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  1. Thimble

  2. Thimble

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  4. Thimble

    Finally a literal reason to Pokeypost... Looking forward to seeing what this faction can bring to the community.
  5. Thimble

  6. Thimble

  7. Thimble

    Eriks on the beat!
  8. Thimble

    Looking nice. Black power!
  9. Thimble

    Buenos dias en la tiera!
  10. I sincerely hope softcore rpers stop applying too, we have enough of them as is!
  11. Thimble

    After a meeting with several scientists of the Benson Black Statistical Analysis Institute(BB-SAI) we have come to the conclusion that we quite literally cannot put a tangible estimate on how far this faction will go, this is predicated on the fact that it is fire and therefore has the potential to set the bar further than has ever been quantified before.
  12. Thimble

  13. Thimble

    An outstanding faction, I don't think there's ever been a moment that I've doubted the judgement or any related procedures of even the lowest of rankers in the LSSD. I know this was a thread for questions and/or potential criticism but I hope there's some room for a bit of good ol' fashioned flattery as well.