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Staff Update - May 2019 (Mid-Month)

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Notbond    157





A pretty short update this month that has been waiting a little while to get out the door! As I'm sure you've seen this month, property management has been incredibly busy with their new apartment system which has seen many more housing options be placed into the city. A massive congratulations to them and all their continued hard work.  


We've had a whole slate of internal promotions this month but sadly no new members joining the support team, applications will be opening up soon so consider applying! Finally, a peek behind the curtain, you should keep your eyes on the rules changelog in the coming days as we're updating them to be a bit clearer and expand on some areas of existing rules that have previously not been made explicit but often enforced in game. 






Admin Promotions


@Caporegime from Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3

@Crocker from Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1

@Thimble from Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1



@Dashing from Support to Trial Administrator

@KV from Support to Trial Administrator
@Blackbeard from Support to Trial Administrator
@mother_superior  from Support to Trial Administrator
@Thirteen from Support to Trial Administrator




Reserved Applicant




Commiserations to all those who were denied, please contact @Dominykas. if you were put on the reserved list.

If you are not on this list of reserved testers, you are not reserved even if you were put on reserved in a previous update. We only keep people on the list for one month.

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Maca    159

Congratulations kids.

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