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  1. Hold my hands up; since this was my first RP experience ever when I signed up in March, I used a character that was a template of myself (Brit come to LS for fresh start blah blah). It was a starting point but I got bored of essentially lending IRL elements. Nowadays I RP as an American and use tastes and attributes completely different from myself. I even set radio stations of specific music genres to match those characters, as it adds to that character's interests and not my own IRL (if someone is riding in my vehicle it's kinda nice not having a full blown convo about Mass Effect all the time and explore something fresh for the sake of IC elements. Though that last bit went off topic, I think it's important to find a good organic ethnic background that isn't your own, as well as the other stuff on top. My IC landlord has never used a computer much in their life bit obviously they have some knowledge IRL getting RAGEMP set up XD
  2. Even something like /me nestled awkwardly into the chair, or /me maintains a stone-cold stare to John Doe as he places his right hand over the blood-stained switchblade, these tell the story of our character and how they interact with the world. Who are they? How do they see the world and people? How do they greet others? The way they hold a cigarette, butt it out or toss it? All of these /me's are a means to define the interaction of different characters. I admit that animations do compliment scenes and one where my character threw their hands in the air when they got excited and thought a friend was arresting them when they weren't would have been as funny if I hadn't used "said anim". But I don't think they're mandatory to the /me's for story telling. I've RPed with quite a few people that didn't use a single anim while interacting but they had the right length of /me, not too short or overly complicated.
  3. /me wakes up in the city and does /contacts to see which of my buddies are "awake".
  4. It's mad to think that nearly 8 months ago, I walked I to a bar to order a drink with the torso texture set popping out of my sleeves, got myself flustered because I was messing up my /pay command, and then my inv was full so I had to drop all the fish I got earlier in the day right on the dancefloor XD Most people here have the right idea factions. I was part of an unofficial civilian group living in a national trailer park and for a good while, everyday of my RP was spent with them. So they'd take my character to new dives, locations I'd forgotten about from the vanilla GTAV map, other players and ofcourse, being kind enough to /b or /pm me advice on commands or just how to be. One thing I will say; property. Figure out what you want to do in terms of a property first. Are you typically bothered about having your own place straight away, or would you just want to rent a motel room for now. This was my biggest puzzler to start out because I had no idea about the MAP page on the UCP main site. Familiarise yourself with that MAP because it shows you the location of every rentable form of motel room from LS to Paleto (acts as a spawn point for when your character "wakes" up and will help as a temporary residence for the location you desire to RP the most. And ofcourse there is a separate page for houses you can buy, while a little more limited to some city limits it's the easiest way to grab a smart property. Otherwise, hit the property page here on the forums after you've collected some IC cash. If you're in a scenario where someone is rushing you in b/ (or out of character chat), don't be afraid to ask for some advice from players around you. Say you're being robbed, there's a difference between someone playing a good role as a robber for their character development, and then someone who is just chain robbing and griefing for a play to win mentality. RP isn't about winning, the good scenarios are the true win. And welcome btw XD
  5. Some form of regulation or safe so e would be appreciated. Mainly, I picked up a tug a month back for a character as a means for them to RP living in it. I tend to keep it docked in game just as a port of call for sleep and interior recreation. I don't tend to VPARK as a means to avoid good illegal RP, but this whole thing has got my paranoia on the gauge XD
  6. Username; Brooklynn99 Comment; I hope that you're well and safe, Mercia. Wherever you are.
  7. Name: Rocky Nelson Phone: 2114096 Offer: I'm more than happy to pay the buyout amount. It's just a case of I've literally gotten off the plane back to LS and waiting for some benefit package to clear. Can more than likely pay this off this weekend but, if someone else beats me to it, fair is fair. Just a courtesy message 🙂
  8. Username: Brooklynn99 Comment: We spoke briefly at The Bay Bar in Paleto. I don't know if it's connected, but, there is an old wooden fort located in the West region of Mount Chiliad, overlooking the fishing pier. I took my bike up there a few days ago and it was derelict, but someone mentioned that a group of people may have been sighted there at night. Maybe just a camping trip, but there's been several sighting at a distance, and thought it "might" be connected to your case about the "totems".
  9. I have two main characters ATM, one is just getting by and has the bare essential vehicle and clothes, doesn't go to fancy restaurants or clubs. The other has an apartment and one classic sports car that I RPed as a "treat" from their wages. How you use your money is down to what you want from your character development. If you want a playboy/girl who has a good business and 5 suped up cars then it shouldn't be too hard to get that equity, whereas you should have enough money to get by and just RP not having that much if another character is working a clerk job. Does amuse me occasionally seeing a sports car occupant grinding the hell out of the fishing jobs though.
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