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  1. Thirteen

    That would basically mean that my characters could not consume alcohol at all. For some reason, I get motion sickness from the alcohol effects which is why I don't actually use the items. However, to make up for that, I do fully roleplay being intoxicated. Perhaps even to a longer extent than most people. Hell, I even CKed a character after hitting a pole while drunk driving. My point is, feel free to report people if you feel that they are not role-playing the effects of alcohol properly. But we don't need a script to do that. It's a roleplay server after all. People should be expected to use their imagination.
  2. Thirteen

    If you're still looking for one, contact me at [email protected] ((Forum PM)).
  3. Thirteen

    I wouldn't recommend a Huawei either. Especially not with the recent drama that is going on with Google (and the US). However, there are definitely better (in my opinion) Android alternatives out on the market, without the annoying and intrusive One UI that Samsung insists on putting on top of their Android OS. If they could offer me a clean Android experience, I'd consider them. But since they can't, I'll pass. So, I would consider these instead if I were you, if you want to step out of the comfort zone and try a more clean Android. OnePlus 7T Pro or the Motorola One Zoom if you're on a budget.
  4. Thirteen

    Are those the only two options? Because if the option is between Samsung and Samsung, I'd rather pass.
  5. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Experienced lawyer, preferably specializing in contract law. Interior decorators, experienced with both residential and commercial properties. Photographers. All positions are freelance and suitable applicants will be hired on a case-by-case business. If you have any enquires, please do not hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to [email protected] (( @Thirteen ))
  6. Thirteen

    (( Please edit the thread to follow the advertising rules, specifically when it comes to vehicles.))
  7. Thirteen

    Syrike already told you guys to drop the argument. Continuing to discuss this in this thread will lead to punishments being handed out. This isn't about staff doubling down on any stance. This is simply not the thread to discuss this.
  8. Thirteen

    The discussion should have ended with that, but now we are getting into name calling territories, so I'm simply going to close this thread. An answer has been provided.
  9. Thirteen

    Because, while there might be tons of people looking to purchase them, only a very tiny part of those people would get it because it fits their roleplay.
  10. Close, but no cigar.
  11. Thirteen

    Looks like CC to me.