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  1. Thirteen

    Unfortunately, we do not allow smart TP's on apartment buildings. Because of that, this request has been denied.
  2. Thirteen

    This has been set up ingame. Enjoy!
  3. Thirteen

    Set up ingame.
  4. Thirteen

    As discussed ingame, there are better solutions for this. Because of that, this request has been denied.
  5. Thirteen

    This has been set up ingame. Enjoy!
  6. Thirteen

    Unfortunately, the balcony floor isn't solid, so a smart TP can not be placed there. Because of that, I would have to deny this request.
  7. Thirteen

    Unfortunately, we do not handle teleport requests inside apartment buildings at the moment. Denied.
  8. Thirteen

    Next time, make a report to get it archived instead of tagging me directly. There are many staff members that can help you with this.
  9. Thirteen

    ((This will not be allowed to resell. This property was created a week ago through property requests, and the purpose for this was not for you to try to flip it for a profit. Contact me on Discord to discuss how to proceed with this. @TwistedMessez ))
  10. You are right. This is a low effort post. And on that note, it is locked.
  11. Thirteen

    These types of topics keep popping up every now and then, and it's basically just like beating a dead horse at this point. Vehicle suggestions has been covered several times, and is something that is actively discussed within the staff team pretty often, as some of us are also car enthusiasts. So, all I can tell you is that we are working on it. On top of that, this suggestion is just turning into a back and forth discussion that isn't really helping the case as a whole. And the thread itself isn't following the format for suggesting new features.
  12. Thirteen

    It's a bit complicated. At the moment, the way customization works, it costs just as much to install a part as it costs to remove it. So if a front bumper costs $2000, it also costs $2000 to turn it back to stock.
  13. Thirteen

    I see where you're coming from when it comes to performance parts. As far as visual modifications, that is a deal breaker for me due to the current system, where it will cost me just as much to remove the parts as it is for you to apply them. Therefore, I'm personally not willing to pay extra for customization choices that I might find questionable or that are simply not my taste, for example.
  14. Thirteen

    Locked upon request from OP.
  15. Thirteen

    For once, I actually agree with you on something. As far as I'm concerned, this is basically the game mirroring the same issue that news agencies are struggling with IRL all across the world. Written media has been struggling for some time now, which is why more and more news agencies are shifting over to more of a subscription model and/or hiding more of their articles behind paywalls to make money. So I don't necessarily feel that the connection between broadcasted ads without any interaction with a newspaper or other forms of broadcasted news media, makes any sense. And I was against that when it came to Weazel News as well. Do I think that news agencies should be rewarded in some shape or form? Sure. But I don't feel that this is the solution.