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What would you like to see on GTAW? (2022)

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4 hours ago, Mahitto said:


That would be cool to have but very much not cool to actually do. Working for the IRS (or any similar agency) is as boring as it gets. Put that in-game, it'd be horrible. I'm pretty sure no one actually wants to spend all of their time looking at random digits and I'm also sure no one wants to over and over file actual tax returns for their characters, or role-paly as tax attorneys and accountants. It's realistic, it's cool (for few) but it's boring. And on top of everything, unlike real life, we have the concept of "OOC money" - millions that your homeless character has but does not actually have.


It'd be a cool thing but I don't want to see it, honestly. 

I want to spend my time looking at spreadsheets, and I think he meant the flow of cash and banktransfers into business accounts, I.E cheking so no one is laundering money and what not

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a functional medical system and an alternative ambulance provider somewhere in the map. if we can have five LEO agencies, another Ambulance provider can exist too.


los santos county government or a reorganization of the government system in general, maybe give it some teeth to manage the existing government agencies which have frankly almost zero major IC oversight, which doesn't help for mutual assistance. right now the government is kind of a paper tiger, theirs like five areas where its useful, and the rest is just extremely dull bureaucratic juggling instead of actual city/county/state management and political roleplay.


los santos times


medical roleplay scripts that don't suck, our injury system is genuinely from 2014 SAMP and it shows. its older than most games.



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Limiting dm, police chases and unrealistic criminal roleplay in general, encouraging people not to roleplay an all-perfect character (like ur char has to get sick at some point no??), there should be a disease / sickness script to force people to roleplay properly, thus giving more roleplay to fd and hospitals


also cutting down on sports cars is a must because it’s cringe seeing a sports car everywhere you go


And please for the love of god, make all businesses a safe zone. It’s unrealistic to see 24/7 police scenes at every club, bar or any business


I know nobody will take these suggestions seriously but o well, I hope they do. They will make a huge difference in the server 

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Less action and more roleplay. Tired of the cops versus robbers gaming that many people have chosen over actual roleplaying.

More people outside, walking and hanging out and less people on the streets and highways doing six hundred miles per hour in their Pariah, running from modified LSPD Buffalos.

More stores, salons, agencies, businesses which provide any sort of services other than bars, nightclubs, cafes and other alcohol infested shit.

Less shooting, more usage of melee weapons to intimidate, punish, or even kill.


Retards and outcasts who did not make it into factions or got kicked out of them properly punished for their behavior - banned and banned again if they evade. If they are not there to intimidate the public every time they want to roleplay outside, then the public will not need 800 people daily in order to make most areas populated. We'll be fine with two social hubs and like 300 players even.


I am not saying that I wish for this server's player count to go down, but rather pointing out that our player count does not mean anything when our quality has been gradually dipping down for years. I am glad that Management has finally noticed these issues and that appropriate steps will be taken. Do not use this comment to derail this topic and turn it into another discussion, it's only my two cents.


Other than that I want to see a crack down on modified cars for immersion purposes. If there is no reason for your character to drive a riced out Pariah then don't drive a riced out Pariah. Car enthusiasts aren't the rarest especially in California but the amount of riced out pieces of shit that I see on our roads is honestly vomit inducing. And even if it isn't rice but tasteful modifications then still, why? Just drive a normal car. If you're a law abiding citizen you won't ever need that car to run from the cops.


Then I wanna see more news outlets and people taking them seriously. I want the server continuity and lore to be more developed and taken way more seriously than now, because for now it's too much of a free for all. Everyone sees this city in their own eyes and everyone always has a counter-argument against everyone. We need more definition in regards to all of this.

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On 1/1/2022 at 2:44 PM, Dakimakura said:

Perhaps they can also consider paying a developer, it's not necessary to hire a full-time person to make a script, many people are willing to create the script for a price, no need to pay a month's salary for it.

I think I saw a message from Nervous saying that the prices of a developer based in USA or Europe are fairly high. Which is why he hired a Russian developer to work on the new inventory UI and such.

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Shoes from some of the popular mods on here should just be added to the server as a whole. The default shoes everyone sees right now look goofy as hell. Aside from that, the suggestion of new buildings and locations from the thread that Nervous made a while ago should definitely be implemented, maybe expanded to add properties and low-income housing for illegal RPers in Cypress Flats or La Mesa. 

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