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  1. I thought it was fairly obvious that they describe the event so that when dealing with the unban report they can remember the incident easier? Just look at the report section and scroll through some of the shit they have to deal with - most of it being DM - incidents can become /very/ blurred. But reading the unban reason as, "Dressed as a monkey and threw shit everywhere. Trolling." is more descriptive than, "Trolling." At the same time, you're asking unpaid volunteers who are human to act on corporate level. These people were trusted players who volunteered to help the community - key word being 'volunteered'. You can't expect them to act as PR specialists, they're players like you and me. I agree that sometimes decisions are made that leave me scratching my head - but it's not my place to question or judge. Everyone views things differently, they just have the power to make a final decision on things, that's life and that's not an issue at all. Be the change you want to see, put your application in and volunteer - I think it's very eye-opening just how much these guys do and that's not in an ass-kissing way, that's just how it is. It's a fun, stressful, unpaid responsibility. You can't criticise them for having a bit of fun IMO.
  2. What I find interesting is that civilian roleplayers are constantly met with: "mallrats get this and that, all they do is club RP" but it's exactly because of things like this where civilian roleplayers can't win. Same goes for Vespucci skatepark, used to be a fun spot for the BMX/skater community - now you can't go there or you get harassed/robbed/killed. Now that area is dead and void of heavy civilian RP - on a tourist beach. There's a professional soccer league that's started - are the gangs going to stop an organisations roleplay on that field now? I understand that this "can" happen in real life but as the argument is brought up - 100% realism doesn't ever work on a roleplay server. There needs to be some leeway and allowing civilians to actually roleplay in areas should have some minor OOC enforcement imo. Can't go to the whole Davis area (which is fair enough). Can't go to Vespucci skatepark. Can't go to the outside gym. Can't go to the soccer field. Don't even think you can go to Two Hoots Falls anymore. It gets very frustrating because there's a gang on every corner. And about the whole gang injunction thing - that is not easy to get. I've sat in a meeting with the DA handing them evidence of murders being commited with videos and photos all taken ICly via dashcam - and nothing could be done about it.
  3. As said, if they can make it so it doesn't impact interiors, cool, I'm all for it. But because community member #23827 is having issues with his PC not handling a 7 year old game, lets remove it.
  4. It's a few days out of a whole year that a lot of people have been wanting and enjoy. There's so many, "Oh we should have server events!" and then when management try, you just shit all over them. I commend them for trying something new, I'm gunna do my best to enjoy the 1-2 days we have of it before we go back to normality. If they can fix the interior issue, it really isn't a huge deal for a couple of days - it still rains inside a lot of interiors and no one makes posts about "STOP MAKING IT RAIN". Let parts of the community that do enjoy it, enjoy what little time they have with it because the server probably won't ever get it again.
  5. We know too little about it right now to really make a decision. If it has small towns with possible businesses, housing and roleplay opportunities for everyone, sure. If it's just a big Cartel mansion then no, I don't want an island to exist for a faction who'll DM you for stepping foot there.
  6. So many, but I don't know your forum names. Lilypad, @Jura, @Hood, @Nuka Quantum, Eva, Nelly, Elena Alvares, @Scunt, @Hugh-Gi-Oh, @Ale, @harrison, @Powley - you guys have made my time here not only fun in game but OOCly, I've made some real friends for life and ily guys. Some I haven't spoken to for a while or we've drifted apart - but I'll always remember you ❤️ @joshua @Ari- @Westen @Saccs - From Lifeguards to Hawaiian Snow - we've always tried to bring a lil creativity and new ideas, and without you guys I dunno if I'd still be playing here. From our roleplay to OOC friendships, I legit don't know what this past year woulda been like without you guys. And to the whole community, really. The fact that so many people from all over the world, from different walks of life, race, religion, sexuality - and all share a common interest in telling stories, creating characters and developing these memories that'll last with us a life time. From the gangbangers, ricers, mallrats, robocops, it doesn't matter - we're all part of this place together and I think that's pretty special and i cant forget my @Bombie and @Pillsbury and @Frezemis ❤️
  7. I think it's really simple - be considerate with your mods. If you have a hoodie mod, replace a vanilla hoodie. If you have a tshirt mod, replace a vanilla tshirt. The issue stems when there's people running around with missing elbows - which I'm starting to see a lot of and is actually breaking server rules as seen: Not saying it's intentional - but it's not fair on the players who don't install these mods (and they shouldn't be forced to /unless/ the server requires it ala 1.1) Custom mods are fine so long as you consider how other players see your character without a description. Scenario: police dashcam shows footage of a gangmember running away in a red shirt and couldn't see a /do. Crime broadcast goes out for a guy with a red shirt and then that person complains that "they weren't wearing a red shirt cause my mod is actually a green hoodie". As long as players ensure that their mod correlates with the vanilla stuff (hoodie for hoodie etc.), doesn't have missing body sections and understands that the community > your own modding experience, it shouldn't be an issue.
  8. I think the person who does this with full intentions of CK should atleast have the courtesy to inform the officers that they intend to CK and not stall the scene for too long. Yes, suicide calls happen IRL - but back when I was PD, it went from "this is great development for my character" to "I'd rather go off duty." and that's an issue I know a lot of officers have atm.
  9. Username: LFR Comment: white boy with a lisp fakin bein native be chantin like hey how r u, hey how r u? on god lmaaaaaao
  10. Username: LFR Comment: this guy is white as fuck wtf that aint no native accent
  11. Name: LFR Comment: arrow is clearly from davis and doin his best impression to pretend to be native and tryna educate people about somethin he has no fuckin idea about lmao
  12. Username: LFRZ Comment: this bitch name sounds like a world of warcraft character i like her
  13. Hey, I agree with you. Anyone that knows me personally knows that I always try to bring ideas forward that aren't the norm on this community. I tried to bring Park Rangers and got really far with that before being closed down via a forum PM months after we had been established. I made Lifeguards which is still going today - but arguably can't comment there as I haven't kept up with what's currently going on. We had a cult that had a good 20+ members in it before FM shut us down. My interactions with FM haven't really worked out positively to the point that I've said I'll never attempt to start a unique faction again on GTA:W. A friend once went to FM about starting up a fake ID thing that again, got really far with - but were told to put it on hold and never heard back. Now I'm currently in the process of making a clothing store to give people more RP rather than just using a menu - and working with Property Management to get set up was smooth, easy and what you'd always hope for. @Bombie is a credit to the server, btw. So this isn't so much as me defending FM because I have my own issues and reasons for why I agree with the overall conversation here. People do need to be allowed to express their creativity and ideas more - at the end of the day, this is a game and we're here to have fun. But at the same time, I can look at it from FM's point of view and they probably get 50 terrible faction applications for every 1 decent one. I fully agree with you, those with clean admin histories AND long serving members of the community should be given more trust and support to push their ideas. We've all seen Gangbanger Faction #232, White Supremacist Faction #13 and the likes - some of them are an absolute credit to the server even if I don't particularly like that kind of roleplay - but we don't need more of the same IMO. The ones we have are good at what they do. Too many cooks spoil the broth. The biggest issue is that the community as a whole needs to be more accepting to these unique ideas that DO manage to come to life - because as someone that has managed to bring something a little unique and different to the table, the community made it less fun than it should have been. I do think that FM should be more open minded in their approach and easier to talk to. Getting answers or even support is sometimes more hassle than it's worth, but they're also players with lives and admin responsibilities that we shouldn't overlook. An FM discord similar to the PM discord where people can swing by a support section to ask some simple questions that don't need a big forum PM that sits in an inbox for 4 weeks before being denied would be a good start, I think. Transparency is the key and right now, we don't really have that.
  14. Honestly, I think demotivation in factions stems from a lot of outside factors and how if parts of the community do not care about your faction - you'll struggle to overcome the issues. Creating something and dedicating time and effort into building something fun and unique - which people keep asking for - can only go as far as the community allows it and is mature enough to role-play along with it. Perfect example would be Lifeguards. When we started it originally, we had no big plans to be any bigger than a small team of people with similar interests and trying to bring something that hadn't been done before while bringing some activity and realism to Vespucci. The amount of shit we had from the community would strip the fun away from it. Whether it was people constantly faking drownings (everyday), cops saying "Oh great they sent Lifeguards" (despite being medically trained) and making our lives difficult to RP, people attempting to rob us at the tower (despite it being a safe-zone) or people calling us "mall-rats" for.. posting menyoo pictures? I'm not really sure. The fact is, the community constantly screams for more unique and creative ideas but when those ideas actually manage to sneak through the crack and become established - you get 90% of the community giving that faction shit for little to no reason. I don't like gangbanger RP. I will never partake in it. It's not for me - but I don't go talking shit about the factions that exist because I know that a few bad eggs in the report section do not dissuade from the work that the leaders are putting in. Leading a faction isn't easy. Hell, after Lifeguards and as written above, I'd never want to lead anything on GTA:W again. While this thread seems to be on the train of kinda.. bashing FM - and while I can say I've definitely had my own issues with FM in the past, they really are "damned if they do, damned if they don't." If this community wants creative and unique factions to work then it needs to mature and allow these ideas to be worked through with Faction Management so that they're consistant with current server expectations. What's the safest option for the community? Continuing as it is - accepting similar factions like gangs, mobs and not allowing more creative ideas to come to fruition or trying to be more lenient on peoples ideas? FM can't win IMO - they either stick as they are and get called out for it or they try and allow more freedom and the community lashes out because it's just not mature enough to allow these creations to exist. I'd love a FM discord similar to PM. But currently as it stands - you can't please everyone. People will always talk shit about an idea and go out of their way to make life more difficult for those that are trying to do something unique, it's just human nature online. We're lucky that the past two BIG GTA RP experiences have both been based in San Andreas - where gang RP is common. If GTA chose a location or time period where these gangs didn't exist, I legit don't think people would know what to do.
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