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  1. Hello, We are located at the old Riverside Rods/LS Customs lot on La Mesa.
  2. I like this build. The only thing I would have considered there is replacing the RAM you've chosen with something like, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) at 3600mhz which would be much better for the Ryzen chipset which thrives on higher speeds.
  3. Hello, Let me start by saying this. When the decision was made by Property Management to convert this to a liquor store, it was based solely on the exterior. In hindsight, I have no problems with admitting that this clearly was a mistake from our end, and I apologize for that on behalf of the team. Does it say "Rob's Liquor" on the front? Sure. But in this case, there is a clear history of this place being used as a 24/7 and this thread showcases the impact it has had on the local community, and it would be a shame for that to disappear just based on a technicality. So, how do we move forward from here? Personally, I am going to make sure that it is being reverted back to a 24/7 when it comes to the script, so that the roleplay can continue the way it has for quite some time now. This does however also mean that alcohol will not be sold on the premises for now, and that the conversion might happen in the future when this business is not actually being used by anyone anymore. TL;DR: We jumped the gun on this one, we are sorry and we are changing it back.
  4. Thirteen

    I can literally count the pixels in that screenshot.
  5. Thirteen

    ((Regardless of the sale going through, PM will be looking into this property and potentially take action. The sale simply went through quicker than we were expecting. ))
  6. Thirteen

    Listen to Jay Z. Just because you managed to earn 500k to buy a Paragon, doesn't mean that you can afford it.
  7. WE ARE ALSO HIRING! Specifically looking for experienced technicians. Send us an email at [email protected] ((forum PM Thirteen)) and we will get in touch with you. ((Disclaimer: This will be a completely different garage experience than other garages on the server. We do not accept drop-ins or "15 minute tune-ups", but will instead focus on long-term restorations and repairs taking up to a week's time to provide a more realistic experience. If this isn't something you are interested in, then there are more than enough garages in the city that will hire you. We are simply looking to provide an alternative.))
  8. Skunkworks Automotive is looking to provide the finest restorations, installs, and mechanical services to American muscle car enthusiasts in Los Santos. Founded in 2020 and running out of one of the most significant garages in the city, we specialize in Albany, Bravado, Declasse, Dundreary, Imponte, Invetero, Schyster, Vapid and other modern and classic muscle cars. If horsepower is your passion, you can rely on the seasoned team of mechanics, technicians and muscle car enthusiasts to share in your hobby. From maintenance and repair, to restoration, to full-blown overhauls, we are your go-to choice for tweaking or enhancing your car. If your muscle car requires a more comprehensive evaluation or repair, we can help get it running the way it was intended. Before we make any alterations or replacements, our mechanics will consult with you and discuss their findings and ideas so you can make an informed decision as to the details of our discovery. Our restoration services for American muscle cars are second-to-none. We perform both interior and exterior restorative services including, but not limited to: Custom upholstery services Dent repair Paint and pin-striping Mechanical restorations Engine overhauls Tuning engines Rebuilding suspensions Electrical rewiring Component replacement Parts sourcing or replacement If you have a project you just haven’t had the time to work on, send us an email at [email protected] ((forum PM Thirteen)) and we’ll get in touch with you.
  9. Thirteen

    Locked and archived due to property issues. Please contact me if you have any questions.
  10. Thirteen

    Kudos to this guy. This thread is looking slick as hell.
  11. Thirteen

    Bravado Gresley Hellhound Mammoth Patriot Classic Vapid STD Thunder BF Club GTR Vapid Razor Vapid Dominator Classic Bravado Gauntlet S Coil Taranis Bravado Buffalo A/C LCC Templar In no particular order. My taste in cars is showing.
  12. Thirteen

    Good job, Keane.
  13. Thirteen

    I am simply going to shut this suggestion down completely. This has been nothing but a flame war and no constructive discussion comes out of that. On top of that, the OP fails to use the correct format for suggestions.