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  1. Keane

    There's a lot less bugs compared to six months ago. The crashes in the downtown area and other locations such as the subway tunnels was a RageMP issue that was fixed. With shooting sync, the issue was not the sync but the default damage system RageMP has. The server implemented a custom damage script so weapons do a lot more damage. The days of shooting someone fifteen times and not killing them are over. There are some exceptions when the server is lagging recently, but there has been a fix implemented for the major lag issues we were facing over the past few days. But in general, the shooting issues have been fixed. The cars doing burnouts is a RageMP issue related to vehicle sync and that's the only issue on your list we haven't found a workaround for yet. There was a focus on bug fixes a month or two ago that resulted in the server being so stable, we started having issues because the server didn't restart or crash for days in a row. Since then, we have had two major updates that changed the server and have the potential to change it even more going forward. These updates have caused some instability, but that is to be expected from any server pushing out regular updates. The majority of crashes and causes for lag are fixed on the day they occur, but there have been some exceptions that take a little longer to fix. The overall experience is much better than six months ago, though. The first change is working mapping objects. This had to be done manually by one of our developers. Usually on RageMP, there's a limit on objects and when you go over that, they just vanish. This was fixed and we have several interiors using just custom objects. Exterior mapping is also a thing and is in use around several businesses. We can have mapping similar to SAMP and with the upcoming RageMP update making it much easier to implement server side mods, there's a huge potential for custom objects being used. Included in this is a fix for missing interior objects, which again was a RageMP issue. Some interiors like Michael's mansion or Trevor's Vespucci apartment had missing beds, couches etc. but this has been fixed manually. There's also the ability to change interior variants in-game. The second change is the revamp to the item system. Every single item has a unique ID and unique properties can be applied for it. We're only in the first steps of this update. There are plans to implement burner phones, credit cards, a new drug system, the ability for the LSPD to match a gun to a murder scene as well as a weapon attachment system. The system has a potential for so much more going forward and those new systems are just the first step. Other noteworthy changes are the shift towards roleplay oriented jobs at the character customization stores and 24/7s, the house robbery script that allows players to break into any property (with admin supervision to ensure rules are followed) and steal whatever is inside, a safe system to protect your items during a robbery (the safes can be cracked but it's difficult),airsoft script that allows players to enjoy airsoft in player-owned airsoft businesses and finally the kidnapping script (you force a player into your trunk and their nametag doesn't show to prevent MG). More details can be found in the features showcase forum. While the server has been unstable recently, yesterday's fixes have reduced a lot of the lag and fixed several crashes that were occurring. You can also read through the changelog for more detailed information on specific updates. If you have any further questions or want more information on anything specific, feel free to post below and I'll help out.
  2. Keane

    Character kill appeals are for character kills that have been approved by Faction Management through the Character Kill Application system. Unless there was a rule broken during your CK, then there is no way to appeal a CK that you did yourself. For future reference, only the person appealing the CK should post on the thread.
  3. Keane

    Tagging @SpawnMatrix who knows more about this topic.
  4. Keane

    I'm pretty sure this is already how Property Management works. Rybyn is head of leasing and there is members of Property Management that focus on that, for example. When it comes to auctions, those are hold at the moment so a better system can be worked out. Support members can join Property Management and can contribute like anyone else. The only thing they can't do is create properties, change interiors etc. in-game as that's restricted to admins. The way the day to day operations of Property Management is being changed to be a lot more efficient too with the help of the UCP. I'll tag the people running the Property Management team (except for Pascal who is on absence currently) to add anything else or correct me if I made any mistkaes. @Atiku @Rybyn
  5. Keane

    Congratulations everyone!
  6. Keane

    The ban was issued based off of the forum report, but that's not the only reason you were banned. To put it simply, after you were banned you did exactly what you did before. I spoke to Atiku who made it clear you knew you were on final warning when you were unbanned. Just because you have no punishments on record, doesn't mean that you have never done it before. Based on my conversations with other admins, you have twisted the truth quite a lot. Unfortunately I cannot reveal the specifics to a non-staff member as some of it involves an ongoing discussion. You caused issues in Jamestown by harassing them on three different characters. Then the forum report is about the drama you were involved in with your own faction. The source of the drama was you. The server wants more stable factions and if we have someone like you disrupting factions OOC, you'll never be welcome here. For the in-game situation, there was two other admins involved before I even logged in. I was speaking to them on Discord and they both agreed your attitude didn't match what we expect from a member of the community. Questioning an admin on why they didn't take action literally seconds after something happened isn't appropriate behavior. It can take time to understand the situation fully. In-game situations involving shooting are particularly hectic to handle. The all caps report with the swearing in it at the time, despite you knowing there was an admin watching doesn't help your case either. You can't ask an admin to immediately step in when things don't go your way. The fact that you seem unable to take a loss and that you have used alternative characters to your advantage to harass groups and individuals shows me that you cannot split IC and OOC. Some time away from this community will benefit you. You said it yourself that you cannot control your anger. Playing a game which makes you angry will just make things worse for you. Take this as an opportunity to have a break and relax. We can't have you taking out your anger on other players whenever you log on. It's not healthy for you either. Your mental health is extremely important and you should put that ahead of your time spent gaming at all times. As far as I'm concerned, you won't be unbanned for at least 6 months. This should give you enough time to see your mistakes and improve on them. Stop playing as the victim. You're not the one being targeted here. The sooner you see why you're at fault and not other people, the sooner you'll see why admins have been so strict with you. You need to see the fault in your own actions before you can improve enough to play on the server again. A break from the community will benefit you, trust me on that. Real life has to come first.
  7. It's not and that's one of the reasons you'll end up being banned. I've spoken to a few admins about this. They all pointed out several situations where you have lied. How can I trust what you say on a report when you have a history of lying to staff? There's also evidence that you have lied. You have a history of using alternative characters to gather information and then you use another character to use that information on. Ever since you returned, you have caused drama in two factions and shown a complete inability to separate IC from OOC. You are causing divides between community members too. This is the reason why you were banned in the past. You were supposed to stay banned for much longer but Atiku was nice enough to unban you sooner. Shame on you for letting him down. Toxic attitudes are not tolerated in the community. It is something that I am very strict on. It's another reason why you were banned before. Atiku unbanned you and left you on final warning for this attitude. So that's another reason why you're being banned. As I type this, I have admins telling me about your dreadful attitude in-game. You had a situation where something negative happened to your character and you did everything you could OOC to get out of it. You showed why you shouldn't be welcome here by sending a report in all caps and swearing when something did not go your way. Overall, I feel you have no place in this community anymore so you'll be banned from in-game. Your attitude is the opposite of what we want to have on the server. We can't have you spreading your atrocious attitude on the server and ruining the experience for everyone else. As for the reported player, there will be a verbal warning. While you were provoked, it's not an excuse to have such a reaction to another member of the community. If anything like that happens again, you will be punished harshly.
  8. @Sami, can you explain why this entire thing was taken OOC? Why did you constantly message the player you reported after the situation did not go your way? Only a response from Sami, please. Nobody else respond.
  9. I want just the reported player to respond and nobody else. @Profit Prophet Can you explain why you said what you said in the screenshots provided in the original post of the report? You can feel free to provide any additional evidence you have.
  10. Locking this. The attitude shown so far is horrible. I'll handle this later to give everyone a chance to cool down. Refrain from contacting each other for now because it'll only make things more heated.
  11. Keane

    Unban conditions met after a discussion in forum PMs. Unbanned.
  12. Keane

    Moved to @Nervous's section.
  13. Keane

    As we discussed in-game, the other person with access to your account needs to create their own UCP account to play. As you play on the same computer, I have no way of verifying who is playing and at what time. Another concern of mine is the fact that your story about the sister playing is inconsistent. There's been situation where you've done /changechar and swapped between the characters. There's also the fact that you said the person you're sharing the account with is your girlfriend too. Either way, this person who was on your account needs to go through the same process to play on the server that everyone else did. Once that is done we can begin to discuss unbanning you.
  14. Keane

    I'm willing to give you a chance back on the server but you will have to prove that you are ready to roleplay realistically. On top of that, you had a toxic attitude when playing here. You will be unbanned but you will be on thin ice. If another admin or I find you breaking the rules again, you will most likely be rebanned and it will be for a longer period of time. Any rule breaches or poor attitude will be treated harshly. Don't make me regret giving you another chance. If there are any issues with logging back in after the unban (which was done at the time i posted this) then PM me on the forums.