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  1. Restrict the X and Y axis, but leave an unlimited Z axis for vehicles stuck either too far up or into the ground. This taxi dispatch system could work if it is done automatically.
  2. If we're going to allow the amount of ultraviolence that we see every day in Los Santos because "it happens in real life" we should at least a realistic response too. Set up programs to have CCTV cameras placed on every corner. Have cops carry bodycams. Allow detectives to go hard on criminals and criminal factions. Script actual 21st century forensic tools. Allow harsher proactive policing as a response to high crime. Have judges sign off on RICO more often. For far too long the community is bending over backwards to cater to the illegal community's needs.
  3. People forget that just because it sometimes happens in real life, it doesn't mean that it should happen in the server. Killing people for calling the cops is especially stupid when the "population" consists mostly of people who aren't even from Los Santos. Edit: It's unhealthy to think that Dexter Crumpets or Jane Suzuki who have only just received their visa to live in the United States and started living in Los Santos few months ago to know all the "street rules".
  4. If I got ten bucks every time that happened I could make a career playing GTA:World.
  5. I don't know if there really are more reports for poor escalations at bars, but I do know that a lot of players feel safer in numbers which is what bars and clubs provide.
  6. About bars turning into RP hubs. It's only natural that they turn into RP hubs when you can easily get dunked on if you take one step outside of the bar. People gravitate to places with the least friction and least conflict, even with the robbery rules in place anywhere outside in Los Santos you're at a high risk of getting mugged. Roleplay quality and the rules in general are enforced unequally, legal roleplayers are held at a much higher standard even though everyone should be held at the same high standard. Far too often comes some random stereotypical criminal roleplayer to do a stickup and they do a simple /me pats [John Doe] down. It's uninspiring and a detriment for the server quality, the worst part is you're forced to sit through their shitty roleplay, and yes I've seen even worse examples than that. I guess that's also why half of my friends have moved away from GTA:W, shit just barely changes for the good of the community.
  7. Did you report that? Because if it is as you describe it, it's already against the rules.
  8. The explanation is that the guy probably has 14 criminal points, and the [Resists Arrest], [Drug User/Seller] and [Armed] caution code on their MDC profile with the associated charges.
  9. A lot players escalate a verbal conflict into a gunfight on a whim with the reasoning "It happens in real life so it's realistic." Just because it's plausible doesn't mean that it's realistic to roleplay these escalations in these quantities in the server. One of those examples is when someone holds a gun up at a person operating a vehicle. Does it happen IRL that the gunman shoots at a person driving away? Yes, but it's improbable. Why is it improbable? Because why would any half smart person escalate an armed robbery/kidnapping into first degree murder? One of the reason why there's so much unrealistic escalation is that the legal system is so overburdened, and uses antiquated techniques from the 80's due to script limitations, that it's hard to properly investigate crimes. Blood, bodies and casings don't just disappear in real life precisely at 9 AM (or whenever the server restart is).
  10. There's so much wrong with the LFM's helicopter restrictions, don't get me started.
  11. Not just that, but a realistic thing would be for Silva to back up and for the criminals to not shoot. Why? Because if you shoot realistically there'd be a higher chance you'd get caught and sent to jail for 25 years. Been to jail already? It might turn into life. Criminal roleplayers often don't roleplay fear themselves, the ones who are always expected to roleplay fear are the punching bags civilian roleplayers. Thank you for your service.
  12. Sir, this is the unpopular opinion thread. That isn't an unpopular opinion.
  13. Brah, same here. I was trying to gank criminals with the ghetto bird but the admins won't let me. What do you mean turf camping??? They're openly doing hits on the streets so it's only realistic to target them.
  14. Admins who have LEO characters are discouraged from picking up reports where LEOs are involved, unless there's absolutely no one available. Maybe the thing should be done for gang roleplayers, you know... to prevent bias.
  15. There's currently an IC applicant who roleplays their current job as "Sergeant" at "United States Marine Corps", which of course doesn't scriptly exist in the server. What is Continuity's stance on people picking and/or roleplaying (highly structured) government jobs that aren't implemented in the server?
  16. This is also very useful for people who play on several characters, so I'd absolutely support this.
  17. GTA:SA actually had a building that looks a lot like Twin Towers ingame.
  18. I had no clue this got added because I've been muted on the GTA:World Discord server, but it's certainly a feature that isn't needed.
  19. I've thought of this before myself too and wondered why. I'd rather have a redneck cannibal who cleans his plate so there's something to investigate, than the dystopian city where kids shoot each other all the time with zero remorse.
  20. Unpopular Opinion: Las Vegas should be Las Venturas and New York should be Liberty City.
  21. I've read all your complaints and I'll try to hit 400 citations issued by the end of May.
  22. Facts, people escalate an infraction to a felony for no reason at all. If anywhere from between 1 to 3 cop cars pull you over and they're parallel parked, then you're probably okay. If they start to line up two-by-two then you're fucked.
  23. GTA World caters to minors, with rules made specifically for underage players. GTA World predominantly has players in North America and Europe. GTA World allows minors to purchase WorldPoints and then lets them convert these to PandaPoints, which can be used to gamble for a lootbox. With much of western Europe already legislating lootboxes, I find myself unable to open CSGO lootboxes due to this. [1] GTA:World's panda boxes or whatever they're called could be compared to lootboxes in other games, which you usually buy with some sort of currency. Not only that, but you could technically speculate on the Panda Points marketplace. Which is also illegal in several countries for minors including those living in The Netherlands, with exception to explicit permissions granted by parents. [2] I'm just confused to how all this even came to be, because this seems like an IRL legal fuckup. Promoting gambling to minors is a massive fuckup. For the sake of keeping it simple I'm not going to take a deep dive into every gambling law in every country. Wikipedia's page on lootboxes was a start for my journey too. [3] And just because it's allowed in France for minors to gamble online doesn't mean that a French company can let children in other countries gamble on their platform. Notes: 1: https://www.eurogamer.net/cs-go-update-blocks-players-in-netherlands-and-belgium-from-opening-loot-boxes 2: https://wetten.overheid.nl/jci1.3:c:BWBR0002656&boek=1&titeldeel=13&afdeling=1&artikel=234&z=2021-01-01&g=2021-01-01 3: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loot_box#Regulation_and_legislation
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