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Piracy on Fishermen - Already?


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37 minutes ago, free said:

Do they make enough to afford a $200,000 to $300,000 car 


edit: never mind I answer my own question according to google in the US they make 60k a year which isn’t enough to afford a 200k car. 

Er-...you know real life prices don't equate to the server and what things cost/what we get paid, right?

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The noobs never cease to amaze me in their ability to adapt to new scripts.

I'll add a section that forbids it, and I'll once again start a discussion to see which solution we can use to limit robberies drastically.

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Some form of regulation or safe so e would be appreciated. Mainly, I picked up a tug a month back for a character as a means for them to RP living in it. I tend to keep it docked in game just as a port of call for sleep and interior recreation. I don't tend to VPARK as a means to avoid good illegal RP, but this whole thing has got my paranoia on the gauge XD

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