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  1. A follow up on this. Now while I don't approve the coup attempt that happened, it's no secret that there are definitely changes that need to be made. You state that Nervous considered most of the complaints not worthy for removing an entire leadership team, yet did not go further into detail. The complaints made were at least of some merit, with some clever wording by the previous staff member to convince Nervous to do a full leadership change. With that being said, the complaints (at least a few that I know about) were deemed to be at least of some merit, and is actually kind of troubling to hear coming from the faction, especially with you as leader. After all you and me have known each other since 2010. What is the stance on trying to fix the situations followed by complaints that were considered of merit, just not of enough seriousness to warrant a full leadership change. What I mean by that, is the horrible OOC favoritism that is showcased, or at minimum, has been showcased in the past 2-3 years I've been with this community. Is there any plans to fix some of these situations that have been caused by the countless OOC cliques that have formed in not just the main leadership, but also the lower leadership as well?
  2. The issue is everyone thinks they’re a main character when in reality they’re not.
  3. Too easy to MG. However what should change is the handling of CK appeals. No reason for them to take weeks/months
  4. I’ve always hated that the jail was the old noose headquarters
  5. Allow /buyproperty for houses, and only allow selling of houses via the forum property ad system. That way if a house is deemed flipped PM can handle it. Still keep the highly sought after places like the county and the hills PM only.
  6. Pending sale currently ((cant sell for above the buyout per the rules so sorry for those offering above))
  7. Username: FreeTheWorldComment: Yes brother, cleanse the world
  8. ((on a side note, any buyouts posted/whoever it gets sold to, send me your character name and some quick info on it, nothing major, just wanna make sure it doesn't go to some Lindy Sue character))
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