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  1. Username: giveemthebusiness Comment: LSNN is a puppet of the LSSD. Check court documents, the LSSD pays the LSNN salary. Dennis spend all his money on hookers in Vespucci. There’s proof of this too all over the internet and various court cases. He’s also racist against Italians. Get over yourself Dennis and resign before I start leaking the Date site logs and all the photos that have been amassed over the course of the past 6 months.
  2. Someone paid me to comment here
  3. Any purchase attempts on the house will be allowed after a 7 day wait period.
  4. 2332 Jamestown Street, Rancho House has been renovated and upgraded on the interior. It's a compact design with plenty of amenities. Large Yard, perfect for parties Comes with a total of 3 garages. One with front of property access, two accessible by the alleyway behind it. ((One garage is currently open world interior, have not furnished)) Wiwang Alarm system to protect your property Looking to trade for property in Vespucci, no apartments. Also there is a possibility to sell. Market Price: $75,000 Furniture Worth: $54,246 Interior Pictures: Backyard Picture: ((Pinfo))
  5. They're basically suggesting to turn the insurance into how it is IRL. You don't just say "Yanno what I want my insurance for 3 days". Make a plan/contract for insurance that constantly renews. It'd actually help, because occasionally the message your insurance is out actually bugs and you drive around with no insurance having no clue.
  6. Username: TTK54 Comment: Well known? He's had like 2 cases. Who even is this guy?
  7. From a criminal cop to a criminal criminal. Loving it sidar
  8. Still looking. Does come with a garage for your vehicles or storage.
  9. I’ve got a house with a garage in El Burro on Amarillo Vista Street.
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