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  1. mother_superior

    Username: redLacedLucky88 Comment: lmao you fucking toads kill me
  2. mother_superior

    this doesnt measure shit
  3. mother_superior

    "Big bad camaradas on the blocc"
  4. mother_superior

    Thats white
  5. mother_superior

  6. mother_superior

    thread looks dope hope to rp with you sometime
  7. mother_superior

    when @Thimble (may be peace upon him) and i were doing barrio azteca before it went to shit
  8. mother_superior

    User: big_bad_westside_gang Comment: heard u inbred fucks had some electrical issues at ur place in dogtown 🙂
  9. Username: deathb4dishonor Comment: this news site is fuckin trash, why dont u retards report on actual news. noone gives a fuck about depression on NEWS site jfc this country is goin 2 shit bc of mongoloid fucks like u
  10. mother_superior

  11. mother_superior

    Shit finna be lit 🔥🔥🔥
  12. mother_superior

    "Walk the walk, talk that talk."
  13. mother_superior

  14. mother_superior

  15. mother_superior

    OOC: This faction is intended to represent a fictional modern Sureno set. By participating in this faction you consent to the CK clause that leadership of Vespucci Rifa 13 and members of La Eme can execute your character for any means they seem fit. I am open to constructive criticism, please forum PM in order to bring up any concerns. All recruitment is done IC. For any questions or concerns, please contact @mother_superior or @arkan