these new members get settled in, they'll be speaking to those involved with illegal roleplay about what they would like to see from the development team. Legal Faction Management will be focusing on giving each legal faction their full attention, rather than giving priority to other factions. An issue we identified is that the LSPD and the LSSD (in the faction's beginnings) were given priority over other legal factions. More admins will be recruited into Legal Faction Management to split the workload and ensure each faction has a handler actively involved with them. Legal FM is also hoping to release both the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department and Los Santos County Coroners as soon as they are ready. Both factions are close to completion, but just have a few minor details to finish. You should be seeing deputies in the new jail and coroner vans on the streets soon. If you want to join either of these factions, you can submit a letter of interest to the LSSD here and speak to SpawnMatrix about getting involved with the Coroners. Property Management is currently working on creating several new systems for the community to use. First one having been openly announced to be Vehicle Requests. This is currently in progress with our Web Developers. This will be followed by smarttp requests being finished for UCP use. There is one more system currently being developed, but players are free to start guessing as more and more hints arrive. - Bjork Continuity Management is being re-established to work on continuity. This team will have a high activity standard to make sure that work gets done quickly. There will be meetings every two weeks to make sure progress is being made. While it will be a priority, progress will be slow due to how much that there is to cover. Recruitment has already begun and we currently have several staff members working on the areas they have been assigned to. We hope this announcement clarifies what each part of the staff team is focusing on from today onward. We hope to keep you updated on these projects as much as possible. If you have any questions, you can ask them below this announcement or contact the most relevant staff member to your question. Read the new Staff Points of Contact thread to make sure you get your question to the right person first.
  7. Staff Points of Contact The following thread will be used to clarify which members of the staff team should be contacted for specific issues. This is to ensure the workload is spread evenly and that the most relevant staff member is contacted first. Please remember that these staff members deal with many requests a day, so an instant response is not always possible. Each staff member should be contacted via forum PM to make it easier to track your request. Discord DMs can be difficult to keep track of due to the large volume of them that staff members receive daily. Staff document everything on the forums to ensure that it is properly documented and to ensure that someone can take over should they go on absence or resign from the team. Nervous As the founder of the community, Nervous has a huge workload. He should only be contacted for issues that only he can handle. Examples of these issues are donation issues, development issues and issues with members of the Management team. Management Management should only be contacted for issues relevant to areas they oversee, and for anything that an admin elsewhere in the team cannot cover. Administrators For anything relating to the admin team in general, both Keane and Bjork can be contacted. Support Staff KV is responsible for the support team, so she should be the first person you contact for anything relevant to the support team. Faction Management For issues with factions, the relevant person within Faction Management should be contacted. The Head of Faction Management should only be contacted if it is an issue either the Head of Illegal Factions or Head of Legal factions cannot handle. Nervous is currently acting as both the Head of Faction Management and Illegal Faction Management. Legal Faction Management SpawnMatrix, as the Head of Legal Factions, is the primary point of contact for anything relating to legal roleplay on the server. Faction leaders should go to their assigned faction handler. Illegal Faction Management Knoxville is currently assistant Head of Illegal Factions, so he is the primary point of contact for all illegal roleplay. Like Legal FM, faction leaders should go to their faction handler before going to the Head of Illegal Factions. Roleplay Quality For concerns about roleplay quality, you can send a roleplay quality report which can be found here. For any issues that don't require a report, you can contact Keane. Properties, Businesses and Related Topics The best place for anything relating to properties or businesses is the Property Management Discord server. Members of Property Management actively check this to give assistance to players. You can join by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/EGArbSN Property Leasing The current Head of Leasing is Thirteen. General leasing questions should go to the Property Management Discord server. Reports should go to both Thirteen and Bjork privately. Property Requests Like leasing, questions should go to the Property Management Discord server. Any reports about general property requests should go to Bjork. Server Rules Use the question and answers thread found under the rules. Feel free to tag Keane in your question. Continuity Questions Contact Keane or Bjork as they are supervising the staff members working on continuity.
  8. Keane

    Updated Common Courtesy to clarify the example of taking advantage of an OOC situation for IC gain. Revamped Rule 6 Character Rules to include additional rules and to provide more clarification about what names are acceptable and what names are not. Completely reworded Rule 8 Bug Abuse and added some details. Rule 14 renamed to Real World Trading / OOC Asset Transfers. Completely reworded the rule to clarify how the rule is enforced.
  9. Keane

    (( Archived on request ))
  10. The LSFD won't be expanding into providing hospital care or anything similar. This is something that was decided when it was created and it's not going to change. The current leadership of the LSFD don't want it and neither does Legal Faction Management. It's just not very realistic for a fire department to also have an entire hospital sector under its wing. Opening a separate faction would be the best way to approach this. Legal FM has always encouraged people to start smaller clinics at first rather than giving someone an entire hospital to run. If you can prove yourself on the smaller scale in a clinic, you may be trusted with a hospital at a later point. The best option here is to summarize your concept in a forum PM and send it to SpawnMatrix on the forums. He'll forward it to the rest of Legal FM for discussion which will be the first step in getting the clinic started. Once it gets approved by Legal FM, Property Management will be more willing to give you a building to operate as a clinic. From there it's on you to make it prosper.
  11. Keane

    Updated Common Courtesy to clarify that vehicular accidents that are clearly caused by desync can be voided without admin intervention. Updated Advertisement Rules to clarify that "maxed out" isn't the only term that is a breach of the rule, and that similar terms can be considered to be against the rule.
  12. Keane

    Part one of the rules revamp has been put into place. Rule 0 added. This explains how admins are enforcing the rules. The following rules have been entirely revamped and reworded. They should be read in full for the changes: Common Courtesy; Character Customization; Offensive Roleplay. Rule 13 has been readded to explain the rules around legal firearms and ammunition. Rule 17, Advertisement Rules, has been added as a new rule.
  13. Keane

    Let's stick to the topic at hand. This is for members of the community to bring up issues and for LSPD leadership to respond. Clogging the thread up with anything other than that makes it more difficult to address the point. That particular quote is being thrown around without people knowing the meaning behind it. The LSPD isn't expected to be 1:1 with the LAPD and it never will be. There's a difference between closely portraying a real life agency and copying it exactly. Having spoken to members of the LSPD leadership team myself, I'm personally pretty happy with the balance they have at the moment.
  14. Keane

    We have this in the new metagaming rule. If your character dies, the only thing you can do is help investigators when they are on the scene and are asking about what they would find and see.