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  1. You are right. There are way too many vacant properties. However, most of them are located in areas that doesn't suit 80% of the server population's characters. Areas like East LS, Paleto and Sandy Shores requires a specific type of character, which the majority of the community has spoken about not paying too much interest into playing as. Maybe that's a cynical answer, but there's a reason why these existing properties remain empty.
  2. I like this solution, but I would also consider allowing players to request houses as well. Within some limitations of course, to avoid people taking advantage of the system for profit (like requesting a house in Vinewood and then turn around to sell it as "The only available house in Vinewood" and push the price up). My suggestion would be to open up for people to request properties within already built out properties. For example, there are still a lot of unused buildings in Vespucci, Hawick and so on that could be requested if there is interest for it. That way, the properties would also be used instead of adding a ton of properties in areas where they would remain empty (East LS, for example).
  3. Thirteen

    ((That's not a Voodoo, that's a Tornado. ))
  4. Thirteen

    Jae is a good guy, but such a babyface though!
  5. Thirteen

    I don't know much about the gun trade, as that's not something my character got any interest in. But, it has reached a point in the drug trade where it's easier to get cocaine than weed, and that's a very interesting issue. Maybe it's suppliers deciding against getting weed because of smaller profit margins etc, but I wouldn't know.
  6. Thirteen

    I got nothing to add, other than the fact that I really like this solution.
  7. Thirteen

  8. Thirteen

    Under my reign of terror, ERP in public will be punishable by CK.
  9. Thirteen

    You spelled Pariah wrong.
  10. Thirteen

    Maybe, but your character development is apparently connected to the paychecks you're recieving. I could argue that a PO2 wouldn't make enough money to buy a 200k car, or the fact that most people prioritize getting a place to stay before they spend that amount of money on a sports car, but that's a different story all together. The point remains the same, though. The rest of the server manages to sustain themselves with the paychecks they are recieving, And before you make the argument of "People can go mine to make even more money than we are recieving in PD!", I seem to recall this being a roleplay server, and not a Cops vs Miners server. The number of people that actually grind mining religiously is drastically smaller than the amount of people in PD and FD.
  11. Thirteen

    If only you had a high value item you could sell, to afford an affordable home.
  12. Thirteen

    What he said. I don't see any reason for this, from a immersion point of view. Well, if that is the case, I'm the Grinch.
  13. Thirteen

    I'll offer you $28,500 for it. Sorry if that is considered a lowball offer, but it's better than scrapping it, at least.