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  1. If you are going to use an animation completely instead of any /me's, you will be missing some emotions or signs that you normally would see. Someone sitting on the edge of a chair, someone being more laid back or perhaps someone who sits straight up instead of slouched down. Everyone is able to conclude someone's behavior of those actions. This is one of the reasons why I will always use /me's over animations or combine them. I pretty much roleplay anything from getting in a car to putting on my seatbelt or turning off the lights while others might just press the action buttons. I think this all comes down to whatever someone's prefer.
  2. username: patriot4america comment: committee meeting? according to those transcripts it seems more like kindergarten. shame on you senators!!
  3. username: Patriot4America comment: a 12 year old can even see that this is deserved. lsnn, can you hire competent people instead of snatching something off the web and posting it without research, idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Would love to hear your side of this @Pillsbury, coming from an ex-member who has served in the faction.
  5. i dont understand you, im sorry carry saunders
  6. No, the faction is definitely not needed and I was genuinely surprised it was made, considering so many people asked for a 4th law enforcement faction and were told instantly that it's not happening. I suppose having an orange name comes with it's own benefits (:eyes:). About a year ago there was also the discussion about state parks and the Tonga valley tribe and (while I was in the LSSD) we were actually busy creating a unit that would do actually what the park rangers would do, but on a smaller scale and it did not require a whole new faction to be made. In my opinion, that would've been way better. Prove me wrong but less in half a year, you'll have Park Rangers do more than they were originally made to do. Every faction wants to expand and try out areas that they don't have so I wouldn't be surprised at all. To comment on your second question: I understand that it brings roleplay but with that mindset you could allow anything to pop up as it provides roleplay and fun.
  7. Username: APatriot4America Comment: ''None of them came to me, none of them raised any issues. They don't want to resolve those issues, they just want to keep the drama train chugging, by attempting to destroy my career in the process. '' This is a response from our DA? That they want to get a ''drama train chugging''? Do you know who wanted to keep the drama train chugging? The DA herself when she sued the Sheriff over a social media ordeal!!
  8. Username: APatriot4America Comment bitch, go back to your mcdonalds job, we don’t want your incompetent ass here
  9. Username: APatriot4America Comment: It's clear that no one supports the District Attorney in her work from all offices, including her own. And where is the District Attorney in all this? Has anyone heard from her? Apart from being escorted out in handcuffs from the courts?
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