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  1. Not accepted. Offers well below the asking price. Still for sale.
  2. FOR SALE This beautiful 5-seater luxurious plane has been well taken care of for its entire flying life. Owned by me as a private pilot. JOBUILT VELUM 5-SEATER Asking $300,000 Buyout $400,000 ((OOC)) /vstats
  3. VAPID VICTOR SOLD Low milage and performance package. Asking: $40k Buyout: $55k Photos: ((OOC)) /vstats
  4. Zion Cabrio (SOLD) Low milage. Full of Performance and Security package. Zenon Lights and Custom Rims. Asking: $78k Buyout: $98k Photos: Enus Huntley S (SOLD) Low milage. Full of Performance and Security package. Custom Rims, Neons and Zenon Lights. Asking: $155k Buyout: $175k Photos: Offers below. Thank you.
  5. Instead of the ILS approach, it may be more effective if there should be a system that keeps the aircraft on the same flight level while allowing for ATC communications and RP. Because it is really difficult to report ATC when flying with a fixed-wing aircraft.
  6. Buyout. Please e-mail me for finalizing the deal ((PM))
  7. Noted. Final by tomorrow if there aren't any more offers.
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