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    OOC: This faction is intended to represent a fictional modern Sureno set. By participating in this faction you consent to the CK clause that leadership of Vespucci Rifa 13 and members of La Eme can execute your character for any means they seem fit. I am open to constructive criticism, please forum PM in order to bring up any concerns. All recruitment is done IC. For any questions or concerns, please contact @mother_superior or @arkan
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    L&A this please
  5. Two bedroom, one family home for sale in El Burro Heights. Please contact me at: [email protected] ((forum pm)) Starting Price at $150.000 Minimum Raise $5000 Buyout Price at $180.000
  6. mother_superior

    Selling my Ubermacht Sentinel Classic, various body modifications done to the vehicle, the engine has been rebuilt and upgraded to a stage 4 down pipe. The transmission has been replaced with a racing transmission as well as the suspension. Pictured below: Asking price is $110,000 though, I am open to offers. Please contact me at [email protected] ((forum pm))
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    Rest in Peace
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    LMAO. from dumpster to shitbird paki in Spain
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    L&A upon request