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Found 5 results

  1. "they say I'm selfish. but do you want to know what I say? better be rich and dead, than poor and alive."
  2. Please join us this 4th of July for the 1st annual San Andreas Classic & Muscle Car Show. Hosted by Murphy Automotive Don't miss this chance to see some of the finest achievements in automobile history! This July 4th in the parking lot north of Legion Square, downtown, Los Santos. Contact [email protected] ((forum PM @Hankton )) to reserve a spot for your vehicle
  3. [WEBSITE] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ] [ Click here to view our website and portfolio, or to request our services. ]
  4. Too late to feel sorrow Too late to feel pain He's just an old hobo And he's Lost out in the rain He'd never cause trouble So don't have no fear He's just an old hobo And he'll soon be far away from here INTRODUCTION The Strawberry Bums, or known to the locals as simply 'The Bums', are a small group of less fortunate community members who have resided in Los Santos for eight years, after the great financial crisis of 2012. These community members found themselves hard-up after many of them lost their jobs, and in turn their families and homes. The code of the hobo is a strong one: "What's ours is ours and what's theirs is ours... if we ask politely". Though the group have their domestic disputes and battles, they all see one another as the family they never had. A hobo will always look out for another hobo in times of need, and the bond they have is like no other in the city. Viewed as second class citizens; sub-human scum and detriments to society, the Strawberry Bums have had to evolve and develop a tough outer skin when it comes to mingling with the public, which they tend to keep to a minimum. The police force seem to pity them, though they are viewed as no threat - a lot of them too old to run let alone cause trouble. There are hobos of all shapes and sizes within this community, as despite the racial slurs they all use, they are not discriminatory. If someone needs a bed for the night, they'll offer it. If they've got spare food and someone needs it, it's theirs. They look after one another as though they are relatives, and if you pick on one hobo you're usually picking on the pack. HISTORY After the great financial crisis of 2012, many people became redundant and then therefore unable to provide for their families and their homes. A lot of these mainly immigrant residents migrated back home, whereas some chose to stay and try to rebuild. For those that opted to stay, the rebuilding process wasn't always easy. It led some down a path of drugs, drink and crime. It led others down a path of inner peace and solitude, now they no longer relied on materialistic things. The name 'Strawberry Bums' was a name given to the group by residents of the Strawberry/Davis area, however the collective has since claimed it their own. Their presence within the community became noticed when a certain Fred J. Frederickson decided to take a lot of people in to his shelter as his own. He's seen as a father figure to most, and a drunken hobo waster to others - but still his group remains the centre of his life. Other founding members such as Joseph Jones, Karen Kurtis and Happy Henry are leaders within the group, often keeping the younger members in line. They are dirty, certainly not house-trained and are most certainly a burden on society - but they're also a group of prideful, respectful citizens who just need a break. PRESENT DAY Nowadays, the bums can be found in and around the under-pass at Strawberry, where they have created a small ghetto. Their regular shop, "Strawberry 24/7", has accepted the fact that they're not going anywhere and has taken them in with open arms. One staff member even quoted something as lovely as, "Hey, at least they pay". The older males in the community tend to have a bit more traction when it comes to making decisions, whereas females of all ages are used to generate income... Not that this is ever successful. They are not criminals, intentionally. They're not a group of thugs who mug and steal - they make their money through begging predominantly. Though some of them choose to offer their services in terms of soliciting, this is not too prevalent in the community. CHARACTER PROFILES OOC INFORMATION The Strawberry Bums are a collective of individuals who are after a break from the standard bar scene roleplay. Though they may be perceived as 'trolls' by the outside community, people who actually attempt to interact with them will see that Roleplay is our highest aim. You will never get bored if you come across one, or a group of these individuals and many people can vouch for the experience we provide. If you're interested in becoming a bum, then all you have to do is choose a skin/make a rough looking character, and hang around the Strawberry underpass (pictured below). There are no requirements for joining, besides a high level of roleplay. We do not reserve the right to CK characters as that is not our motto. We are not participants of gang wars, drug wars or any illegal activities as quite frankly, our characters are either too mentally disabled or too poor to participate in such. If you fancy a change, and what to give a different style of roleplay a go, come and hit us up. Everyone is welcome!
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