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    Kudos to you both. Welcome to the Senior Citizens Club of San Andreas. I'm your President, Caporegime.
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    “As for all Aryan Brotherhood defectors, you are on a hit list and you’re going to die one day. You might have divorced the Brand but the Brand hasn’t divorced you.” - Casper Odinson Crowell From within the depths of the Los Santos County Jail system the tentacles of the Aryan Brotherhood could be felt around the neck of the Los Santos criminal underground. While primarily a gang that operates within prisons and county jails, the Aryan Brotherhood was and is fully capable of maintaining and operating a criminal enterprise on the street. The AB moniker and concept of “one is in for life and the only exit is through death” was first adopted in nineteen sixty-seven, yet the original prison gang was founded sometime in the early nineteen sixties. Much like the other racially segregated prison gangs through prison systems across the United States, the Aryan Brotherhood was built around the idea of providing protection for other caucasian prisoners from other prison gangs. Originally a potential member of the Aryan Brotherhood had to part Irish and be able to “stand on their own two feet” in terms of fighting capability, but eventually the group progressed to a point where the family history was no longer needed and the candidate just needed to be caucasian. The Los Santos County Jail system, while newer than its Californian counterpart, has too felt the presence of not only the infamous Mexican Mafia, or La Eme, but the Aryan Brotherhood as well. Little is known to the public about the activities of the AB in San Andreas, but intelligence gathered through confidential informants both in and out of county lockup have provided authorities with an overall picture. Sources within the Los Santos Police Department and the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department have indicated that two major players from within the San Andreas branch of the Aryan Brotherhood have made their presence known within Los Santos the past year - Merle Leutticke and James Strauss respectfully. These two individuals have been cited by law enforcement as to having setup the AB’s original communication and street operations. Yet in recent months, both individuals have been said to have returned to prison and transferred out of state, which was an attempt by the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department and San Andreas Department of Corrections to dismantle the influence of the Aryan Brotherhood on the Los Santos criminal underworld. With the future of the Aryan Brotherhood’s street operations still in jeopardy as there is a clear lack of an individual at the top of the pyramid, law enforcement and criminal experts can only speculate who this individual may or may not be. To be given the reins of the AB’s lucrative Los Santos and Blaine County operations, this individual or individuals, must be connected to various AB members with influence in the multitude of correctional systems throughout the United States. Out of Character This organization reserves the right to character kill any and all individuals who seek out and associate with The Aryan Brotherhood. The leadership of this organization supports the rights of roleplayers to properly and realistically carry out prison/street politics and the consequences that come with said politics. Unless you’ve got written consent by the leadership of this faction, you do not have the rights to post screenshots on this thread. If you have permission to post, use your best discretion when posting. Screenshots deemed inappropriate will be removed.
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    Did someone say older character?
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    2 years of trying to figure out who runs florida. @Ethanol and I are still stumped.
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    Farewell my friend. Farewell.
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    Thomas "Tommy Verbatim" Alo.
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    What he said.
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