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  1. You need to be friends with admins, then they respond to ur reports within a few seconds.
  2. I think these are better than 5'3 pink haired Asian transgender/lesbian that drive race cars.
  3. everyone already knows this, the jig was up three years ago.
  4. I think its pretty cringy that every situation on this server gets voided because people get really heated ooc and report everything negatively that happens to their character and admins go along with it even if no rules were broken.
  5. Khalabeeb

    Niche RP

    you will just be told by staff "We're not looking to have something like this on the server." Whenever I've tried to rp an unique character it's what I heard. Server is boring all you can do is rp a civilian who goes club/bar hopping or an illegal character and it feels even criminal rpers are starting to get pushed out. Anything original get shut down real quick or made fun of by other players that do nothing but bar hop and erp because that has become the norm. One timeI tried rping a man who lives in the forests, between the animals hunting for food etc. Got told by admins i'm not allowed to.
  6. OOC circlejerk. Server is more discord rp than in game. From what ive noticed PD and SD got the best rp going on. But they are in discord voicechat too.
  7. thank you for unbanning me honey I am having a lot of fun on the server.


  8. ok but its not just black people that commit robberies. Clearly you don't see what I was trying to say.
  9. Making fun of the way black people talk through stereotypes? Or stereotypical black names? Tyrone Lamar, Lamar Lamar? "Ey cuz we gon blast niggas out here." All that shit not racist?
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