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  1. Last time we tried something like this was with the B.J. Smith Center in Rancho. It was a community center for the locals, we planned to offer them all sorts of activities and classes, all kinds of stuff like that. What we got instead was our staff got beaten up / robbed every single time they opened because the locals are not interested in anything like that, because every 15-16 year old is a gangbanger and only gangbanger and going to school makes them look weak.
  2. Information updated on 8th of May, 2022.
  3. Congratulations to everyone!
  4. call the cops and have them all fined and vehicles impounded for illegal parking, easy
  5. ah yes because advertising selling lockpicks and knuckle dusters is illegal ......... UNLESS you're a pawnshop.
  6. what if my character knows them ICly and doesn’t like their character ICly?
  7. I could still select not to sell my property to someone I don’t like even without an application….. whats your point? Also, if people really wanted to do trades for irl money and what not - it can also still happen without an OOC appliction. i stand by what I said in the first post - no, rule like this is useless.
  8. Nothing stops you from writing one of the applications, sure. However, it’s saved, and it saves RPQM / PM time later on trying to reach out to the supposed hoarder if they can get everything proof wise from the previous owner. and yes, you’re right - nothing stops you from hoarding and flipping it as well. But I still don’t think you should limit how they’re sold. If the seller wants to choose who they sell it to - so be it, that’s literally none of your business. They’ll figure out themselves who they THINK the right person to sell it to is. and how does it allow for ooc trades to happen im not followin u here
  9. Nope. Let people choose who they sell their house to. sure, you can later on report them and let admins handle it, but you can also just save the workload for admins and do it yourself.
  10. It's been proven that people with HDD's will always have issues, it's a GTA V problem not a RAGE:MP one. And as for a 5400RPM HDD, well............... Yeah, that's history. There's nothing wrong with the mods.
  11. yea thats powergaming my man
  12. Definitely need admin clarification here.
  13. Pogis

    The Red Devils

    man's got this, no luck needed!
  14. This. And on my old setup I ran 8gb of ram, I kept having random crashes from time to time and texture loss which was fixed by adding extra ram. That was like two years ago though, maybe stuff has changed.
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