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  1. Personally, I'm a part-time trucker who tries to stick to Blaine County exclusively, because that's my own RP. But yeah, without being in a company it pays trash so it's more grinding for the sake of Blaine in my case.
  2. Look at how they massacred my boy. 😢
  3. Imagine being anything but a Mongol, though. Waste of time.
  4. Yeah. My ancestors weren't too crazy about it either.
  5. I recall my first job IG telling me each hour on shift was a week... So after I decided I didn't want to RP 24 weeks in a day I figured I'd age my character up according to milestones. In terms of IG time it's the same as real life, right? The only difference is how quickly you as a person age/grow based on what you personally decide.
  6. I happened to meet a criminal IG and hung around him, I bought some drugs and inquired about other stuff. Long story short I'm an associate of an MC now through these organic things that happened & getting into low level criminal RP as a starting point.
  7. Accusing someone of this IG is just gross... I think I'm on board with the concensus, let's make sure this isn't a thing.
  8. Has anyone else seen it? What are your thoughts? I'm on my second watch and I love it. It's a beautiful film, true to the books (imo) and it already got greenlit for part 2 so we get more MOTHERFUCKING DUNE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g18jFHCLXk (Trailer for your pleasure)
  9. Agreed. They're ugly, they mess up autopilot, and it takes for-motherfucking-ever to get around them. I haven't seen those in any small towns I've been around, unless as people have mentioned, there's construction.
  10. Aren't you suppose to be 16 at the youngest and only if you're RP'ing with a faction? Or did I hallucinate that part?
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