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  1. It was the cold autumn night of the 7th October and we were resting by the fireplace, my hands laid on Cindy Quartz' supple bosom [Staff Management Notice: The rest of this comment has been censored for the protection of the community and we have issued 1 Warning Point to the person responsible]
  2. I understand the sentiment but with regards to the OP's faction, the Los Santos Triads, I could imagine how it is frustrating to be simultaneously an established (official) faction and not be connected to the Golden Triangle, the second largest heroin center in the world which Chinese OCG plays a big part in. There is also the likelihood that members of IFM may not be well-versed in Asian crime. It's famously secretive too in contrast to the rat-infested Italian-American mafias.
  3. They exist in the script I think. The changelog. My friend reported seeing a guy with a drum mag attached to his Compact Rifle after he whipped it out in a club accidentally. Weapon suppliers get them, but they've not been at all effective in distributing it. I think it fits the role of specialist more and they would be able to distribute them more effectively than the few suppliers who presumably have their hands much more full.
  4. I've seen people say that they should be regulated because of DM. It's bullshit, unequivocally. Take a machete and run up to 9/10 people and they'll blast you before you get within ten feet. The amount of people using switchblades from an antiquated Factory system which has more rust on it than Mars is simply ludicrous. In fact, switchblades are more tightly regulated than fixed combat blades because of their concealable nature. The fact only the mafia seem to have golf clubs here is also proof of this type of shit. In California, you can't even carry a large switchblade. You can open carry a KA-BAR though, AFAIK. You rarely see big knives here because the melee suppliers, who I don't think should exist (Put regular knives in the factory or something, at least they'd get circulation), limit them to their groups. I can get a carbine rifle easier than I can get a combat knife.
  5. Nobody gets these drops, and if they do they're not in circulation like weapon attachments should be. I think Ammunation should sell more attachments than it does, and I think weapon specialists should get these attachments because if weapon suppliers do get them, they have completely failed in their distribution.
  6. To return to the topic at hand, I believe weapon specialists should have more oomph, perhaps by giving them the myriad weapon attachments that are not circulating at all on the server like compensators, scopes, grips, drum mags, rifle extended mags and suppressors and I believe melee supplier is less of a role and more of a cosmic joke. I don't know what the solution would be for melee supplier but I sure as hell know for a fact I don't buy my 9 Irons from Sammy "The Bull" Gravano.
  7. Don't tell that to me, tell that to people with factions! The trend I've seen that people would rather support/be supported by admin-ran factions than go against them is one emblematic of the idea that there exists bias within these factions. In the case of Varrio Rancho 13 under the leadership of Heathen, this assumption was proven to be true and people who went against them often lost in more ways than one.
  8. They are biased towards their own. It's always been that way on every single RP server. There's a big deal here about making sure admins can't be questioned. Threads get locked (as I predict this one will be), there's a noted lack of transparency, and criticism while not de jure banned gets de facto swept under the rug. Heathen was proof that admins can be corrupt. He helped his own faction by abusing his power and shielding his own. Corrupt admins have been removed before. To say that corruption is non-existent right now would be probably false. It just likely hasn't been discovered. I remember an admin in LSRP once mentioned something about how FM investigations can be purposely overcomplicated as to be rendered null. A lot of admins know each other and there's been career admins through multiple RP servers. The mafia's led by a manager while the Korean-Armenian hybrid and the Russians are led by IFM admins - arguably the three most persistent and powerful factions, and they know the power they hold in this small, virtual world. People rarely go against them due to the fact they're seen as "admin factions". A lot of gun deals go down OOCly too, as we saw with the Black Car and their ironic rivals Rancho 13. The consolidation of power is not totally IC as much as people would like to believe. It's a sad state of affairs.
  9. To keep this short and sweet, the fact of the matter is that currently war mercenaries are required to be revealed to the opposing party. I think that a large part of the purpose of mercenaries is, in addition to supplementing the ranks, they are outside agents and not necessarily known by many parties at all. They operate often via the assumption their opponent is not ICly aware who they are. By forcing them to be revealed at the earliest moment, this opens it up to metagaming and decreases their value as a war asset. Metagaming, especially when characters are at risk and adrenaline is in play, is often subconscious. There is also the issue that by forcing the enemy ranks to know, they hesitate IC because they now know OOCly and can't determine whether or not the identification of an enemy mercenary (Which relies usually on intuition of subtle behaviours, much like IDing hitmen) stems from their IC or OOC knowledge or a mix of both. It is a messy affair. I propose 'mercenaries' to be forcibly made aware to IFM only, with increased vetting to make sure who could feasibly be one.
  10. As long as Big Drill is churning out the hits, there will forever be people seeking footage to add said hits to in a GTA server.
  11. Where's my piano script with complete working GUI and MIDI compatibility?
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