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  1. Can provide both services. 70197 if you are still interested.
  2. I have the perfect apartment in San Andreas Ave for sale. We could arrange a viewing if you are interested and still looking.
  3. I have the same issue and I don't even have any third party applications like the Razer or MSI ones. I have closed the Xbox game bar application and reinstalled everything, but it just won't work. It goes into the loading screen with the game tips and stuff, after the 'Validating Server Assets' part and just keeps on loading. I am out of solutions
  4. How long is this auction going to last?
  5. Withdrawing out of respect for my Uncle @OrkunuS
  6. Respectfully, what's the absolute lowest you are willing to go?
  7. I am available now till the next couple hours. Feel free to reach out on 70197 or [email protected]
  8. There is a big crowd in the 150-200k statistic which seems inaccurate, given that most of the people would fall into the group of criminals or people with day jobs. This is a heavy rp server where we aim to keep things as realistic as possible and given the majority of the demographic, it makes no sense for most people to be in 150-200 bracket. And 16 percent in 500k+ HOLY SHIT!
  9. Properly roleplaying a character about illegal racing is exactly what is happening a lot less than people just buying unjustifiably expensive modded cars for their characters and acting like it's pretty normal. How do you represent a poor criminal who is struggling to find work but drive a sports car? Guess that's what this thread is about and not the people who actually put in the effort to roleplay a backstory to their fancy cars
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