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  1. ❤? amazing as always.
  2. @KV Amaaaazing !! all the time ! ?❤️
  3. Pablo and V will be missed. My heart broke so many times reading this. ;( this is what RP storytelling is all about.
  4. @Jessa Amazing RP just moments ago! didn't just pull a gun and blast actually RP'd the whole scenario and I RP'd being feared for my life so I backed away without a single shot from this amazing person, the fact you were not trigger happy even though you could have shot me was a breath of fresh air ! THIS IS HOW YOU RP PEOPLE! Your character though process was great.
  5. Been so excited to see this finally come to light, You have put the hard work in months before even posting. Total legend faction right here have RP'd with yahs for a long time and always was great !
  6. This looks amazing !!!!!!!
  7. Buying houses in Roy Lowenstein Blvd in Rancho or any house in El burro. Please email ( private message ) with what you have available.
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