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  1. Aren't the NPC skins already in-game though? Or were they disabled sometime recently?
  2. Well, there's hope since you can play GTA V on low graphics, but RAGEMP has a bit higher requirements. I guess you could still play, but would it be fun for you to play on low fps / with constant lags, that's the question.
  3. I can't really comment on that. I upgraded to 12gb and it solved most of the problems, but then again - I ran it on a PC with a better CPU and a GPU. If you have the option to /test/ 16gigs, sure go for it, but I can't promise you that you'd be able to run it even if you upgraded.
  4. Then I don't think you'll be able to play RageMP without any lags. I remember I had problems constantly with a better setup, 8gb of ram is simply not enough to run multiplayer, and the integrated graphics card doesn't help.
  5. Sounds like a laptop and I highly doubt it. Can you run normal GTA V?
  6. Been suggested and denied before.
  7. Isn’t this already fixed, as per the latest changelog update?
  8. My bad then and I apologize - this screenshot is before I joined. And well, the three top characters on the list were literally the City Treasurer, the City Ops' Officer and an alt of the Mayor himself, so that explains it. However, the business licensing was shut down on July 2020, so you are trying to prove something using evidence that's older than a year, as if nothing can happen within a year. @Tsarna "This is all good and fine. But you all should get your stuff working fine before you start closing businesses and so on. Just saying. Aint our fault, that two Fir
  9. Speaking of this - the Department of Finance were concluding fire inspections together with their business license inspections, but since SFM was formed they took over it. We were working on a joint platform where people can request everything at once (registration, licensing and fire inspection) but since Rockford's resignation, we haven't been able to get a working platform by GTA:W web devs so it's all happening on the different forums for now. We will try and work something out as soon as possible, though.
  10. Please, do stop spreading fake information about business licensing. It was never shut down because of 'this reason', nor was the availability chart set as 'TBD' for everyone unless one guy. Thank you.
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