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What would you like to see on GTAW? (2022)

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9 hours ago, Dakimakura said:

Less updates for PD.

Fix the stupid crime rate, it's nauseating.

More scripts for citizens.

Improve the current scripts, removing the RPG element from trucker script, for example, among many others.

Devs taking a look at Suggestions/bug reports threads.

Get rid of this maudlin community who report you for anything.

More severe punishments.

Stop blocking threads for no reason, preventing any user from replying even when the staff who blocked the thread is wrong.

Players Rp'ng their character like a real person, not like a GTAO character, getting rid of this John Wick mentality killing everyone in spree.


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14 minutes ago, mj2002 said:

A short wishlist!


  • A focus on neighborhood roleplay! My best experiences so far on this server were in areas where characters run into each other multiple times, but naturally. These spots usually form around groups of businesses and /or factions that keep make a strong showing in their own area and are accepting of those not part of their factions as well. The focus of staff seems to be mainly on illegal or legal factions only, whereas I think attention here would help a lot as well. A lot of attempts have been made to work on this by community members in recent months. I hope more support can be given here. Some examples of this;



I believe the following suggestion will help with this as well, but it has much broader appeal!






  • Some quality of life updates, especially those that enhance simple things!



  • Some quality of life changes to used car dealership roleplay! This is a personal hobby of mine, maybe not as interesting to other players. But if you're interact with this every day for years, you'll see room for improvements!




  • Some new or old lore friendly vehicles that have been around for a while now. A few examples below!








  • There's some suggestions I have made myself in the past. Most of them aren't particularly popular, but not every change needs to be popular for it to have a positive effect on the server overall.


  • Beyond this, I'd like to see more attention being given to businesses in general. A lot of scripts like trucking, scripted jobs, starter jobs, etcetera, haven't received substantial overhauls since 1-2 years. A lot of them are really overdue some changes. I understand that this all takes a lot of time, but its worth the investment I think. There is more to GTAWorld than just shooting each other, chasing each other in cars, and going to clubs or bars. I hope this really gets some recognition! 


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54 minutes ago, Mahitto said:


That would be cool to have but very much not cool to actually do. Working for the IRS (or any similar agency) is as boring as it gets. Put that in-game, it'd be horrible. I'm pretty sure no one actually wants to spend all of their time looking at random digits and I'm also sure no one wants to over and over file actual tax returns for their characters, or role-paly as tax attorneys and accountants. It's realistic, it's cool (for few) but it's boring. And on top of everything, unlike real life, we have the concept of "OOC money" - millions that your homeless character has but does not actually have.


It'd be a cool thing but I don't want to see it, honestly. 

My vision would be more centered around the larger businesses. I totally get your points and agree largely with it.

As a business owner that's earned millions legitimately, it's just something I'd love to see happen personally to give me more concern around my finances (and giving my lazy finance officer more work to do :P)

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LS Gov Traffic Control - A unit that focuses on placing cones around scenes, issuing parking tickets. They would have amber lights and no LEO power at all. Too many people are crashing into scenes and I rarely ever see traffic cones etc used.


Oh and they would do all the towing!!!

@Pogis make this happen daddy owo

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18 minutes ago, Epic said:

Would absolutely love to see some of the minigames that were planned come into GTA W. The billiards and golf would be nice.

Think billiards was put in, but its buggy as all hell.

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News department being taken more seriously. Allowing different news stations to put pressure on the political and social life of the community, taking every interaction seriously. And not ignored just because its just "news", not many communities willing to show that respect to news, but they are ones that enforce whole realism and "watching what you doing". 


We could even have news obtain helicopters and co-pilots could have a zooming-camera and record the cop chases or whatever that's worth being reported and if somebody messes up, its on them. And these visible evidences shouldn't be ignored, but taken into discussions by mayors & etc.... if stuff gets leaked out publicly, there should be consequence.



Would be neat seeing high school in Davis/South Central area. Even without "active" teachers and what-not, it'd be nice interior for gang-rping teens to RP and have that dope environment.

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