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  1. Keane

    Handled in-game.
  2. Keane

    Congrats on everyone that got promoted. Well deserved.
  3. Keane

    All it takes for a player is to respond to a PM and their AFK status is reset. From the admin side, it's a PM and /resetafk. It's honestly not an issue to deal with as an admin. If we allow players to reset their AFK status again it's just an easy way of avoiding the AFK system and farming paychecks. All someone could do is tab in every few minutes and type /resetafk and we won't know any better. Could an admin notification be scripted in every time someone resets their AFK status? Sure. But that will result in more spam than the current system. It's fine how it is. This was denied by Nervous last month too. I'll leave it up for discussion for now though.
  4. Keane

    Handling this. I was the admin involved in removing assets at the time. Investigating it with Nervous at the moment.
  5. Keane

    It sucks to see you go but when it's your time, it's your time. I guess now I'll have to find someone else to do all the apps with now. Best of luck with whatever you do next.
  6. Keane

    If you want to give criticism to a faction keep it to forum PMs and be more respectful. Complaints about a faction go to Faction Management. I have deleted the posts and issued warnings to those that have blatantly been insulting. You might get away with it in other communities but you won't get away with it here.
  7. Keane

    I'm giving you a chance to play again and take the server seriously. Needless to say, if you repeat what you did before you got banned, it will result in a ban again. I've removed the ban via the UCP but if you can't log into the server PM me on the forums. @LavarBall
  8. Keane

    It's nice to see that you've come clean about your mistakes and have taken some time away from the server since your ban. The only issue I have is your behavior prior to your ban. There was a lot of deathmatching and trolling in general. You were already close to a ban before you did what was a bannable offense in itself. So before I unban you, @LavarBall, you'll have to explain what your plans are before you're unbanned. How can I be sure you won't go back to trolling or breaking other rules when you get unbanned?
  9. Keane

    The paychecks are earned off duty and there are several PD and FD members that spend the majority of their time off duty. They get between 2 and 4k an hour for just being online. Restricting the paychecks to on duty time only would be a step to prevent this. While off duty roleplay is encouraged, they should not earn the same amount of money as those that are on duty. The second issue is that those in legal factions typically don't have the same amount of expenses as a regular player. So not only do they make more money, they don't have anything to spend that money on. There are many PD and FD members that play for hours and hours a day. Even if their paychecks were 2k, they easily make up to 50k a week. Give it a few months and they have enough for a house in the Vespucci Canals. Is it realistic for a police officer or firefighter to live in the most expensive houses on the server? No. But the paychecks in their current state allow it. My own solution is to reduce them until the script can be adjusted. There's two adjustments I'd like to suggest: The first is handling the paychecks IC. Give a weekly paychecks to those that meet the faction's minimum hours on duty requirement. Those that don't meet the requirement should get a reduced weekly paycheck. That way the faction members that don't have time to play as much don't get penalized like they do with the current system. Having more free time to play the game should not mean more money available IC as long as the person meets the minimum requirements of their faction position. The second is to cap the amount of paychecks someone in these factions can get per day when on duty. Off duty they get the standard $500 that every player gets per hour. 2.5k an hour isn't too bad when you can only get a maximum of two or three paychecks per day. There is some incentive to be on duty longer but it prevents people who play for 10 hours a day making 25k. Or in some cases, members of PD and FD can make up to 40-50k a day. The reason I'm strongly against this is that the money earned by those in legal factions is used to enable poor wealth portrayal. A police officer or firefighter with 800k saved up can buy themselves a Pariah and live comfortably, even if they pay the road tax each week. Most people in PD and FD have multiple sports cars. If we really do want to become a server with high standards, we need to stop giving people the tools to portray their characters poorly. There are also several cases of people that joined PD or FD just to get their paychecks. They saved the money up and then left to do whatever they wanted to do. Thankfully one of them was banned but there are still people in there because they know it's easy money for just going through a recruitment process and occasionally going on duty. Members of PD and FD do deserve to get money like anyone else but the paychecks in their current state are economy breaking. This along with mining are why we have the weaker roleplayers with lots of money to have cars and properties their characters wouldn't be able to realistically afford.
  10. Keane

    Congratulations everyone!
  11. In my opinion, when you're off duty you should be off duty. It should be a chance to roleplay your character and not have to worry about any calls that are coming in. It's a lot more fun when you realize one or two calls being missed isn't exactly a big deal. Before I played on here, I was on two servers where the 911s appeared on duty only so playing on here with 911s constantly visible was a big change. I felt it was a lot better to have the 911s visible to on duty employees only. To me, I don't think anyone from either faction should have their radios off duty unless they have a specific reason. Think about whether your character would want to relax at home or have a night out. Working in general is stressful. Working as a police officer or firefighter in America right now is even more stressful than a regular job. All characters in these factions should have roleplay away from their jobs so they can actually enjoy the character properly. It also gives them a chance to have activities to relax rather than being at work constantly. Staying on duty all the time or going off duty just to wait for calls to come in is just going to turn your behavior robotic. You need off duty roleplay without on duty interference to help develop a proper character. Having 911s visible just encourages players in these factions to worry about these calls and jump back on duty instead of roleplaying off duty. The main issue is the 911s being visible instantly. The information is there and can easily be metagamed. I say metagamed because that information should not be available IC in the first place. To sum up my opinion, remove the ability for off duty faction members to see 911s. It just promotes metagame and encourages players to spend time on duty instead of off duty.
  12. Keane

    There seems to confusion about how we're roleplaying weather at the moment. Some people just go by what the weather is like around them so they set their character's outfits up to have huge jackets for the cold. Others go by the weather in the LA area which isn't too cold during the winter. Having a script to give out the weather at the time would really help everyone RP consistently. The biggest example I can think of is snow. Some people have been RPing it being really cold and want snow. Others don't because they feel like the area the map is based on wouldn't have snow. It also wouldn't make sense to go from reasonably warm weather to the freezing temperatures that snow requires. Having a script that shows what the weather should be like rather than having it decided by admins would be much better in my opinion. It also allows players to RP the weather appropriately. No more players in shorts asking why there's someone wearing a winter coat and vice versa.