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  1. Winslow

  2. Winslow

    Corsair K70 RGB LUX - I recommend OR Razer Black Widow
  3. Username: Rxselyn Comment: Could not agree more tbh
  4. So like bank statements? I’d like that
  5. Winslow

    Elegance Model Application Form Elegance Influencer Application Form
  6. Winslow

    Literally incredible
  7. Winslow

    Moderation by the way does exist, however, it’s only one person who is and I know currently trying to go through 40+ pages of reports because it dawned on them that the moderation was low, It takes time, ergo of trollish posts the moderation has been raised this is shown by the most recent posts from that Pastor and previous posts that led to permanent bans. I do respect the one singular moderator and their efforts to try get through as many reports possible, you do have to take into consideration the platform too, it’s like Facebook and those reports rarely if ever get handled so props to them.
  8. Winslow

    No no, I agree, it isn’t harming anyone it just can get annoying for those on the rare occasions that want to meet up.
  9. Winslow

    I like where you’re coming from and nah the gods say you might’ve influenced my opinion slightly. i do understand that LA/LS wouldn’t operate at its size with 200+/- people, however, the issue being and which I think is rather prominent would be “why rp a character you don’t own/possess” - arguably and as you said it brings no harm, I agree, but I also think, in my opinion that it’s just unfair for those who rp with them on FB and can never rp with them on the main server, being GtaW. Overall, I do think Menyoo has its ups and downs as aforementioned, although, I do appreciate everyone’s photos, be it screenshots in game, menyoo, company business, paint, paint.net, photoshop, whatever it is they use or don’t use, I respect it. This could perhaps mislead someone which comes to mind, everything else is as you stated, sometimes people genuinely do want to show off their skills and god are some of them highly talented. The posts could arguably be influential to those who are inexperienced but I also think it can bring the community together in a way as something to discuss, like we are now. But evidently, and all most inevitably, there will be cons, that’s just a given. Edit: I am on my phone so please be a tad lenient with the length of my responses and the grammar.
  10. Winslow

    You make some valid points when it comes to timezones and in real life commitments but our points are primarily based on people (not specifying) who do not make the effort to go in game, I do take into consideration that people who have commitments cannot always be in game, for example, myself! I've got tennis most weeks and then I've got college along with additional course work and somehow I'm managing to juggle a job too. It comes with time management and it understandably could mean that the said person gets on later, that's fine. That doesn't make them inactive, HOWEVER, it does reduce their recognition, not like that's a major factor anyway. If you're online late, which is fine, and you're enjoying yourself regardless of the time, then there is simply no issue. The stigma, I agree, it revolves around a bad atmosphere and a bad reputation that stereotypically people who use menyoo do not come in game, simply because that is what happened previously with certain characters; fueled by Facebrowser as some characters who post screenshots do NOT exist in game and that is the main issue.
  11. Winslow