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  1. nothing u can do, it happens.
  2. While this may work there is no way you will get 60fps on a windows VM running ragemp on a macbook m1
  3. M1 can't run GTA or Rage as neither support ARM
  4. vote for Seized Vehicles richest character on the server
  5. Only super rich and well known people should be able to obtain such cars. For example Anna Rex, Hendricks, Casino owners etc
  6. Maybe don't kick people from your discord for ooc reasons when they have an ic reason to be there.
  7. Admins can use html, normal users cannot.
  8. Cat ear PF warrior reporting for duty
  9. @Lilypad very friendly
  10. I checked and the buses are not faction vehicles they are registered to a LST business instead.
  11. The script prevents you from driving government vehicles.
  12. Username: E dog Comment: imagine wanting to support the murder of unborn children
  13. I have a completely vanilla game other than Ur file
  14. This doesn't work, I had texture loss last night even with this mod.
  15. *Elena Anderson would notice the flyer as she fills up her car at Davis LTD* Elena Anderson [low]: According to this flyer, I can murder 10 people on CCTV with no mask with my full face in view and she won't lose my case? Yeh, whatever!
  16. gotta be the dumbest suggestion, if I see a CK app on me I can just stay inside 24/7
  17. Aslong as any1 who gets run over by the metro NPC gets an instant CK for bein an idiot
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