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  1. Name: Hate Comment: show us the dash cam footage! this oppressor must be punished!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  2. your drawings never cease to disappoint me. and yes feet do be hittin. +1
  3. well, sure. however, i’m referring to the ability to give panda points to other players.
  4. i thought that was what panda points were for
  5. the woman was too stunned to speak
  6. You don't understand how much joy this statement has brought to my life. I'm supporting purely for this gem right here.
  7. Detailed Description Hi, Real simple one here. If at all possible, I think it'd be an alright idea to be able to give other players access to a business bank via banking.gta.world. A lot of people run businesses and might hire someone to handle finances for them. It'd be a heck of a lot easier for them to be able to access the business account whenever they need to rather than having to ask the business owner seventeen times a week to print a PDF statement, or to send screenshots. Relevant Commands/Items Possibly an adjustment in the /bmanager script so Manager roles can access the account? Maybe a check-box option in the UI to give specific employees of a business access(?) How will it benefit the server? Just something small to make people's lives easier. Some people actually like bookkeeping and would make business-related roleplay just that much more interesting (at least I think so, anyway).
  8. That's a pretty dangerous precedent to set. Not just for LEO factions, but for anyone.
  9. Welp. When we've got gun boats waiting around literally EVERY corner, it's kinda necessary. The rate at which shootings occur here are... alarmingly high, to say the least. I'm surprised we haven't resorted to just calling in some sort of national guard faction at this point.
  10. okay i swear i'm done. i just needed to get this off my chest
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