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  1. I actually created a character (who then became my main) based on a comment in a thread about how everyone RP's someone in their 20s. So my main has become the 41 year old biker and I'm having a great time.
  2. Drifted into town from a Southern state and decided to stay in various parts of the state. A natural nomad.
  3. Eh, I don't know the whole thing sounds kinda dumb. That being said, if you were drifting in a bad neighborhood and it brought attention..,maybe you'd be shot at.
  4. I sold so many drugs when I started Idlewood Rydas and when I came back as Playboys I took a firm stance in Idlewood. Marlow was my most consistent character to date.
  5. Marlow Stanfield (Idlewood Rydas, Playboys), Patrick Molony (Irish crime family), and the original Boone Stanfield (Playboys). I was also in Shru's faction as Giovanni Marcello.
  6. I love the forest rangers & even Senora Skinheads despite the fact that I was robbed on the first encounter, that was (somewhat) on me and the leader was a gentleman about it & helped me up so we could RP later.
  7. The getting robbed 17 times part is too damn real.
  8. The Banshee, and one day my sweet I'll have a reason to own you ICly...
  9. MistaPink

    SOLD L&A

    $110,000 Edit: Fuck it, buyout. $135,000
  10. Very polite, so far I've only had one interaction and it was someone warning me about my speeding which wasn't a terrible deal, very friendly.
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