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  1. Not gonna read through 13 pages of posts on this topic, so bare with me if someone has pointed this out already here. But, as someone that has been on the other side this by having to deal with reports ingame and on the forums, I have to say this. The amount of petty shit people are reporting each other for is absolutely ridiculous at times. Should some things be reported? Absolutely. But at the same time, there are so many things that can be avoided by simply talking to each other like adults or even walking away from the computer for a moment after a intense situation, instead of jumping straight to the forums to aggressively type out a spiteful report just for the sake of getting the other side in trouble (and/or simply to waste their time having to address it. I've seen that as well, lol.)
  2. I'll be there to resell fake Yeezy's.
  3. Sold. Can be locked and archived.
  4. Easy. Email me your contact information and your availability, and I will get in touch with you tonight.
  5. 1250 Mirror Place Beautiful home in the heart of Mirror Park. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, home office (can be converted back to a bedroom), spacious kitchen, garage, backyard, driveway. Interior: Buyout: $1,500,000 Starting bid: $800,000 ((Property Info))
  6. Thirteen


    You managed to use "comprehensible" in a sentence. You're fine. For the rest of the people that you might be referring to in this suggestion, I think that the application should be able to weed out most of the worst offenders. And that should remain as intentional. This is a heavy roleplay server. While there are obviously a lot more to take into account to determine if a player is suitable to play here, actually being able to convey your character's actions is basically the bare minimum of things to expect from any player. As cynical as it sounds, I don't see why the staff should be required to babysit these players and monitor their progress when it comes to improving their knowledge about the English language. If anything, I think we should be even stricter and start weeding out players like the ones in the report example made in your initial post.
  7. As an actual Norwegian IRL, I fully agree with this comment and can explain how unrealistic it would be for a large influx of first-generation Norwegian characters to suddenly appear on the server. Third generation? Sure. Around 800,000 Norwegians migrated to the US about a century ago when the nation was at its poorest. Obviously that has changed a lot in the last 100 years or so. While I hate to turn this into a political statement, there was actually a bit of a debacle about it here in 2018 after Trump during his time as President made some comments about wanting "fewer immigrants from shithole countries and more immigrants from places like Norway". Because why the fuck would anyone living comfortably in Norway, want to move to a country such as the US? Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, health care is free, kindergarten is very affordable, parental leave is for a full year and so on. There are simply no reasons for most Norwegians to move to the US in 2021, and I also wish that people took that into account when creating their character instead of just trying to be a special snowflake by picking a obscure country just for the sake of being unique. Rant over.
  8. ((Real life is a bitch, and actively running a business on the server isn't something I have the time for, at the moment. This can be locked and archived for now.))
  9. I don't see how this suggestion hurts anyone, so I got no issues with it. Plus, as a tattoo shop owner, I look at this as more potential customers which is a win.
  10. This. But hey, I feel that we have moved past mechanic garage owners snatching up cars with a tow truck, at least!
  11. Awesome, I'll shoot you an email later tonight to schedule the transaction.
  12. Hello, Would you take $130,000 for it? Best wishes, TS.
  13. Oh, for sure. It's all depending on the client. But we're getting way outside of the point here. So, to get back to the original discussion - I think that claiming that mappers are not roleplaying, is a bit far fetched. But it goes both ways. People can't claim that mappers are not roleplaying if you are hiring them through Discord recommended by a buddy OOC and transferring them money without even meeting them. Be the change you want to see by involving yourself in the process IC, finding suitable designers, meeting up with them and communicating your ideas to them through roleplay. Or even create furniture businesses and partner up with these designers to deliver stuff for them through roleplay. Use trucking companies to actually roleplay transporting the furniture and so on. There are options here, but I think it's pretty understandable that the actual mapping part isn't really something that can be done IC.
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