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  1. A spacious one bedroom apartment, with semi - modern furnishings to give the space a cozy feel for anyone who lives here. Decorated with soft welcoming wooden tones and quality fittings. The living room comes equipped with a 65 inch LED television set paired with a home theatre system. The dining area sits comfortably in the end of the living area with ambient lights and surrounded by colorful paintings. The bedroom boasts of a sheesham wood, king size bed along with a custom wardrobe and state of the art work system. Ideal for working late nights or early mornings for the busy bodies. The kitchen also comes fully equipped with a small bar on the side so you can host your friends and family in there while you cook them a delicious meal. Lastly, the bathroom comes with a very functional utility area, complete with a washer-dryer set. Italian marble on the floor and ceramic tiles make it feel like something out of a five star hotel. You are welcome to take a look at the pictures attached below for your reference. Interior Pictures Exterior Pictures ((OOC Info)) Starting bid : 220K Minimum bid increments : 10K Buyout : 300K
  2. This is a really good middle ground. Allows more freedom to both sides and creates a clear line between the legal and illegal aspects of the business.
  3. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/64481-4trade-the-beanery-cafe-mission-row/
  4. ((You should also post an ss of /vstats))
  5. Would you be interested in working as a full-time Barista? If you are, please feel free to email me so we can have a discussion ((forum pm))
  6. Yes please. Likes are a good way to show support to an idea or thought and limiting it is somewhat inconvenient and unnecessary.
  7. Maybe an alternative measure would be to have something like an option to dislike a bid. Say someone on here makes bids but then backs out after winning, he would get a dislike from the seller. Only the seller must have the privilege to like and dislike bids. Now if someone piles up several dislikes, we would know that he or she is not making serious bids or backing out left and right after participating in auctions willfully. Could work, but I have absolutely no clue how interfaces like that are made, so I apologize if I am sounding too naive about this 🙂
  8. This might sound like a very weird idea. Hear me out. There are about a couple hundred players like me who are online during the morning time in-game. And the interaction between players is very minimal in this time, at least as compared to the evening/night time in-game when the server is at it's peak. Just as a means to let players know what timezone they belong to, I feel it would to some degree help create sub communities that will then encourage players with similar zones to interact more with each other and plan out rp ideas and such. Not just that, it would help everyone understand small things like when to expect a response to a certain message or bids ig. Please do share your thoughts. I was thinking more like StiffChocl8 (+05:30) or something along these lines with the tz showing inside the bracket after the forum name.
  9. Can you do 200k for it?
  10. Can take it off your hands for 230 today. Or tomorrow. As per your earliest convenience. [email protected] 70197
  11. I'm looking to purchase an Obey Tailgater S preferably with a security system pre-installed and low mileage. Email : [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) Ph : 70197
  12. StiffChocl8

    Can be L/A

    36k for the Stanier
  13. I have a Carbon RS. Tuned with the Nagasaki performance kit and state of the art security. Asking for 75,000.00 or B.O
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