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  1. Should be removed completely and people should roleplay it themselves when doing it.
  2. There is no extra pay for using any vehicles in the fleet, other than the original price, mods, gas and maintenance. We don't get a monthly amount but we get a budget every quarter. First this was directly issued from the government from a budget request, now it went through city council and now I don't know since government is being reformed. I am not entirely sure what the amount is that the LSPD receives but the LSSD has gotten a similar amount that was recently requested, with an increase for vehicles and personnel increasement.
  3. Yes, they have been broke and people didn't get paid in-game.
  4. Because someone mentioned a helicopter and the discussion then switched to that.
  5. To answer your question. The budget is based on the expenses on the server. Vehicle costs, paychecks, furniture, the like. It's not based off something IRL but it's based on the actual in-game economy and people.
  6. Can't say I am in support. If there are people who wish to roleplay this kind of roleplay, they are more than free to do so but I am not in favor of forcing this roleplay on any person on the server, even if it just happens to a small player base. You'd need to have knowledge about what you are going to roleplay as every other disease is different and has other symptoms, which would then require the person to have that knowledge or you'd need a huge ass script that informs you of the symptoms. I doubt anyone will enjoy this, apart from medical people or people who actu
  7. 👍👍👍👍👍
  8. Can't say I'm excited about this. I was in the beginning but in the end with all the delays and issues it has definitely soften my excitement. I'm now at a point where I'll see when it comes around.
  9. I shall try, thank you! UPDATE: Seemed to work, everytime I close my GTA now, a new text folder appears. Thanks!
  10. My chatlog automatic backup always saves over the same file. So it started in June 3 and all files save over that one. How to fix? UPDATE: It always saves on this file.
  11. I don't know if this is mentioned somewhere but this is something that happens in-real life as well. I have done some research into this and the LASD actually has patrol stations with a designated Safe Exchange Point in their parking lot. ''The goal of the designated parking spots is to provide residents a safe, secure environment, and also reduce the number of fraudulent transactions taking place, as well as act as a level of protection against theft and other crimes.'' I am pretty sure there are more points like these designated in real life. Why am I men
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