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  1. tbh, their parents provide the internet connection so it's THEIR job to check on what their kids are doing, it's not gtaw's job. if 10 year olds watch the most brutal gore videos on the internet it's not the page's fault either
  2. seen a 6'10" 280lbs 14 y/o the other day LMAO
  3. only pussies spam the spacebar while fighting. and tbh i don't fw this whole flipcoin shit when it comes to fighting, u should just be realistic and also give ur opponent some chances. if 2 regular dudes, one is 5'8" and 100lbs and the other one's 6'3" with like 215lbs this should also be taken into consideration imo, so this coin shit is kind of unfair as well. it all comes down to how good u rp, if u willing to take L's. most people won't even bother, that's why most just do "/me rushes." and spam R
  4. the problem with actually rping a fist fight is that people suddenly turn into bruce lee, dodging every attack and doing nasty roundhouse kicks or w/e, thats why people rely on the script cause then it's at least fair. more or less
  5. maybe try this, idk if it'll work tho https://www.answertabs.com/how-to-change-qwertz-keyboard-to-qwerty-in-windows-10/
  6. only real solution i can think of rn is to just turn off ur minimap in the ig settings lol
  7. not having certain donator features affects your roleplay tho. the way i see it panda points were made so people who don't bother to buy donator can get a taste of the benefits being a donator can give u. i think the goal is to attract more people to buy donator and that of make more money, which is a smart move actually. its just shit that u have to pay for the simplest things. basically if u a business owner icly but not a donator u can't even place business blips on the map which is just totally ridiculous
  8. i get what u mean, i rp illegal female chars as well and i can't just walk around without getting hit on either. this still doesn't make me, or you, switch up our whole character to become a lesbian prostitute. i've been trying to get female chars something cool to do but from what i've seen most of these chars we'd call "mallrats" ain't even interested in doing anything but sexual rp. just check /ads and peep the ridiculous amount of escorts offering their services. it isn't anyone's fault these people are interested in only doing ic sex work, if you can't get shit worked out on ur female character then u just suck, there's always a way to become more or less successful on ur char without tooting it up and selling ur pixel pussy. in ur case for example, u say u rp a criminal female char but you constantly face some simping ass male characters, hitting on u and all of that. how about you put those together and line up some of these people and rob them? get a little crew together and lure these people into a trap and rob them. the key to all of this is to see an opportunity when there is one, this is what criminals do irl as well. if they see an opportunity to make money most likely they'll go for it.
  9. but thats not cause they rp black characters, it's just cause they're noobs. they'd do the same shit if they'd try a different kind of character. i guess gang rp just attracts many noobs cause after law enforcement gang rp prolly is the most action filled
  10. thing is not even in south central every black char is gang affiliated lol
  11. tbh u should be careful with that word, its kinda harsh to call players racists just cause they happen to portray a character that u feel like is unrealistic. i've never heard a player complaining who's black irl, weirdly it's always the ones who ain't even black in the first place. if that's racist then all those irl males playing lesbian escorts are sexists and homophobes as well. the gang scene on this server is huge, most gang factions here portray actual irl gangs and in l.a the vast majority of streetgangs are black and hispanic gangs, maybe thats why u feel like theres more "well spoken non black chars" on this server. and btw, u contradict urself by saying that u hardly have any issues with black chars but then u go and complain how the vast majority of black character's portrayal are fueled by racist stereotypes lol
  12. sounds like a you problem then tbh, there's a lot of legal black characters on this server but maybe you're automatically associating them with gangs cause they're talking in ebonics icly or w/e also you're acting like it's only black characters that are involved in gangs and out here shooting shit lol there's white boy gangs in hawick, hispanic gangs all over the town, irish/italian mobs, asian gangs n all of that. so why u coming for black chars only? got robbed by a (M) char last night and now you're trying to let off steam or something?
  13. then lets also talk about how 90% of female characters here are lesbian whores. aiming for absolute realism in a server like gtaw is basically impossible. also you're generalizing "why is EVERY SINGLE BLACK CHAR..." like dude cmon
  14. their parents* i highly doubt people would spend theirhard earned money on PANDA POINTS
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