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  1. If faction chat becomes a distraction the faction leader can toggle it for all. Otherwise, personally I only ever use it if I’m not in an active roleplaying scenario or I need to inform people about something. A server wide faction chat ban was in place a few years ago, and I can tell you first hand that it did very little in improving roleplay quality.
  2. I've been finding myself to toggle the HUD a lot more often as of late as it tends to be obnoxious at times. I agree with everything you've suggested here, however, I wouldn't be opposed to keeping the cardinal direction. I would however like to suggest that the GTA.WORLD branding is removed in it's entirety as it serves virtually zero purpose.
  3. 1. Do areas in real-life areas within the City/County of Los Angeles that aren't recreated in game exist in our lore as part of Los Santos County? (see: Little Tokyo, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, Inglewood, etc.) 2. Is the size of Los Santos County equivalent to that Los Angeles County ICly?
  4. I have always been of the opinion that shorter /me's are better in the sense that they keep the flow of roleplay going and cut out any extraneous text that takes longer to type as well as read. I'd like to develop a story and I don't exactly find much appeal in doing over a hundred characters for every /me. Exceptions apply depending on the circumstances, of course. If it's a vehicle needing to be fixed, or a drink is being made at a bar, there's nothing wrong with adding a bit of extra pizzazz to it, but simple actions shouldn't really require all too many words.
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