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Piracy on Fishermen - Already?


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Realistically very few gang bangers should know anything about commercial fishing, where fishermen go to sell products etc let alone know how to operate boats and how to sell the stolen products. They'd need a whole new set of life-skills to pull it off. 

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17 hours ago, DLimit said:

People keep saying "gang RPers" but there's literally a man wearing a suit with a duffle-bag hanging from his back.

It's the NOOB RPers that aren't even on the forums.

fr, moaning on the forums, as fun as it is, won't do anything bc these absolute don't frequent and don't care. app process really needs a look at imo, the fact these people even get accepted is beyond me. i'd be interested to know what their total playtime is for a little social experiment, we do a little social experimenting, we do a little trolling.

also robbery free zones would be great but it'd also mean the second u step outta these zones you'd be subjected to ayo cuh x 30 because they are gonna be roaming a smaller area in their blacked out 4 by 4

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