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Piracy on Fishermen - Already?


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3 hours ago, L I C E said:

i'd be interested to know what their total playtime is for a little social experiment, we do a little social experimenting, we do a little trolling.

Roughly 98% of characters arrested for robbing have under 20 hours according to my sources.

Refering also to the thread about starter character funds, there is not just the "clear record sheet" part, there's a financial incentive to use new characters as they will make money faster and with less effort than existing ones past 40 hours playtime.

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On 10/12/2021 at 9:44 AM, Nervous said:

The noobs never cease to amaze me in their ability to adapt to new scripts.

I'll add a section that forbids it, and I'll once again start a discussion to see which solution we can use to limit robberies drastically.

Remove guns from the server except for cops. Ez fix. 

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1 minute ago, Glitch said:

Remove guns from the server except for cops. Ez fix. 

just make violence consensual. you need to /report for a level 3+ admin to hurt anybody, or a level 2+ if u intend to hurt their feelings. personally i feel this would solve all issues on the server and everybody would be happy :DDDDD yay happiness woo! OwO

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