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  1. FearnR

    Looks awesome everyone! Keep up the great work!
  2. FearnR

    Being archived due to request from the creator, as this forum is stirring up conflict.
  3. FearnR

    This is definitely an area of RP that gets a little tricky for a lot of players. As it's very difficult to make your character look underaged and that physical perception can be hard for players to get past. It's also so uncommon that people roleplay minors that many RPers may not be used to it and don't know how to act in those scenarios. We'll certainly try to be more considerate with minors, as they're still in a shapable phase and shouldn't be treated as harshly as adults. There is definitely a lot of room for improvement when roleplaying with youth, and even developing mentorship between LSPD and community youth. Thank you for bringing this up, and we'll try to reinforce the idea within the faction that there are youth characters and that it is a different dynamic when interacting with them.
  4. FearnR

    Sold L&A
  5. FearnR

    Happy to help! Thanks for the shout out 😄
  6. FearnR

    Archived as requested
  7. FearnR

    Thank you! And congrats to the others!
  8. FearnR

    I agree that having to time your ad can be frustrating, the person who last had their ad go through knows when the timer started and can time their next ad to monopolize the chat. This is a great idea to allow for everyone's ad's to be displayed. I support.
  9. FearnR

    I can also see this leading to competition and more roleplay around promoting your companies and people having preferred transportation companies. Fully support.
  10. FearnR

    Outdated, moving to Archive
  11. FearnR

    Definitely think this is a good idea, and I love the detail put into the suggestion! I can see moving in this direction adding a lot of role-play potential and i'm fully behind it. +1
  12. FearnR

    Will do boss
  13. FearnR

    banned for OOC bashing soundcloud artist dreams
  14. FearnR

    7/10 Cool! But kinda creeps me out
  15. FearnR