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  1. Username: redheadedmenace Comment: The new DA was appointed by the old one. The new DA has absolutely no history in San Andreas as a lawyer or as a DA. Where’s his qualifications when he has absolutely zero history in this state and just magically showed up one day?
  2. Haven’t there been contradicting reports. Some administrators say we NPC the population to be more than it is. Others say we cannot. Until this has been set in stone I’d say no to this.
  3. I had the same issue with basically every menu like 2 months ago. A hard reset and unplugging and plugging back my keyboard worked for me.
  4. Username: RedHeadedLawyer Comment: Do like any rational person would do and do research. If you’re curious there’s an on going civil suit over this exact situation. One of the other officers instructed that individual to slide the gun away from them. They complied, and a trigger happy Lieutenant nonetheless emptied 5 rounds into her back.
  5. Username: RedHeadedLawyer Comment: Over 20 years of experience in law, I’d have convicted him any day of the week during my time on the bench.
  6. No it’s not possible
  7. Username: redheadedmenace Comment: the DA is a top deflector who is an anti PD and anti SD individual. It’s time to bring elections for the DA to the state.
  8. Username: Redheadedmenace Comment: Too many states elect the District Attorney. There's no legislation from the state dictating either an election or an appointment of the position. Fix this senate. It's on you. Too much power for one individual will destroy this state.
  9. Username: Redheadedmenace Comment: Does SD even try to hide it anymore?literally claiming it to be fake strictly on the fact the inmates used the term “guard”? Really cuz I remember everyone calling em guards my last two bids. Quote
  10. I will only accept a deal for a minimum of 2 million ontop of your trailer.
  11. I once had a Gruppe 6 guy tell me to “go fuck your mom or go hang a black guy” cuz my character flipped him off once for driving on sidewalks.
  12. *another piece of paper that’s been run through a printer is posted shortly after with a picture of a grill with different cuts of chicken on it*
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