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  1. As stated before, if you wish to know, go ahead and attempt to be a judge and you’ll learn first hand. Asking to reveal information you are not deserving to know at this time about a faction is highly preposterous. It’s just like asking the LSPD recruiters how to pass the exam by asking for the answers to it when someone tells you the exam is hard. I have lost interest in the conversation between you and I as it’s quiet clear there’s going to be no ground gained on either side. As it stands my opinion remains the same as your opinion also remains the same. See ya
  2. It is highly plain to see. For example, when someone posts a screenshot of their character doing something and someone doesn't like it. Maybe their subconscious drives them to make a different set of decisions on an IC level to better please people on an OOC level. For another example, someone decides to post in the IC board a series of articles that receive absolutely zero likes, their subconscious may make them never post articles again on an IC level due to this. Or maybe those articles receive numerous likes, and this drives the individuals subconscious to then make more articl
  3. Well why disable it for the court boards only? It'd be best to disable it for the whole forums to avoid anyone doing IC actions for OOC likes. It's plain to see based on your arguemtn. Bar attorneys are a very simple and low rank in the JSA structure. They actually are not even considered members to my current knowledge. Once you get put into a position where you must have OOC impartiality the small bit of vetting done by just a simple bar attorney looks incredibly basic. As stated before though, if you are interested, we welcome you to attempt to apply to become a jud
  4. The fact that a "subconscious" issue bothers you is extremely laughable ngl. This is an almost ridiculous suggestion. Although I am willing to entertain your hypothesis and bump it up a notch. If this is such a major issue on a subconscious level that it genuinely affects OOC decision making in the server just to appeal to an ego, let's get rid of likes on the forums in it's entirety. There's no reason to just remove likes from a singular part of a forum. They should be removed completely from the forums. It would end all decisions that are influenced by an OOC desire for likes, a
  5. You're clearly implying that judges chose certain stances on cases clearly for likes. You are also completely correct, it's impossible to prove your original statement of implying things are done on the court system for a singular like. If you're unsure of what that vetting involves, you are free to attempt to become a judge and learn first hand the magnifying glass we get put under. Although I am unsure how that would turn out, it sure would be a learning experience for you. But there's no reason to actually attempt to argue with you, I am currently a judge and have a
  6. I highly doubt that our current judges are posting things on court cases for "likes". Also the OOC trust put into judges along with the OOC vetting that takes place almost completely negates this.
  7. Username: BackTheBlue Comment: This is why cops shoot first and ask questions later due to your ignorant ass. You’ll be another statistic by the end of the year.
  8. I’ve got a wonderful standalone house with 2 garages on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. Fully fenced in with 2 garages. Rear garage would be perfect for a man cave. Backyards perfect for some BBQs. Looking to trade for another standalone property. (( ID:202 Market Price: $75,000 Furniture Worth: $37,579)) B774B048-3B74-448E-AC98-98A39777D5CA.webp
  9. Ok who’s Vic Mackey in all this?
  10. Username: FeelsBadMan Comment: Got the info wrong, it wasn't Darnell Murphy, it was our lord and savior Michael McMurray, the best irish judge of the west.
  11. Coming from role playing on the illegal side for the past 10 years. I decided to go legal at the end of last year. Mainly just LEO roleplay. I ended up getting into the judiciary side after all the paperwork I used to have to do as a LEO. Now I’ve worked my ass off to be promoted to a judge and it’s probably the most fun I’ve had in a while. I no longer just go through the motions, I actually have a desire to do roleplay again. Now that’s out of the way, the probably one thing I do NOT enjoy about the court system at this time, is the long OOC times. Of course I unde
  12. There definitely needs to be some type of reform here. Maybe let more staff handle CK appeals? Who knows, but something needs to change. We're talking some are upwards of 4 months with no reply at all.
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