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  1. As you were the first and most recent bidder, it's yours. Email me your telephone number and I'll be in touch.
  2. (( There goes my hopes and dreams of roleplaying with tumbleweeds and cactuses. 😢 )) Buyout's been updated.
  3. Family-ran pizzeria up for sale due to unforeseen circumstances and excessive competition in the area. It's with a heavy heart that we're forced to put this up for sale and will only be sold only to a genuine owner. Crime-free neighbourhood less than a kilometre from the beach and promenade which can be viewed from its front door and seating. Offers starting from $400,000 to be considered with no buyout in mind until otherwise mentioned. The buyout's set at $650,000. Interior Images OOC information
  4. Day or two left then I’ll decide.
  5. Nancy's is located in the centre of Hawick Avenue and is a known commodity throughout the area and city. I will only consider reputable buyers and will not sell to people at random, it will be at my discretion. A trade might be considered if the business lures me but for the most part will be a cash purchase. I will choose within the next day or two. $480,000 (( OOC Information: I will not sell it to somebody who will run it into the ground. Activity in the area and reputable roleplayers take priority))
  6. We’ve decided to close our faction. Its faction policies and criteria isn’t something to wish to follow or adhere to. Thank you.
  7. I have decided to discontinue this discussion. Thanks to all those who involved themselves constructively.
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