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  1. Thirteen

    'nuff said.
  2. Username: DxRy Comment: You forgot "chasing down victims and shooting them in the back". Because the city has not forgotten about that, and this statement isn't fooling anyone.
  3. ((I'm afraid I'm going to pause this auction to determine the circumstances around this business sale. Thread will be locked while the investigation is going on. We would prefer it if you didn't make any decisions surrounding this in the meantime.))
  4. Thirteen

    I'm going to respectfully disagree on that one. For example, a lot of the points mentioned in @EliH's post revolved around decisions made by staff members that are no longer a part of the staff team. I'm not going to throw anyone under the bus, but I do feel that as a result of that, some of their concerns were a bit unwarranted when it comes to how things are being done right now.
  5. Thirteen

    I'm not going to systematically fight every single point you're trying to make in this, but I am going to say this. A lot of the things you mention in your rant shows that you are very outdated when it comes to your perceived knowledge of ingame mechanics and rules. So I would simply suggest that you log back on, check how things are now and then make another comment again. Example; (hint hint road tax isn't a thing on the server anymore).
  6. Thirteen

    Since this is an apartment building with 12 properties and only 6 balconies attached to the building, and with no way of knowing which one belongs to which property, I'm going to have to deny this request.
  7. If you're using Gmail, you can try this solution. Append the prefix of your Gmail address (the part before the “@“ sign) with a “+” sign, followed by any number of alphanumeric characters. (For example, if your original email address is “[email protected]”, use an email address like “[email protected]”). And complete the steps to create your account. That way, you can also track which profile is getting emailed, and it should consider each of those addresses as unique even though all point to the same Gmail account.
  8. Thirteen

    This is now over and a winner has been decided! Property Team are very satisfied with the winning pitch - the character seems to have a very relevant background, have presented good reasons why they should lease this business and have provided interesting ideas on what they plan to do with their business. So, the winner is @Pillowy and they will be contacted shortly with instructions on how to proceed with setting up this lease. Congratulations.
  9. Thirteen

    Requests are now closed. We will be looking through and reviewing all of the entries.
  10. Thirteen

    Your balcony has been set up. Enjoy!
  11. Thirteen

    Your back door has been added. Enjoy!
  12. Thirteen

    Your back door has been set up. Enjoy!
  13. Thirteen

    Reminder that there is only 3 days left to request this business!
  14. Author: RH Comment: I think you're looking at the wrong way. If anything, it seems to me like the journalists gave ONO and John Monroe just enough rope to hang themselves with, in the eyes of the public. Because let's face it, the only thing these articles has done, is to shine a bigger light on the fact that this guy is a murderer that doesn't seem to take any responsibility for his actions. And his boss is the one that feels like he should get a second chance.
  15. Thirteen

    Now we're getting somewhere. I'll take it. Send me your details and I'll get in touch with you to sort it out as fast as possible.