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  1. A bartender charged me $200 for 2 beers. I paid and left a $100 tip complimenting their cheap prices.
  2. Nickname: Jake Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars Comment: Been frequenting this place for the last few weeks, and each time is a treat. Upon entering, you're overcome with countless arcade machines, all varying from beat me ups to side scrolling shooters. The speakers bleed punk rock anthems that ooze high school nostalgia. There's even a lounge set up with various games consoles if you and your mates fancy some couch co-op. Lastly, the staff are amazing. Jade and Cassius always make time and effort even during peak hours, will literally help you with anything and have just the
  3. I bought a new RV for a girl I liked. I got the money from selling fish and said it was inheritance.
  4. Whenever I go outside for a cigarette now, I see the words /smoke anim3 when I click my lighter.
  5. This thought had me curious. Long story short, my character was antagonised by another character, to which my character retorted, very passively, but still, offended the antagonist. In passing later on, my character unintentionally learned that the antagonist may possibly be a gang faction affiliate. (For the record, this information was NOT obtained OOC, just for reference. I didn't intentionally try and play detective, it was an overheard conversation IC). I was curious if this action would warrant the antagonist player/character the right to file a CK
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