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  1. This is amazing! Keep it up! ๐Ÿ˜˜
  2. When Jessica joined the Tongan Crip gang in Utah, she was looking for someone to love her. All she wants now is to get out. "You need to find something else better to do to occupy your time because the streets don't love you, they just take you away from the people who do," said Jessica, 21. "I joined a gang to be loved and I had to find out the hard way that the streets don't love you." Known to her friends as Jussi Pooh, Jessica has spent her life trying to get "fast money" on the streets of Utah by stealing cars and selling drugs. She has experienced so much pain dur
  3. Gang confab: Crime ensnaring Davis Polynesian youth 'We're losing too many' ยป Gang conference targets solutions, prevention A Glendale Family Dollar store manager killed during a botched robbery. A Kearns High School student shot blocks from a campus swarming with students. A South Central teenager discovered riddled with bullets on a Vespucci golf course. In all three recent murders, the accused killers are young islande
  4. @Moonsong is Dennis Rodman of GTA:W. Facts.
  5. Hey, I'm looking to buy a Rebla GTS. Send me your offers via email. [email protected] ((PM))
  6. Hey, I've got in touch with you. If the previous "winner" won't take it - the apartment is yours.
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