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Found 8 results

  1. High-quality character images [Menyoo] A guide by @jessica Hiya! Welcome to my first guide based on how to get high-quality character images! This can be a long process at the start however once you get a hang of it, it should be perfectly easy and quick to do! If you don't know what "images" I'm talking about, I'll give you examples of my character, Natalia. If these examples weren't enough to sway you, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the following FaceBrowser profiles as the content is simply incredible: JT Williams Angela Moore Hazel Nithercott Eva Nieves Krystal Nithercott Amiyah Pelrine Step 1: Getting the right programs! (They're hyperlinked! Click on 'em!) The first step to all this, of course, is getting the programs you need! These are all very simple to get and you need to create a folder in your downloads and download all the following additions! (They are all safe, personally tested!) Menyoo - This is the main thing we will be using to make them look extra spicy, it's a single-player trainer mod. If you don't know what that is, it basically makes you admin of single-player and gives you access to everything on the game that you could possibly want. (Animations!) Scripthook - Menyoo can't work alone, they need Scripthook's help! OpenIV - This is what we are going to use later on to add stuff that we want which isn't in game, you need this to make sure everything you're doing is safe and away from your main game! (I'll explain how!) Once you have all of those in a download folder, proceed to the next step! Close GTA if you have it open.. you don't want that open at this point. Step 2: Preparing your Scripthook and Menyoo Now that you have the programs, it's time to get them set up. Locate your GTA5 Your GTA5 is, if using Steam, within your Steam folder. If you don't use Steam then I'm sure you'll know how to find it and if you do use Steam and saved it in a funky place, you must know what you're doing. For me, my GTA5 is in the following path. (Follow it) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V Open the Scripthook Zip When you open the zip you are going to see the following 3 things: Open the "bin" folder Move everything inside of the bin folder to your GTA5 main folder. Open the Menyoo Zip When you open the zip you are going to see the following 4 things: Move only the "menyooStuff" and "Menyoo.asi" in to your GTA5 main folder. (If you are unable to do this, you need to right click the rar folder in your downloads, go to properties and unsure that it has a tick by unblocked! Credit to @Law) Perfect! Now you have what we're going to use to customize your screenshots (Menyoo) and what we need to run it, (Scripthook). Step 3: Preparing OpenIV This one is a bit more tricky and isn't easy on the eyes so make sure you're following each step appropriately. Open "ovisetup.exe" What you're opening right now is what we will use later to ensure our GTA5 is safe for any mods that are put in, this is your safety net. Follow the instructions As OpenIV installs, it will be giving you confirmations and what not, it's all good. If it says "Do you want to make a mods folder?" at any point, say YES! It may not happen until later but keep it in mind until then! Run OpenIV Now you have OpenIV, it is going to look very daunting but don't worry, you won't need to mess with it for long if you don't want to. Step 4: OpenIV Now that we have OpenIV, this is our first step in taking amazing screenshots, we are going to go through the ASI Manager and enhance our experience. Go to the "Tools" tab Go to the "ASI Manager" option Install all of the available options Step 5: Testing! We've added everything we need to to begin testing! Now here is what you need to do: Open GTA5 Go in to "Story Mode" (It will load really slow if you're not tabbed in to the game) Click "F8" twice This should bring up the Menyoo menu top left of your screen! Step 6: Getting your character Making your character in Menyoo is going to be a task and you really need to stick with it. Getting your character's attribute values You need these so the character you take photographs of actually looks like your character in game. Here is how to get them: Go to your UCP Go to "Characters" Select the character you want to use Just under the name on the left side should be a drop down "Face Attributes" Take a screenshot or leave the tab open. Getting your base character You now need to make that same base character within your single-player world. Open the Menyoo menu (F8) Go to Player Options → Model Changer → Multiplayer Models Go through the options and select "Freemode Female" or "Freemode Male" Be surprised by how funky your random model looks like. Go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Default Components Now go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Outfits → Save Outfit To File → Name it whatever you want! Applying your face attributes It's finally times to start sculpting your character! Go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Head Features Adjust all appropriate sections to fit your character The attributes are different You will notice that the attribute names are slightly different however they do change the same thing. On GTA:W there are some options that are not yet accessible so always make sure you are converting a character from GTA:W over to Menyoo because it will not work the other way around, they'll look too different. This stage will take some time to perfect but one again, it's all worth it. Saving the outfit Remember to keep saving your outfit, do not use "Apply outfit" when saying but instead "Overwrite file" on your selected outfit. Remember that if your character is in an animation when you save the outfit, it will bug and not work so make sure you're not in one. Step 7: Getting your pictures! Now that you have your lovely character in game, it's time to start fiddling around with other settings to get the perfect picture! Options Weather Options - Change what kind of atmosphere your picture will have as well as the weather. Time Options - You have free reign over the time of where this picture will take place, if you want it to not move, you can pause the time! Object Spooner - If you want to have a more custom backdrop, use items and you can even make other people too! Animations (Cannot be used with Snapmatic) These are going to play a huge part in what your screenshots will look like, so how do you use them? Player Options → Animations (→ All Animations → Search) Capturing the moment Now it's time to either Snapmatic it or Rockstar Editor! Snapmatic Snapmatic is basically just the camera app on your characters phone. You can access the phone but clicking the UP arrow key and then guiding it to the Snapmatic app. All of the pointers and directions are given to you on that app! It's basically like your character taking a selfie, a very simple and easy feature. A word of advice: Do not left click to take pictures, they come out looking horrible! Instead, hide the grid with G and just taking a regular Steam screenshot or a screenshot with whatever program you use! Rockstar Editor To use Rockstar Editor, once you have yourself setup in the position you want to capture, you need to click "F1". This is Rockstar recording by default so unless you've changed it, it will work. Leave it to record for about 10 seconds and DO NOT tab out! Once you feel that you have sufficient footage, you can click "F1" again and it will stop recording. It's now time to edit it! Step 8: Rockstar Editor (Skip to step 9 if you used Snapmatic) Now we have our recording, we need to fiddle with it and adjust it to capture the exact picture you're after. Open the map and go all the way right in the black tabs and select "Rockstar Editor" Create New Project Add New Clip - say yes to everything after this. Camera When you have the option to enter the "Cameras" tab, you are more often than not going to select the "Free Camera" option. This, combined with out OpenIV plugin allows us to do so much with the camera! You can zoom in and out as well as tilt it! "Remember that you can enable free camera in Menyoo and toggle it using F3 - it's another way to go when it comes to taking screenshots." (Credit to @hentai!) Depth of Field If you're not sure of what this is, this basically is what you want the camera to focus on in your image. Normally I set this to my own custom one however the default one works really well! Effects These are just your filters and general effects, saturation, contrast, brightness and vignette. It is entirely up to you if you want to use this however normally I add what I want afterwards. From this point in Rockstar Editor, it's all about exploring! There is no limits for what you want to do, within reason, and this is entirely up to you! Make your pictures unique, funky places, whatever you want! Click "H" to hide the overlay and click "F12" to take your screenshots! Step 9: Editing your pictures Everyone is going to have a different way that they want to edit their photos when it comes to how they look. It's also important to keep an eye on clothing clipping as well as just general maintenance for your character. Colour correction Makeup enhancement Skin correction Shape correction Shadow correction Clipping correction Expression adjustments Adding in logos or other third-party items I use Photoshop to edit my images as well as the ones I do for others, if you ever have any questions regarding this feel free to reach out to me and I'll either sort it for you or teach you how to do it yourself! Step 9.1: Photoshop !---WIP---! Thank you for tuning in! I hope that this at least helped you and if not, let me know what would make it easier to understand or follow! I haven't gone in to detail about how to add mods or how to edit the photos but if that is something that you'd like, just let me know. If you have any questions about this, feel free to drop a comment and or tag me and I'll answer it as soon as I can! Please avoid Forums PMs as answering questions on this thread may help someone in the future!
  2. Chloe Reed

    Hello. I am new to this server and I am having problems trying to make my character. First, a third of the hair/clothes menu is off my screen and I can't see the numbers of each option and also the clothing bugs out and I end up with invisible torso/hands. Second, and this is a big problem, as soon as I made my character I spawned in with nothing I had picked: not the face I had made, and not the clothes I had chosen, just as a bald dude. I tried looking at the forums for a solution to this but I can't seem to find anything. Any solutions/insights are welcome. Thanks
  3. Height 5 '10" Weight 147.1lb Body Type Ectomorph with a bit of mesomorph. (Slim with a bit of muscle to the body) Hair Brown Eyes Light brown Race Caucasian Birthplace Paleto Bay, San Andreas DOB April 22, 1987 Nationality American Alias John, Johnny, Jon, or J Past Occupations Independent Real Estate Agent, Miner, business owner, Interior Architect/Designer. Past businesses The Mighty Bush, The Doppler Cinema, Pitchers... Ups Deep thinker, motivated individual that can organize and set goals, financial experience, consistent sometimes, decent communication, calm in some situations. Downs Issues with trusting people, depressing or even suicide thoughts, emotionally soft or unstable sometimes. Backstory Episode Log
  4. Hello, I would recommend to make a signature with informations of character of my choice for ex. I have a character with name Matthew Morgan so it would generate me in the UCP an image with all the informations such as Name, Surname, Played Hours, maybe Owned properties and so on. Just to represent this server in another forums and also showcase your character to others. Pros: Commercial for the server Players have ability to showcase their character Maybe a good helper if u want to know how much hours have u played without logging into server Make users more proud of their characters Cons: Maybe could be a metagaming of some type if wrong information is used Just made a little concept what I am thinking about: Anyways, if u would need a help with graphic I can also make a few nice backgrounds which players could choose from. Thank you, NoxeS
  5. BranHUN

    So, my question is: What is the minimum age that a player can roleplay on the server? This question may have been asked before, but I couldn't find any topics talking about this exact matter. I apologise, if there is a topic already about this. But still, my question still stands. What is the limit for the roleplaying age? Can a person make a character who is still a teenager - like 15-16 years old? Or is 18 the starting point? 21? Since 18 is also somewhat regulated in America.
  6. Jane

    The sky was dark, and broken. Just like the world it covered. Nobody ever thinks of death, not really. We imagine it as just something that happens to other people, something distant and far away. Mass shootings, car accidents, racially motivated crimes. These are just items on the news; something to distract us while we eat our bleeter burgers. It was a cold morning when she died. The sun couldn't have been bothered to keep her warm while she expired on the pavement. We like to imaging our deaths as something we have a say in,-- something we get to decide. The truth is, Jane had no more idea this was going to happen than she knew what to get for lunch. Death waits for nobody. Death is not a luxury, or a gift. Death is a thief in the night, stealing currency we know not how to spend. Late into the night, Jane was working a case. Not unusual for her, as she had pushed any inkling of a social life away along with her fiance when she accepted her promotion. "This will change everything for you, Jane." The words ringed in her head for months afterwards; her Director had barely spoken to her during her entire four years in that agency outside of half hearted 'hello's and weekly meetings, but was suddenly interested in promoting her to special agent. A part of her, the part that doesn't allow anything altruistic to exist in her world, weighed the possibility that her promotion may have just been a stunt to add diveristy. She ignored it, because it conflicted with her forced sense of self confidence and duty. Besides, none of the usual boxes were ticked; Her mother was only half Japanese and there was already a woman in that department. She pulled into the lot, her Bravado Buffalo rumbling quietly as she brought it to heel in the gravel space close to the road next to the house. The old structure was shaped like an arrow head, though the vagrants no doubt occupying it were anything but sharp. The many exterior windows appeared boarded up, across all three floors, using cheap particle board and trash bags, the sign of a real classy establishment. Jane took hold of her car door handle, keeping her eyes fixed on the front of the building. This was bound to be just the latest in a series of false leads into the kidnapping of an Army Officer's infant, Jessica Taylor. Since the media began spinning their own nonsense about the case, dozens of false leads pour in every day. All we really had was a missing baby, some worthless CCTV footage, and a rightfully hysterical mother. Usually with these cases before you can say 'Sibling Father Mother Aunt Uncle Grandparent Neighbor', you've found your kidnapper.-- But this one was different. A true crime of opportunity; snatched in broad daylight by an unknown woman in a shopping centre. This being the second year since she started working the case, it was beginning to occur to Jane that she may have been assigned it as a cruel form of punishment, forced to pursue leads that go nowhere for the rest of her career. The thought was pushed to the back of her mind, pulling the door handle and pushing the door away from her with a firm thrust. The door creaked quietly in protest, as if a quiet screaming reminder that her long nights pursuing leads have prevented her from routine maintenance. Her boots dug into the gravel as she stepped out of the safety of her steel horse. Her gaze remained on the building. She approached the door, making sure to check the surrounding windows one more time before she reached out with two fingers towards the broken object barely resembling an entry way; she pushed on the door, it letting out a wooden whine as the old boards gave way to her minimal effort. The moon flooded into the large space, illuminating the room as the only source of light cast on the sea of trash and building debris. Jane quickly scanned the room, drawing her pistol from her hip and flicking off the safety. Her boots clacking against the old tile as she took a few uneasy steps towards the other side of the room. Her biggest mistake was not reaching her flashlight instead; she'd have seen the shadow of the creature stalking her from behind the door. Before she knew what was happening, Jane was struck over the head with a baseball bat; rendering her completely powerless in a matter of moments. As the tile rushed up to meet her, Jane tensed up and squeezed the trigger. A round erupted into the room, the muzzle becoming a spotlight for her attacker, revealing the wretched woman, and the bullet an elusive set piece missing it's mark. Her body rendered paralyzed from the blow to her head. A simple mistake was going to cost her everything. Jane blinked, and it was as if the earth moved underneath her. She was now outside, being dragged into her car. She craned her throbbing head upwards, trying to steal a glimpse of her attacker as she hauled her into the backseat of her vehicle like a postal worker does a cheap package. Again, she blinked. This time, the woman was circling around towards the road to get to the driver's seat. She looked down, her hands bound with her own pair of hancuffs. Before she could feel sorry for herself, a loud 'THWUMP' and the sound of tires screaming off into the night broke her train of thought. She slowly raised her head above the window, squinting into the early morning darkness. Her would-be attacker's lifeless body lay sprawled in the middle of the street, her face gently illuminated by the dim light of a rising sun; broken and twisted beautifully, as if painted by the hand of death himself. The sound akin only to a wounded animal's last breaths emitting quietly from the mangled mess. A driver hadn't seen them as they stepped into the road, and they paid the price. She had evaded federal agents for over two years, only to be struck down by an inattentive driver. The sky was dark, and broken. Just like the world it covered. Nobody ever thinks of death, not really. We imagine it as just something that happens to other people, something distant and far away. It was a cold morning when she died. The sun couldn't have been bothered to keep her warm while she expired on the pavement.
  7. Refik98

    INTRODUCTION EARLY LIFE EARLY CRIME LIFE CRIME LIFE AFTER THE COLLEGE PRISON LIFE BASIC INFO Hair color: Black Eye color: Deep blue Ethnicity: Latin Nationality: Cuban DOB: 4th November 1990 Mother's name: Adriana (Lopez) Garcia Father's name: Rafael Garcia PERSONALITY Ernesto is usually easily angered, he loves to keep his friends close and is really sensitive about them, when angered or nervous he can't think straight and is ready to do some things he'd never do otherwise, he loves when his enemies are scared of him, usually before executing anyone will hold a small speech, he is born leader, loves respect and loyalty and knows how to respect people and will reward loyalty, will reward loyalty, hates betrayal, rats and cowards and in most cases he will do everything he can to get rid of them, speaks in Cuban accent and uses lots of slang words. Any constructive criticism as well as feedback are welcome!!!