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  1. Looking for an Imponte Beater Dukes, feel free to SMS: #1660 or email ((forum PM). Any condition is fine 👾
  2. I think this is definitely a perfect example of where something can be set up to achieve government funding for this kind of thing. Realistically, even if they paid a small amount towards it - it'll help people provide things like this more frequently which is just a massive positive for the server as a whole. I previously had intentions of organizing a weekend festival that included camping grounds overnight until real life got in the way of my planning time. Trying to recreate that Woodstock/Coachella environment with artists spread out over the weekend. I think having an event l
  3. I have done many times (not on the scale with the mapping, as that wasn't possible when I used to do events) and if you read my comments above I state the reasons as to why I found the fee could have been different. Again, I've given full credit to the people who made the event. They deserve to profit for all of the hard-work and commitment they put in. It's what the server needs more of. I am just offering to the discussion where I think they could explore other avenues to help fund these events in future.
  4. Unfortunately, that's the bad side of business and I'm sorry you went through that but I assure you there are businesses/owners out there that would be more than happy to sponsor events in future. Hell, I'd have loved Hawaiian Snow to help sponsor the event if it meant DJs wearing our clothes or shit like that. There is a lot of opportunity, it's just trying to find the people who aren't entirely viewing it as profit, profit, profit. I'm sure there would be breweries out there that would happily sell alcohol at the event if they could slap their name on the posters etc. to. Perhaps
  5. Oh, don't get me wrong. What you guys did was wonderful, you can see the efforts that went into it and you deserve to make a profit off of your hardwork. Coming from a pure IC perspective, money for festivals are typically funded by sponsorships and stalls within the event itself. I saw one stall that was giving alcohol away for free, I believe, but there is a lot of opportunity to generate income via the event itself that was probably a missed opportunity - but understandable considering the scale you guys went for. I think the way the server is right now, people are always com
  6. The way the Vespucci event was set up yesterday was great, the seperate interior worked really well. The 5k entrance fee was a joke and soured the overall event IMO as it just appeared as a pure cash grab. (Read further on in the thread for my justification before jumping on this with your "oh you get 200k for joining the server!!".) I think the seperate interior thing can really help things until the server stabalizes a bit better with rage updates - plus allowing a little mapping and stuff only adds to the overall immersion. The food festival that recently took place
  7. ((All mods have been handed over to Oggy for 1.1 🙂 only exception is the X hoodies as the model is massive |: ))
  8. First of all, I'm glad you find a medium of peace here. Roleplay is a wonderful opportunity to zone out of real life problems - but only for a time. Howabout, the next time you wish to turn to drugs - try and focus on an RP scene or something for your character. Maybe write a back-story or work on a character thread. Anything to keep your mind focused away from struggles or possible addiction. That is healthy, what you are doing is not - and you need to care for yourself because real life does not stop and pause like GTA does. Whilst the game and the community can help you, it's
  9. Honestly, this was really heart-warming to read. I think the important thing is.. the people who actually care about you will show an interest in your hobby or at least not care enough to judge. For me, GTA:W has been such a comfort during an illness, giving me the chance of living some normality - I think it's actually aided my recovery massively. If I hadn't had the drive to do something with my time, I think I'd still be in a bad spot. Sure, we all complain about things here - no community is perfect. But GTA:W is the best of them all and I'll be eternally grateful f
  10. A fitting send off for a wonderful character. Love you, Koko ❤️
  11. I can't believe the major complaint is clientside mods that for a good majority of the server ruins immersion due to no arms and checkered textures. If your entire RP revolves around what you're wearing, that's pretty problematic. (I run a clothing manufacturer, it's really not a big deal). As others have said, the server needs to hit 1.1 so that the stress tests for clothing mods can begin. Oggy has spent hundreds of hours compiling mods - including IGhoul so that people will be happy with the final content and everyone is catered for. There's literally a thread where he's asked f
  12. 1.1 has been absolutely flawless for me, in all honestly. It's resolved my regular crashing, my FPS seems to have boosted(?) and the sync improvements alone make it all worth it. Add that with a mixture of clothing mods? I think it's time. I remember playing on the server when where it'd restart constantly and had bugs that would be annoying - but we all still played through it. 1.1 is in a better condition that the server was 2 years ago and the rest of the bugs can be squashed as we go, hopefully. LETS GO
  13. Solid character as per. Excited to see what's next for you 😄
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